Last time, the chunin exam went into its second stage where all the remaining genin from the first part now had to survive for 5 days in the forest of death as their next test site. After one day into the exams, Naruto and his team met up with team7 and 10 of Konoha, along with Maito Gai's genin team fighting against Oto shinobi. During this confrontation, Naruto fought against Sasuke, where he came out victorious against him, even with the curse mark aiding him.

Forest of Death tower

In 5 days, the final participants of the chunin exam were now standing in front of the Hokage, along with each of their jounin sensei's standing behind or next to him. The teams that are now in the tower are Naruto's team, Konoha teams 7, 8, 10 along, Gai's team, Oto, Gaara's team, Haku's team.

After the fight with Sasuke, Naruto and his team made it to the tower in the middle of the forest later on in the day, without meeting any other threats. Naruto, Samui and Karui were completely on guard when they traveled through the forest, making sure not to be caught by any other genin team. They made it to tower before nightfall, where they met up with 2 more teams, Konoha's team 8 and Gaara's team.

For the next 3 days, Naruto and his team relax in the tower and saw the other teams that pass the test come inside it as well. During the time, everyone in the tower relax, where Naruto's team played with a deck of cards that Karui brought with her to pass the time or readying the book "Tales of the Gutsy Ninja" that his parents left for him.

During one of their games, Hinata and her team, saw them playing out in the open, asked if they could join in, where Naruto agreed. During the time, Naruto and Hinata had actually gotten a better relationship as friends, but to Hinata she felt she got closer to N (Naruto).

During the last day, Naruto saw the last team arriving, which was Sasuke's team. It was then that all the teams were asked to gather in the arena floor to hear what the chunin exam was about. Before the Hokage could finish his speech, he was interrupted by the next proctor that introduces himself as Hayate.

"Alright, everyone please pay attention since before we can begin with the third and final exam, I would like you all to do something. It's a preliminary for the third test, to decide who gets to participate in the main event." Hayate stated

Many genin were wondering on what Hayate mean, which he explained that because of the number of genin, a preliminary test must be taken to weed out more of them out of the exam. This way, the important guests that would be arriving to see their matches, won't waste their time seeing every battle. Once it was explain, Hayate told them that preliminary matches would start immediately, which some didn't like it since they just arrived to the tower.

As the instructor and jonin were continued to discuss some things to themselves, all the top genin were looking around each other, trying to judge on who are the top genin. As this was happening, Sasuke's curse seal was giving him pain. Naruto notice Sasuke was in pain, which he guess was that strange seal. He decided to not pay too much attention about it since he has his own worries and would only do something if it involves Hinata. After the discussion between each other, Hayate began to explain on how the preliminary test well be taken. After explaining, they went with the first match, which was Sasuke vs. Haku's teammate.

Everyone left the arena floor to give these 2 competitors room to fight in. Before climbing up to viewing platform, Naruto saw Sasuke asking Sakura something, which he saw was the seal he gave him. He figured what Sasuke was tending to do, which he guess that was the best option for him in order to win, but knew that he had a time limit in order to do it. He then overhead Kakashi, who were walking behind Sasuke, which Sasuke gets out of control, the match would end with Sasuke's forfeit.

Naruto and his team met up with Yugito, who smiled at them for completing the second part of the test. Naruto looked over to the other side of the arena to see Haku smiling and viewing her arms to him, which he did the same where he saw Zabuza standing next to her.

After everyone made it to the platform, Hayate began the match between Sasuke vs. Kiri shinobi. In the beginning, both Sasuke fought with his kunai, while Kiri fought using his own sword. Both of them were on even ground, but when kiri used his water jutsu, Sasuke counter with his fire jutsu which caused a problem. Kiri fired a Water Bullet Jutsu which Sasuke tried to fire his Fireball Jutsu, but the curse seal prevented him. He was paralyzed for a moment, but was able to avoid the water jutsu. The kiri nin then went in to strike Sasuke down with his sword. He was able to block with his kunai where he then moved it so the sword hit the ground. Sasuke then tried to put a submission hold on the kiri nin but slipped out before he could place a lock on him.

