This story was inspired by all the stories of Naruto being in Kumo.


It was late in the evening, the stars are out, the moon was full, and this was a good night for people to get together. But for a young 5 year old boy, this was one of the nights that he wishes he would be hiding from such a night. The boy who was wishing to hide tonight was Naruto, the Jinchuriki of Kyubi no Yoko.

He is, currently, wearing shorts, a white t-shirt with a orange Uzumaki symbol on the front and shinobi sandals. Unfortunately, unlike many others children, Naruto was malnourish since he barely has anything to eat, except from what he finds in the garbage or when the only nice people to him were the Ramen chief and his daughter at Ichiraku Ramen.

He was running for his life since right behind him was a group of angry villagers, some of which were shinobi's. As he was running, Naruto could here the people screaming at him, "We'll get you demon!" and, "You'll pay for what you did!"

He ran towards the village gates, where he hoped that the shinobi guards where there to help him out since they were one of the few people that actually didn't give him the evil glare. Unfortunately, they weren't there, no one was at the gate post for the moment, so Naruto kept running out of the village, where the mob still chased after him.

Through the forest, while waving and weaving past trees and bushes, Naruto was trying to shake the angry, bloodthirsty mob behind him. As he ran, he suddenly tripped, where he fell from a hill, covered in thick trees and bushes. He collided with the trees and bushes, giving him a few bruises and cuts from the fall.

Naruto fell near an edge where it was near a fast moving river where rapids were located. Normally the river moved so calmy that it looked like a clear calm lake, but it moves fast when a thunderstorm was fast approaching, where Naruto looked up to see the dark clouds starting to form and high winds were increasing.

Naruto tried to get up, but he found that his foot aches to much. He figured that he must of twisted it. Even though his foot was giving him so much pain, Naruto forced himself up on his feet to continue to run. As he walked, he hoped that the 3rd Hokage would arrive soon, since he is the only other person that Naruto trust since the 3rd always tried to look out for him.

Unfortunately, the 3rd Hokage was away from the village at the moment. He was currently in Suna, talking over with the current peace treaty that Konoha and Suna have.

Naruto traveled for a bit, hoping he got away from the mob, but that wasn't the case. Naruto turned around to see several people of the mob. Once they spotted Naruto, they quickly called everyone else. Naruto tried to get away, but was caught by one of the people.

Once he was caught, he tried to get away, but mob had him completely pinned to the a tree, which they all them began to beat him badly. For almost 15 minutes, Naruto was beaten and cut very badly, near to the point of death. As he laid on the ground, with bruises and blood coming out from him, the leader of the mob grabbed what was left of his now torn shirt and held him above the rapid moving river.

"FOR THE YONDAIME HOKAGE!" the leader of the mob yelled out, which the rest of the people also shout out.

He tossed Naruto into the river, which Naruto fell into the fast moving water that quickly rushed him down whatever place it led. The villagers watched with amusement and joy, knowing that they avenged the people that they lost from the Kyubi as well as avenging the 4th Hokage just as the thunderstorm started to rain.

They then left in a hurry, since they don't want to be caught by the 3rd Hokage's more loyal guards from what they just done. As they walked back home, with joy and happiness in their hearts, they have no idea what turn of events they just unleashed into the world.

Fire Country border

At the west of the fire country, near its border, a group of Kumo nin were quickly on their way back home from a mission. It was early evening and they were right now trying to find a good place to camp for the night so they can get a fresh start tomorrow morning and be back home by noon.

As they continue to look for a good spot, the leader of the 4 man team was Darui, a young newly appointed Jonin. He had white fuzzy spike hair around his head, while having some of it cover up his left eye. He had dark skin, wearing his own Jounin style uniform.

They continue to move forward until one of Darui's teamates pointed out a waterfall. The waterfall was tall, about 3 stories high. The teamate pointed to a cave, which looked big enough for everyone to share, which was a good thing since they can see a powerfull thunderstorm coming their way.

Once they check the cave out, they all went in to get themselves ready for some sleep. Darui was the last one to go in. But just before he went in, he looked at the waterfall to make sure that any water won't come inside the cave. It was then that he notices something. Right before him, a body of a young child came falling down the waterfall, falling towards the rocky bottom that would surely kill him.

Darui quickly ran and jumped at the young child. Darui caught the boy at the last second, before the young child hit the rapids. Once he caught him, he checked him out only to see blood on his hands. He checked closely to see that it was a young boy with spiky blonde hair. The boy was covered in bruises, cuts, blood and his body almost frozen, but Darui could feel a small heartbeat and a faint pulse. He quickly went back to his team.

Inside, his team had already gotten a nice warm fire, when they saw Darui coming inside very quickly. He got his good friend, Cee, to help. Cee was young chunin, a mid teen. Cee looked to see that Darui was holding onto a very injured boy. Darui explained that he just caught the boy from hitting the rapids.

Darui ordered him to try and save him, which Cee agreed since he was a training medic nin, so the boy's life was on his hands.

Darui watched, along with his other 2 teamates, as Cee did everything on helping the blond hair boy. Cee took off the boy's clothing, and laid him down, near the fire to help warm him up. He then used medical jutsu to cure him of his injuries.

After about a half hour of waiting, Cee finished all the basic things he could do for the young boy which he turned to Darui.

