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Chapter 1: Snoggletog Preparations

Hiccup's POV

Berk, the island where we vikings live. Why we live here, I have no clue...maybe because we're stupid. Thing is vikings fear nothing, we tackle things the viking way...which is mostly using weapons and our own fist. Being a viking isn't a bad thing, we have our specialties and weaknesses. One other thing...if you plan on living on Berk, I advise you to turn back... because we have Dragons. Real fire-breathing lizards that attack our village and steal our sheep...the sheep aren't really important here...strike that yes they are, they give us wool.

We are getting ready to host our annual holiday called Snoggletog in the next few weeks. Why we named it Snoggletog is beyond me and remains a mystery. My buddy Toothless woke me up for some flying every morning, crashing down on my house. Honesty that dragon has made some meteor-sized holes in my roof, I have spend my weekend fixing it up by myself. Toothless would roll on the snow and watch me patch up the mess that he made.

I grabbed my helmet and went outside into a winter wonderland, rubbing my arms for warmth. "Well good morning Mr. Bossy!" I called up to Toothless as he made his way down. He chuckled at me and I mimicked him, smiling. Toothless is my Night Fury, my best friend. Ever since I met him, he taught me a lot of things. Our thoughts about dragons had all been wrong and I fought against my fellow vikings in order to keep him. Turns out, my friends and I managed to help in the war, alongside dragons. Toothless saved me then and my father Stoick acknowledged Toothless as family.

"Do you always have to wake me up to go flyyiiiingg?" My leg slipped on the ice and he caught me.

"Stupid leg." My leg got damaged during the war with dragons and Gobber managed to build me another leg. Toothless looked at that leg with concern so I felt bad at my outburst.

"Thanks buddy, I'm ok. We can go flying now." I placed my hand on his head and what do I get in return? He burped in my face and I cringed at his dragon breath.

"Eeewww! What? Eeeww! Toothless!" I waved my hand to get rid of the stench. Reminds me to brush his teeth.

We burst through the clouds, I smiled to myself. Always riding on Toothless allows me to refresh my head.

"Come on. Let's see what you got today!" Toothless took a nose dive and we gained speed, the ocean was coming up fast. We flew steadily, practicing dare-devil stunts and we managed to conquer them. There was nothing in the world that me and Toothless can't handle.

Back on Berk...

"By Odin's beard Gobber." Stoick was saying as the vikings had the dragons help in decoration for Snoggletog. "Vikings spending the winter holiday with dragons, what will the father's say?"

"They'd think we have lost our minds." Gobber replied. Stoick laughed as he addressed the villagers.

"Well done, all of you. I never thought I'd life to see this day. This will surely be the best holiday we've ever seen." Cheers and applause.

"Oh and before I forget- Ah there you are Hiccup!" He said as Toothless and I made a landing from the morning's flight.

"Hey dad, what did I miss?"

"Nothing much, you were right in time for my announcement. Now where was I...Oh yeah, in order for us to completely celebrate Snoggletog, I have devise a very fun activity." He took out a rolled up piece of paper, unrolled it and held it out for everyone to see.

"This is what I call the race of the century, the 'Dragon Blade Race'!"

"Huh? What's that?" The villagers whispered amongst themselves.

"This race is against our very own vikings. The goal is to obtain the one and only Dragon Blade that is somewhere out there and bring it back to the village. Our competitors are: Fishlegs, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Astrid, Snotlout and of course Hiccup."

"WHAT!" Our jaws fell open and we stared at each other. "We've NEVER agreed to this!"

"Silence!" Stoick held up his hand to stop the onslaught of voices. "What's done is done. All you have to do is obtain the Dragon Blade before your competitors and bring it back here, simple and easy. Now quite whining and get your dragons into shape. We're starting tomorrow!"


"That Stoick...So uncool!" Astrid grumbled as we went to a clearing where our dragons could enjoy their moments together. Toothless was there and so was Meatlug (Fishlegs' Gronckle), Stormfly (Astrid's Deadly Nadder), Hookfang (Snotlout's Monstrous Nightmare) as well as Ruffnut and Tuffnut's Hideous Zippleback, who doesn't have a name of their own.

"Well who knows, maybe we get to have fun while we search for this 'Blade that maybe exist somewhere outside of our vicinity'." Ruffnut exclaimed as she was bickering with Tuffnut over items.

"Yeah especially when you... DON"T HAVE A CLUE ON WHERE TO LOOK!" Astrid fumed, gritting her teeth in irritation.

"Come on you guys." Fishlegs piped up, "Snoggletog is a few weeks away. We have to have the holiday cheer."

"The only cheer you're gonna get out of me is a 'You're gonna get your butts kicked' and personally I just want to get this over with." Tuffnut replied. I smiled, that was some kind of cheer and in his own way Tuffnut was all about the holiday spirit.

"I agree." Snotlout called over from where he was attaching some sort of bundle onto Hookfang's back. "Once this is over, I'm gonna spend the rest of Snoggletog with Hookfang."

"Same here!" Astrid smiled with Stormfly right behind her.

"Us too!" The twins joined in.

"Oh and don't forget about me!" Fishlegs added.

"That's the spirit!" I smiled, Toothless stood right beside me. "Let's do this!"


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