Both Sasuke and the kiri nin put some distance between each other. Everyone up in the stand just continue to watch and wondered on what they'll do next. The kiri nin was preparing on launching another jutsu against Sasuke. Sasuke decided to go with the plan. Sasuke took out the seal that Naruto gave to Sakura to use on him. Sasuke knows how the seal works since Sakura explained what Naruto explained to her. Even though he thinks it could be a trick, Sasuke decided to gamble on it and place the seal on his neck which activated.

Everyone saw Sasuke place a piece of paper on his neck, which many wondered what it was, more over to the jounin and a certain snake sannin. When Sasuke activated the seal, the seal began to glow blue till it glowed ridiculously gold. The curse seal on Sasuke's neck was being suppress and separating its poison from Sasuke's chakra. The seal expanded to his back to reveal a sealing formula being seen through his shirt. The jounins and the Sandaime Hokage were definitely curious on what kind of seal it is.

For Sasuke, it was a painful experience but he was able to feel the use his chakra without feeling the curse mark's effect. He quickly made his move at the kiri nin by quickly leashing his Fireball Jutsu to counter another Water bullet jutsu. Sasuke decided to ignore the pain that the hot steam was giving off since he has less than 5 minutes before he couldn't use any of his chakra.

Sasuke came out of the steam and started to go one on one with his kunai and the kiri's sword. Naruto watched at how impress he was with himself since his seal was working well since he made it after learning how to from his summoning.

The battle went for nearly 4 minutes, where Sasuke knew that he needed to finish the fight in 60 seconds. Sasuke fired his Mythical Petal Fire Jutsu against the kiri nin, where he dodged and quickly tried to counterattack, but was surprised. Sasuke was instantly in front of him where he used Lee's taijutsu. He sent the kiri nin up in the air, where Sasuke then performed his Lion's Barrage, which the Kirin nin landed hard on the ground. Sasuke landed awkwardly as he performed the high lv taijutsu attack.

The match ended with Hayate announcing the victor as Sasuke Uchiha. The rookie 9 each, as well as Gai's team, had their own reactions to the match.

Ino cheered in glee as seeing Sasuke win his match. Sakura sighed in relief knowing that Sasuke made it out ok. Hinata was neutral about it, but was glad that Sasuke won.

Kiba, Chouji, Shino, Ko, and Shikamaru just looked out, while Neji narrowed his eyes at Sasuke. Lee and Gai were both shocked at how Sasuke was able to use Lee's taijutsu. Tenten thought that at how Sasuke was this year's "Rookie of the Year", which Neji was last year and began to wonder between the both of them, who's stronger.

Zabuza and his team just looked a disappointed since their teammate lost the match. The Suna team looked a little worried since Gaara was moving in a way that made them worried. The Oto nin looked pleased on knowing that Sasuke was still in the exam since they want to get some payback against him.

In the shadows, Orochimaru watched the match and was curious about the seal that Sasuke put on himself since it was new to him, plus it completely neutralize his curse seal.

Once the match ended, the seal that was now on Sasuke's back completely activated, which at that very moment, he fell onto his knees and fell forwardly into unconsciousness. The medical nin that picked up the Kiri nin to get him medical treatment, saw what happened to Sasuke, which the glow on his back has now calmed down into an outline of sealing symbols. Kakashi, immediately came to Sasuke side, which he told the medical unit that he'll take care of it.

"It's time I took care of that curse seal, but not before I figure out what that other seal is first." Kakashi thought

Once he saw that Sasuke was out, he quickly picked him up and Shunshin to a secure area in the back to start taking care of the curse mark. When Kakashi left with Sasuke, Hayate began the next match, which at random lottery was Shino of Konoha vs. Zaku of Oto.

With Kakashi

Kakashi was already finishing up on a sealing ritual which he used his own blood to do. He places all the fuinjutsu symbols in a circular web centered at Sasuke's neck, where the curse mark was located.