"Well… is he going to be alright?" asked Darui

"I did everything I could to help him… the only problem now is that he has developed hyperthermia... most likely from staying inside the freezing water as well as the injuries… the only thing we can do now is keep his body warm and hope for the best. The rest is up to him." Answered Cee

Darui, just looked at the boy and could feel that he is someone special just by looking at him, as well as seeing on how he was still alive from coming down the waterfall with all the bruises and injuries he had. His thoughts were broken when Cee continue to talk.

"Darui… there is something you should see."

Darui saw Cee put some charka on the boy's stomach. They were both seeing a seal appear in front of them, which they were amazed on how on what Darui had saved. They guessed that this boy is actually a Jinchuriki, but didn't know which one. Darui decided to bring him back to Kumo since he believed that the Raikage would know what to do next.


It was sunrise, when Darui and his team started to wake up. It was a rough night for Darui since he had to think about what he was going to say to the Raikage on how he and his team had somehow found a possible jinchuriki. But of course, before he even thought about that, he had to see if the boy even lived since he was in a dead like state from last night.

Cee also woke up after having some rest and to check to see if the boy lived. Everyone in Darui's team woke up, which Darui and Cee went to check on the boy that was lying near them. Cee check to see if the boy had survived the night or not.

Cee checked and smiled to see that he lived. He then told Darui that the boy would live and that he is healing pretty nicely and quickly. Darui was glad aboutt that, but he heard Cee that it well still be another day before the boy can be well enough to wake up.

Darui acknowledge this, which he then said that they would take the boy back to Kumo, and see what the Raikage would do with him. Once they packed up, Cee took the blond boy and placed him on his shoulders which they then all left to Kumo at full speed.


It was morning when the 3rd and his loyal anbu squad came back to Konoha from his meeting with the Kazekage in Suna. As he walks towards the Hokage tower, he decided to visit Naruto since he wanted to make sure that he was still safe since he wasn't here for the week.

He made his way towards Naruto's apartment, which on the way he told his anbu squad to go and get some rest and send another squad with him. They achnowledge it, which they shunshin away to the Anbu headquearters.

The 3rd made it to Naruto's apartment building, which he walked up the stairs. Once he made it, he spotted the grafiti door on Naruto's apartment, which he could only sigh in sadness on seeing an innocent boy live like this. As he looked on, he couldn't help but remember on what his predecisor, the Yondaime Hokage, think on what they were doing to Naruto, as Naruto was the 4th only living son.

He knocked on the door to see if Naruto was awake. He waited a few moments to only not get a responds, which he then knocked again. He was getting worried since he has waited for more than 5 minutes. He decided to go in to check if Naruto was alright.

Inside, the 3rd looked around to see that Naruto wasn't inside his apartment, which he then checked to see Naruto's bed was unmaid and looked unused since last time. He was really starting to get worried, which he then sensed the new anbu team coming towards him.

He quickly went outside to meet his anbu squad that had just arrived.

"Anbu… quickly I want you to go and check every square inch of Konoha. Find Naruto Uzumaki now. Once you located him, come back to my office with him, understand?" ordered the 3rd

The anbu nodded and went to find Naruto. The 3rd quickly went to the Hokage tower to wait to and hear about Naruto being found. As he walked towards the Hokage tower, he couldn't help but blame himself for not taking Naruto with him since he was a lot more safer with him than being in Konoha alone, plus he could have made friends with one of the Kazekage's children that seem to be around the same age as Naruto.


It was noon, when the 3rd finally gotten a report from the anbu squad that he send out to find Naruto. Unfortunately, when they arrived, the 3rd didn't see Naruto's with either one of them. He then asked then to investigate on what happened to him earlier in that morning. Now, he was just waiting on what the investigation has found.

He was about to go get lunch, when his anbu came back to give the report on the investigation. He was informed that a mob formed against Naruto, just nearly over yesterday afternoon. Then explained that the people from the mob came back to the village through the main gate, which indicated that Naruto was chased outside the village, but they couldn't find him from the possible trail that they located, only that they found dried blood near a river that they guess before the storm hit yesterday, that Naruto was thown into the river, when it was rushing and moving to rapidly for a young boy to stay alive, plus the river was moving too fast that following him would be a waste of time. Judging from what the anbu found, they said that the possibility that Naruto was dead was likely, since just pass the border where the river lead to, a waterfall with jagged rocks in the bottom, Naruto would have fallen into it, possibly killed once on impact.

The 3rd had his face down, with saddness, which he then rose with fury unseen in many years.

"I'm ordering an emergency council meeting of both Shinobi and Civilian council members. I want a full explanation on all this from them. Get them here… NOW!" ordered the 3rd

The Anbu acknowledge, which they all left to immediately inform the council members of the meeting. As they left, the 3rd looked at the Yondaime's picture on top of the shelfs, along with the Shodaime and Nindaime Hokage's.

"Minato… I'm sorry… I have failed you and your son." Thought the 3rd as he gotten ready to face the council


It was around noon, when Naruto started to wake up. As he was waking up, he felt his body was moving through the air. He opened his eyes to see a young blond hair man was carrying him on his back. As Naruto moved, the young man felt Naruto moved, which he turned to look at him.

Before Naruto could say anything, Cee said, "Rest… you need to rest since you were in bad shape last night." Naruto can tell that Cee was being serious, as well as seeing someone not glaring or having those hateful eyes. Naruto nodded in acceptance since he was just to tired and hungry to agrue.

When he fell back to sleep, he didn't notice that Darui's team was now back in Kaminari no Kuni (lightning country). This meant that in a few hours, Naruto would be inside Kumogakure and meeting the Raikage.

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