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Leeroy POV

Upon entering the Nexus, the first thing my attention turned to, was her. "Welcome back," she greeted the two of us.

"I am back Lady," I got down on one knee with my left hand over my chest, and the right one held out.

"The Monumental awaits you, above," the maiden in black pointed beyond the stairs. "The Monumental will explain the Nexus to you," she continued saying to Virgo and I, ignoring my gesture.

"Come on lover boy," my comrade grabbed my duffel bag and pulled to to my feet. "I know she's gorgeous. Even I want to hug her, but if she's telling us to do something then we better do it."

"I'll be back lady," I went off running up the stairs with Virgo following. We finally reached the balcony high above the archstones.

Many monumentals sat dead, side by side with one lone living one in the middle, with a burning candle in front of him. "We have long await'd you, slayers of Demons," he spoke out. "I am one of the Monumentals. We preserve the fabric of reality. There is something ye need'st to know. Once, we too, a scourge of Demons faced."

He talked about how the world was united with the power of soul arts, until the lust for power awakened the Old One. It caused the spread of the colorless fog, and the near extinction to the world to Demons. The Monumentals before they became monumentals, were able to lull the Old One back to Its slumber after the loss of countless souls, and half the world lost by the fog. Six elders were entrusted with six Archstones to mend the fabric of the land the still remains. One to the king of a small yet diligent land, one to the king of the burrowers underground, one to the wise queen of the great ivory tower, one to the chieftain of lost and ill-fortuned souls, one to the shaman of the tempest-worshipping shadowmen. And the last to the great giants of the Northern Lands. The Archstones were placed at nodes across the earth. The Old One was contained inside this Nexus, and the soul arts was banned. The Monumentals became what they are know, half living sentinels of the fabric of reality. The rest perished, and only he remains.

A wave of energy seemed to be lifted after he finished explaining things. I looked over at Virgo, who also seemed to have felt something.

"Now it's your turn," the Monumental continued. "You must lull the Old One back to Its slumber, and seal it away for all eternity. If not, the Deep Fog will absorb all that we know. Have you the strength to accept this mission?"

"Yes, for the ladies," I answered. "How about you Virgo?"

"..." She gave me a blank look, "yeah, sure..."

"For who?"


"I'm doing this for the ladies and my comrades. What about you? If you don't have someone or something to fight for, then you will never reach your full potential."

"Uh, ladies I guess... and my parents..." she looked off into the distance.

After receiving our answer, the Monumental continued, "yes, we are fortunate indeed to have you. Now, go forth, and destroy every last Demon. The Old One, without Demons to feed it souls, will a new servant seek, and lure you to its bosom."

"So we're kind of like bait. I like the sound of that. Come on Virgo," I grabbed my lookalike's arm. "Let's go see Lady."


We walked back down to ground floor. Instead of going directly to the maiden, my eyes immediately caught the blue phantom's figure, "hey, look here." I showed him the Lead Demon's soul, "We got it from the demon."

"Well, you've found yourself a Demon's Soul, have you? I'm impressed... yes, indeed I am. Stay the path, and you will soon be a monster yourself," he then laughed. "Can't you see you've fallen in their trap?"

"Whether or not it's a trap, I'll never become a monster. As long as I have my comrades, I will never stray from my path." I turned to my left, "right Virgo? ..." There she was, talking to the maiden in black.

"Brave soul who fears not death," the candle maiden said. "Prithee, lull the Old One back to its ancient slumber. What is it? Do you see soul power?"

"Yes," the wanderer nodded her head.

"So be it. After all thou requireth strength. Go forth, touch the Demon inside me. Let these ownerless souls become thine own."

Getting on one knee, Virgo bowed her head and raised her hand up with the palm towards the maiden.

"Soul of the mind, key to life's either. Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel. Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended. So the world might be mended." The wanderer stood up. "Art thou done? May thine strength help the world be mended."

"Thanks," Virgo proceeded to silently walk up the stairs.

"She must be going to take a nap," I stared at her retreating form. "Hello Lady," my attention turned back to the maiden. I proceeded to go through the same process Virgo did. "So, what do you do here?"

"As for me?" The Maiden in Black started. "I am only here to tend to the flames. I keep the candles lit and serve the brave Demon slayers who are trapped in here."

We stood in silence for a little while longer. "You, I will meet again soon," I place my clenched hand against my chest and bowed my head. Then I went off to find my comrade.

Virgo POV

Even though I am terrified of heights I found a nice spot to nap after going up several flights of stairs. Over at the ends of the floor, there were walls with spaces in them so it was nice, dark, and pretty spacious to sleep in. As long as I couldn't see the ground floor way below me, I am perfectly content. Using my duffel bag as a pillow, I laid down on the cool stone floor and let sleep take over me...

"Hey, Virgo," I was shaken by that guy again. "Wake up, it's been awhile since I've seen you, so I assume you have been sleeping for that long."

"Mmm," I growled and sat up. "I assume time have no factor here?"

"I suppose so since we can't see the outside."

"Alright then," after getting up, I stretched and picked up my bag. "What now."

"Well, before continue through the palace, I want to know your opinion about this," he led me to the stairs where the Archstones resided. Up to the highest point, we reached an Archstone that was half-destroyed. "I took the liberty of looking at the other Archstones, and this is the one for the great giants of the Northern Lands. Isn't it odd that it's the only place where we can't go?"

"You want to fight giants?"

"Well, wouldn't it be cool to have giants as our comrades?"

"...yeah, sure," I slowly said.

"Do you think we can restore this Archstone and go to that place?"

"I guess so... Hm," I pulled out the archstone shards I picked near the dragon's nest. "I wonder if this will do anything," pushing the shards against the broken stone, it began to glow and merge with it. "Wow, that actually worked."

"Where did you get those?" Leeroy asked in awe and felt the tiny restored part of the Archstone.

"Dragon's nest after rolling down the cliff."

"I told you rolling down the cliff was a good thing."

"No, you told me to roll down there for safety..."

"Hm," he ignored my statement. "If we get enough of these shards, then maybe we can completely restore this and go to the Land of Giants."

"Yay, giants. We're going to get crushed."

"Let's go!"

"Ah? Wait, let me upgrade my Falchion."

"Already done," he grinned.


"While you were asleep."


"Oh, don't worry. I didn't do anything to you."

"...you touched my stuff without my permission?"

"I had a feeling you wanted to upgrade?"

"How would you know?"

"Clone's intuition. Well? Was I right?"

A sigh escaped my lips, "yeah you were." We walked over to the first Archstone and touched a newly appeared inscription that read 'Phalanx'.

A/N: I had to change some words the Maiden in Black and the Monumental says from singular to plural. Old english sure is confusing. x_x And I know the shard of archstone doesn't merge with anything. Land of giants will eventually be in the story. xp