When Kakashi first brought Sasuke to this isolated area, the first thing he did was to check on the seal that Sasuke. At first, he thought he figured what the seal is since he knew a bit of fuinjutsu, but saw that the formula was pretty scripted that it would take someone who knows seals to be able to understand. The only thing he's been able to figure out is that the seal well prevent Sasuke from using any chakra for the next few days, which was a first since suppression chakra seals need to be constantly on the person's body. This seal, that Sasuke used, doesn't need the paper to be on the target's body to be effective. This is also explained on why it took a while for it to work since the seal negates any form of chakra from their original source before completely sealing it off.

Once he figured out the seal, Kakashi performed the "Evil Sealing Method." The circular seals symbols around Sasuke receded into his neck, which cause him to shudder in pain for a bit since the sealing method. Once it was over, Kakashi just looked over Sasuke's unconscious body.

"From everything that's happen to him, he's too drained for him to do anything. He'll need about a week's worth of rest in order to be able to start training for the chunin exams." Kakashi thought out loud

Kakashi's thought were interrupted when someone walking out from the shadows behind a few pillars say, "So you can even use fuinjutsu now. You've grown Kakashi."

Kakashi turned his head around to see that it was Orochimaru. After Orochimaru made his presents, Kakashi question him on why he was after Sasuke. Orochimaru revealed that he wanted the Uchiha bloodline, the Sharingan. He even confessed that the Oto village was his own village that he created.


Shino and Zaku were facing each other after Kakashi left the arena with Sasuke. Shino advice Zaku to surrender since Zaku had 2 broken arms. It wasn't until he relocated his arm, by will, that he can move his right hand, leaving him with only one arm to fight with.

The match began with Zaku making a right punch towards Shino's face. Shino blocked the punch and tried to pursue Zaku to quit, but Zaku didn't listen to him and used his Devastating Wind Pulse at zero range against Shino. Shino was blown away from Zaku and landed on his side.

Shino slowly got back to his feet to reveal his face leaking out bugs. Zaku was freaked out at seeing the bugs coming out from under Shino's skin. It wasn't till he heard more bugs from behind him that he started to get worried.

Shino took a moment to describe the situation to Zaku and of his bugs. He explained that his bugs are special type of insect that eats at chakra. He then explained that if Zaku attacks his bug from behind, he will attack him. Vice-versa, the same thing will happen if Zaku attacks Shino with his only good hand. Shino gave Zaku one more time to surrender, which Zaku just growled in anger.

"You should always have a trump card right!" Zaku yelled out, moving his left arm, showing that he can use both of his arms. Zaku unleashed another Devastating Wind Pulse at Shino. When he unleashed his attack, something else happened. Both of Zaku's arms were completely burst in the elbow, imputing his left forearm from his body.

When Zaku looked at his arms, he saw the bugs inside the holes that he used to create his jutsu. He was then surprised when Shino appeared behind him and said, "When I told you to give up, I ordered my insects to close up that hole in your arms. Both hole just in case. One ace is good, two are better."

With that, Shino ended the match by knocking out Zaku with a strong right back punch at Zaku's face to bring him down. The winner was Shino.

With Kakashi

Kakashi just listened to what Orochimaru describe Sasuke, as nothing more than important chess piece of some kind. When Orochimaru started to get closer to Sasuke, Kakashi threaten him with his Raikiri.

"Stop! I don't care if you are one of the Sannin, the three legendary ninja of legends. If you get any closer to Sasuke one of us is going to die!" Kakashi stated

Orochimaru only chuckled at Kakashi's threat as well as his attempts to seal away the curse mark. "You understand… to achieve a goal… the heart that will accept even the most evil power… that is the type he is… an avenger…" Orochimaru stated

Orochimaru then turned around and started to walk away from Kakashi's area. Kakashi was wondering on what Orochimaru was planning, but heard him that Sasuke will come to him in order to seek out power.

"Also… you said that only one of us will die… why don't you try it, if you can, that is…" Orochimaru question

It was then that Kakashi felt Orochimaru's killing intent, which he then questions his sanity on what he was thinking. As Kakashi continue to contemplate on what just happened, Orochimaru walking back into the shadows as he was enjoying what was happening in the chunin exams.

But to him and to the leaf village, there was one wild card that could change the all of these events into anyone's favor, the "Yellow Blade."

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