Last time, Naruto had assisted Shikamaru and his team in taking out a large team of Oto shinobi. While Naruto headed towards his fellow Jinchuriki, Hiruzen continue you his fight against Orochimaru and the revived Shodaime and Nindaime Hokages.

With Hiruzen

Hiruzen had completed his hand seals where he yelled out, "Fuuin Jutsu: Shiki Fuujin!"

Orochimaru looked on with curiosity since he couldn't believe that the old Hokage knew a jutsu that he didn't know.

As Orochimaru wondered on what his former mentor was planning on doing, the Shinigami that was summoned by Hiruzen floated above the old Hokage as it prepared to begin its ritual. Hiruzen prepared himself to withstand any attack from Orochimaru, Shodaime, and Nindaime Hokages.

During the process, the Nindaime unleashed his genjutsu attack that covered the entire area in infinite darkness to completely blind Hiruzen from performing any counterattack, as well as unleash hidden attacks against the old Hokage.

Several moment later, while enduring several attacks from his opponent, the Shinigami completed its ritual where he then thrust its left hand into the Sandaime Hokage soul, from the back. Hiruzen felt the Shinigami thrusting its arm into him where he coughed up a bit of his blood from the sudden thrust and pain. Once he felt the Shinigami's ritual completed, he made his move. He and his shadows clones, that he created, made their move. All three moved through the infinite shadow covered field where both shadow clone were able to sense two of the three targets. They both moved with incredible desperation and speed at their located targets, where both grasp hard with intent on not letting go. The shadow clones then used the power of the Shinigami, where the shinigami's arm came out of Hiruzen's chest, to pull start pulling at the two opponent's souls out of their body and seal them away. The two that the shadow clones started to pull and seal away are the Shodaime and Nindaime Hokages, where sealing the Nindaime hokage's soul began to neutralize the infinite darkness genjutsu, where the sandaime was finally able to see his surroundings.

As the old Hokage started to pull out his predecessors souls out of their borrowed bodies, both of former Hokages looked at Hiruzen with both a pleased and sorry look.

"Sorry Sarutobi…" Shodaime Hokage stated

"We've caused you a lot of trouble…" the Nindaime said with a grin on his face

The Sandaime Hokage was sadden on what he is doing to them, where he apologized to them as he seal their souls inside him, where they will soon meet again in a bit. When the souls of the previous Hokage were ripped out of the sacrifice bodies, the Sandaime berated his former student since he saw that the sacrifices were 2 of his subordinates. Orochimaru didn't have a look of sorrow where he yelled at Sarutobi on what nonsense he was talking about. With that, Hiruzen was ready to finish his battle against the snake sannin, where his shadow clones puffed out of existence. He retrieved Enma, in his staff mode, and started his assault on Orochimaru. Both of them fought with incredible skill where both Orochimaru and Hiruzen lost their weapons. In the one moment, Enma moved to strangle Orochimaru but was caught by Orochimaru's hidden serpents from his sleeve. Hiruzen used this chance to sneak up and get a good hold on Orochimaru. Once he held on, he used the Shinigami's power to go through his body and get Orochimaru's soul. As his soul was being pulled out, he can finally the strange yet deadly sensation.

"This feeling… shit this is bad…" Orochimaru thought where he used his connection with his Kusanagi sword to lift in the air, taking aim at the old Hokage's back.

"DIE!" Hiruzne and Orochimaru said as the Kusanagi sword came towards the Sandaime's back, while the Shinigami began to pull out Orochimaru's soul. In that very instant, the battle had come to a standstill where the battle of fists continued into a battle of wills.


In the village, chaos spewed throughout the streets as Oto and Suna shinobi continue their assault against all of Konoha shinobi. As the giant snakes continued on with their path of destruction, one snake was suddenly crush by the weight of a giant toad.

"Long time no see, eh… Ibiki… and you were such a squirt." Said the person on top of the giant toad

Ibiki looked in awe as he recognized who it is, "Jiraiya-sama…" he stated

It was there that Jiraiya did his introduction dance on top of his summoning, where the snakes froze in their place as they shivered from his presents. Jiraiya had looked at the scene where he knew that Orochimaru was making his move against Konoha. As he thought about it, Ibiki came to his side, where he asked him on where the Sandaime is.

