Tekki woke up the next morning. She was really excited. Today was her first day with her memories and she wanted to make the best out of them. Zero was still asleep. "Zero! Zero! Wake up!" Tekki said excitedly, as she squirmed and fidgeted, trying to escape his arms. Zero slowly woke up and looked at Tekki. "What is it?" He asked, half-asleep. "A BRAND NEW DAY! Come on!" Tekki said, dragging him by his hair out of bed.

Zero smiled and got up. He had never seen Tekki this energetic before. They sat down at a table and had breakfast. "First, I'm going to use chi magic! And then I'll call my friends! THEN I will-" Tekki was cut off by Zero "Wow, you've got the whole day planned out, don't you?" he chuckled. Tekki puffed her cheeks up. She finished her breakfast and ran out of the door after thanking the innkeeper. "Hey, come back here!" Zero said as Tekki started roaming around the city. Tekki sure was hard to keep up with.

"How much sugar was in your cereal?" Zero said as he kept up the chase. Tekki happily ran all around. "Hey Zero! Look at this!" Tekki said as she shot a pink beam of chi energy into the air. "What is that?" Zero said. "It's chi magic! Don't worry, it only hurts bad guys!" She said. Then she grabbed a chi shard and transformed into Power form. Her clothes disappeared and were replaced with tight red one-piece armour. 2 big, star-shaped hair clips appeared in her hair. "What are you doing NOW?" Zero asked. He blushed a little bit.

"My special power is to transform with the use of these gem shards! Everyone from the chi world has a super special power!" Tekki said, as she threw spike balls around. "You should be more careful! What if you hit someone?" Zero said. "Right…I'm sorry! I just missed transforming and using my powers so much!" She said. "I'm going to go see if there's a phone anywhere! I need to call some friends!" Tekki said as she took off again. Tekki ran off and Zero followed her stealthily.

Tekki got to the phone and called her boyfriend Flaria. "Flaria, hi it's Tekki! I am safe, a guy named Zero has been taking care of me!" She said. Zero looked proud of himself. "Yes, I am coming home soon! I love you too!" Tekki said cheerfully. Zero got angry and jealous when he heard this. He would NEVER allow another man to share moments with Tekki like he did. Zero pulled his hair out of anger and stomped away. He needed a minute to get himself under control. After he was under control, he approached Tekki and they hit the trail again.