A/N: This story is written for fun with the help of my brother. As stated in the summary, this will contain spoilers, so read at your own risk. And yes, there will be humor it goes along with the other added events and stuff in here. There will be quote by npcs that are taken straight from the game, or modified a bit to make it flow better. If you don't like reading something that follows the game, then don't read this story. And I don't care if it seems too cliché to write something like this. ;_; Okay enough rambling, enjoy.

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My name is Leeroy. I am a knight who served within the Boletaria Palace until the fog spread to the territory, bringing soul thirsty demons. Many of my comrade fell prey and turned into those same demons. Although it pains me to slay them, they are no longer themselves. The least I could do is release them from their inhumane minds. Though it started after I was venturing outside of Boleteria, to do a mission. I ended up running into a demon I couldn't beat.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in a place called the Nexus. It seems like the border of life and death. This place is connected to five different world by Archstones. The people here aid me in exchange for souls, not a bad deal seeing I need to get stronger, but I wish it would cost less. At least there's a super cute woman here. I hope she wasn't an illusion since I haven't seen her since I arrived here. And now I shall ask around, "Thomas, do you know where she is?"

"Who is this 'she' you are talking about?" the brown-haired item keeper asked.

"The one who summoned me here."

"Ah, you must be talking about the candle maiden. That candle maiden cared for me during my first days in the Nexus. She says very little, but has a kind heart. She's just the age my young daughter would have been. The poor, poor girl… trapped here with her eyes occluded by wax. If only something could be done to help her."

"I will help her!"

"Ah, you do have a good heart. Alas, I do not know where she is."

"I see. Thank you, for telling me what you know." I went off to the blacksmith, "Hey Boldwin, have you seen the maiden?"

"It's simple. Just bring me all the souls you can. In trade, I'll give you weapons. Or forge ones you already have. With your souls, I can eke out a living, and with my weapons, you can go on living. Not a bad deal, eh?"

"But I asked about the maiden," I frowned while walking away. I went to talk to the Worshipper and Acolyte of God, but they were being so negative. I sighed while walking over to the Crestfallen Warrior and sat next to him.

"Why don't you go hunt for Demons? Try one of the Archstones," he motioned his head to the one behind him. "Now, go. That's why you came, is it not…? To this accursed Boletaria."

"Well actually, I served within Bolertaria Palace before the fog reached there," I clutched the half of medallion hanging from my neck. "I'm here to help the maiden. Hopefully I can get her heart."

"...You came for Demon Souls?" He ignored my last statement. "Or to save this land, and be remembered as a Hero? Bah, it's all the same."

"No, it's not the same," my determined eyes met his barely emotional ones. "I will save this land. Be it hero or not, I will save the place that saved me." I looked over at the center floor of the Nexus and mumbled, "Besides, now it's her heart I'm after not Demon Souls."

"You're just another prisoner of the Nexus. We're welcome here as long as we keep slashing up Demons. Hahahahaha..."

"Hmm," a low growl came from my throat. "I'll just go slay some demons then..."

My name is Virgo. I am a wanderer who has traveled to many places with no home to return back to. Besides from the obvious fact that because of the demons I have no home to actually return to, I never really stayed in one place for too long. I was always off to different places with the people who took me in their care. They even allowed me to call them mother and father. I guess there was really no need for them to tell me that seeing I was with them since I was an infant.

Apparently I was separated from my real family when I was a baby, or was I simply left behind? It is hard to tell since it was when the demons started to spread. The traveler couple who took care of me said that I was found, supposedly abandoned in a village that was already overrun by demons. They had been wandering through the lands, slaying demons. When they reached the village and slayed the demons who made their homes there, they found me under some debris. I should have died or turned into one of those soul-starved humans, but no. They said it was probably because this half of medallion hanging from my neck, protected me. That's probably true, at least I wish it was, otherwise the couple wouldn't have died protecting me...

"Where the hell am I?" I looked through the wet tunnel I was in. "What is that glowing massage? Attack holding weapon in dominate hand. Well, no duh." Continuing forward to dry land, I was greeted by a soul-starved human. Slashing the fallen human with ease I continued on and read the next message at the water's edge of the next tunnel. "You can sprint if you want. ...okay that's just ridiculous..." Halfway through another message read, Use your shield in your other hand to block. "...what's the point in having these?" Going up the nearby steps, I blocked the enemy and slashed him down. Then passed by yet another message, Lock on you target to aim for them. "Okay, now this is just ridiculous." I passed by several enemies and messages reading, Use items when needed and Feel free to backstep and roll around when you feel like doing so. Finally, I saw a shiny sword in a stone. Upon touching it, I was engulfed in a green and black light.

"Okay, I'm just going to go with my instincts then..." Upon arriving in a somewhat new area, more items enemies and messages appeared. Feel free to use a strong attack, it will take up more stamina though. Just as the enemy hit your shield, parry it, then counter attack for a large amount of damage. "Well, at least that one was useful information..." Wielding weapon with both hands make you fifty percent stronger. You can change up to two weapons per hand, and five different items for quick use. "I wonder if that's all the messages," I wondered while looking through the fog leading to a fat giant demon with two curved horns and three glowing yellow eyes.

"Alright, let's do this," I entered the fog and quickly ran around behind him and started swinging my falchion. Avoiding the swings from his huge axe and his body crushing attacks, I continued my own attacks until he finally dissipated into a fog of souls for me to consume. Another sword in a stone was found so I touched it to be off to another place.

A huge dragon cry echoed through the stone building and deafened my ears. "Oh damn," I quickly went around the area to gather the scattered healing items and lost souls. "Ugh, there's no way out," I grimaced. My eyes glanced at the dragon's notable two sets of teeth. "Well," I clutched my medallion. "Here goes nothing. Mother, father, please watch over me." I used the long bow that was strapped on my back, but the arrows wouldn't penetrate the thick scaly hide, so I did the only thing I could do, charge at the dragon with my falchion, but as expected, was quickly knocked down. "Damn..."

When I came to, a soft voice met my ears, "Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel. Let strength be granted so the world might be mended. Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel. Let strength be granted so the world might be mended, so the world might be mended. This is the Nexus. It holds together the northern land of Boletaria. Thou can'st not exit the Nexus, but each of the five Archstones will connect thee to another node."

I'm still alive? Still dizzy from the dragon, I looked up to see a figure of a woman draped in black clothing, but before I could get a look at her face, I once again passed out...