"He's at the test arena!" Ibiki answered

"I see…" where Jiraiya looked where the test arena is, "…Don't be dying now old man." He thought

He then turned his attention to what's in front of him as he and the other konoha shinobi are ready to face summoned snakes, Oto and suna shinobi. Before things for where about to start, he saw a yellow blur move a bit away from them. Jiraiya wondered on what it was, but decided to forget about it for now.

Just as the forces in front of each other could begin, everyone felt a powerful chakra force being unleashed, which many could feel that it was jounin lv. It was then that everyone heard, "Kuchiiyose no Jutsu!"

When everyone heard that, they suddenly saw a blinding light coming just a bit away from them in the middle of their standoff. The light then formed a shape where it then spread out. It was only when the light faded that they all heard the loud roar. All of the shinobi, including Jiraiya looked in both awe and fear as they saw a creature, a creature of pure legend and myth. It was only a quarter smaller than the toad, but its length and width made up for it, especially since it was hovering above them.

Jiraiya looked around it where he spotted, on its neck, a young boy with blond spiky hair. He look closer to it, where he figured out who it was. The young boy looked at the snakes, where he muttered to his summoning, "Alright Kira… attack the snakes with all you're might."

The summoning prepared to its attack, while the boy thought, "If it for the fact if this attack was inside the village I would have never do this… however, even if I still despise it, there are still a few people that I care about that still lives here…" where he frown about it as he grip his teeth in frustration.

The creature opened his mouth as a powerful orb of light formed in it, as the boy then yell out, "GO KIRA! WHITE LIGHTNING ATTACK!" The beast, with a huge roar, fired a powerful lightning attack, so powerful that it created a path of destruction as it moves its head towards the snakes. The snakes were caught by surprise by the summoning that they didn't react to the lightning attack that had struck them until it was too late. Several, if not all the summoned snakes, along with any suna or Oto shinobi, were completely obliterated where the only thing left of them was either their tales or any of their scattered body pieces. The destruction continued on for another second before it stop as flames of fire rise from the path of destruction, buildings and roads. Jiraiya and the other konoha shinobi had to brace themselves from the attack. When it was over, they all looked in awe in both amazement and fear since the attack could be considered to be the same level of destruction as the Kyuubi.

It was then that they all heard the creature roar out loud into the sky as it was shouting a victory cry. The young boy then muttered to his summoning to go find his real self which he pointed where he was. The boy then puffed away in smoke to show that he was a shadow clone. The beast then opened its wings and flew towards the direction where he was. As Jiraiya looked at the scene that just unfolded in front of him, he couldn't help but be brought back to his memory.

"Wa-was that… Minato… was that him? Is he still alive?" Jiraiya thought while the Konoha and enemy forces started to regard on what just happened.

With Sand siblings

Kankuro and Temari were continued to evade their pursuer to allow Gaara a chance to recover from his injury. As they moved, they suddenly stop as right in front of them was their problem.

"Shit…" Temari muttered out

In front of them was Ko, who looked just as emotionless as he always does. He looked at the three siblings as he said, "It's time for you brother to die."

As the stood across from each other, Kankuro handed Gaara to Temari where he leapt forward. "Temari, take Gaara and go ahead. I'll be this guy's opponent." Where he took out his wrapped up puppet out from his back, where Temari quickly grabbed Gaara and continued on.

Just before things could begin between Ko and Kankuro, they both heard someone else interrupting their standoff.

"No…! I'll be your opponent." Both genin turned to see that it was Shino, who followed Ko in his pursuit to follow Gaara.

Ko asked Shino on how he was here and why. Shino explained that he place a few of his female instincts on him, where he used the male of the species to follow.

"Ko…. You chase after Gaara, after all, your match with him and Naruto has yet to be decided. I'll fight this one since I was supposed to be his opponent anyway." Shino explained his reason

Shino then declared to Ko that he'll defeat Kankuro in ten minutes where he'll join up with him later. Ko accepted and continue on with his order to kill Gaara, then Naruto. Once Ko left, Shino put his attention on Kankuro, who started to chuckle at what is about to happen.

"What's so funny?" question Shino

"You guys have no idea! I don't you guys have experienced true terror!" answered Kankuro

"And so, you want me to experience that sort of terror?" Shino asked

"Oh, it's not me you should worry about, but it's what come if you defeat me and actually catch up with Gaara. If you do reach him, you'll experience it then." Kankuro answered as he prepared to use his puppet jutsu on Shino.

(You all know what happens on this battle, so I'm not going to finish the fight between Shino vs. Kankuro.)

Temari continued to move through the trees while carrying Gaara over her shoulder. After a bit of distance away from Kankuro, she heard Gaara speak to her.

"Temari, put me down…" he told his older sister

"Hey Gaara, you're awake?" Temari asked

Once she placed him down, Gaara started to show signs of being unstable, where Temari was worried that she won't be able to handle Gaara in his mental state. Gaara suddenly became aware of something where he then order Temari to leave.

"But Gaara?" Temari said in concern

"Just get lost. Mind your own business!" Gaara stated where he swung his arm at Temari, hitting her where she then collided at tree trunk. Gaara narrowed his eyes as he looked across from his position to see Ko, standing in the tree near him. As he looked at Ko, Gaara once again had a mental problem.

Ko look unconcern about Gaara's spastic problem, "Although I don't know the motives of your village. I don't really care about that. The only thing I do know is follow the orders of my master, which he stated that you must die." Explained to Gaara

Temari, who started to get her act together after Gaara's hit, looked at the scene that was playing out. She couldn't help but think that this is the worst position for her. Her thought then wondered on what happened to her other brother, Kankuro.

Gaara snarled at Ko, as Ko plainly looked at him, "If you think I'll be merciful, you're wrong. Why don't you just stay there and die swiftly as I have other things to deal with." Ko stated where he prepared his tanto knife at Gaara.

Gaara looked at Ko, where he couldn't help but get aggravated since the opponent he was seeing wasn't the one he wanted but also because Ko didn't have any emotion for him to experience anything from him. His thoughts then turned to Naruto, where he remembered that it was him who not only stole his prey, but also defeated him in every way he could have without showing any type of killing intent at him. He then remembered that it was Naruto who injured him. His mind was so overwhelmed with so much thought that it finally broke and started to release the monster inside him.

Gaara's body started to transform, turning his right arm and right side of his face into a more demonic look. Ko was unfazed by Gaara's transformation while Temari started to tremble in fear on what's going to happen now.

Just as Gaara transformed, Ko suddenly got a mental link that was making him freeze up for a moment.

Hidden location

As soon as the invasion had stared, Koharu, Homura, and Danzo had left to handle important matters to insure the safety of the village. Homura and Koharu took command of some of the anbu shinobi and instructed them to protect certain spots in the village such the archives and other important area, along with assuring the villagers safety. Danzo had left them to secure his root members since he believe thing might turn favorable for him if things went in a certain path. Of course, he knew that he needed to handle two of the biggest threats in Konoha, Gaara and Naruto.

When he was in a private area, Danzo performed a couple of hand seals to mentally start seeing what Ko was seeing, where he saw that Gaara started to transform. When he knew what was happening, he did a couple of more hand seals where once he finished, he muttered out, "Now then my weapon… destroy the one-tail…"

Ko's sudden cease movement stop where he then notice that his mind started to go blurry. He knew what it was and knew that Danzo wanted him to finish this battle and kill Gaara.

Gaara and Temari looked on as Ko suddenly started to do a transformation of his own where three scaly tail with spikes at the tip of it suddenly appeared with a sort of dark aura. Temari was then able to figure it out.

"It… it can't be… this kid… he also has a monster inside him!" Thought Temari as her fear began to grow even more since she knew that Ko was also a Jinchuriki, like Gaara.

Gaara, in his mental state, started to get excited since he now knew that Ko was someone just like him, having a monster inside him. Both Gaara and Ko moved forward where their abilities were heighten with the increase of speed as they charged at each other.

Just as they were going to strike at each other, they were both suddenly struck hard that separated both of them, crashing hard on the tree trunks. As they both collided with the tree, someone else gently landed on one of the tree branches from a distance between them.

Temari, in all this, wondered on what happened. It was then that she turned to look to see who just stop them from beginning their fight. She looked up to see that it was Naruto.

Naruto had moved at high speed where he made it just in time to see them begin their fight. He sped up his speed where he surprise both of them with a powerful high spin heel kick at both of them.

As both, Gaara and Ko, regain their bearings, Temari was suddenly surprise as she was lifted up. She looked to see that it was Naruto, a shadow clone, holding her in a princess cradle. Before she can do anything, the shadow clone suddenly leap away from the battle area with Temari in his arms.

With Temari

"Don't struggle since right now, it's not safe to be near the three of us." Naruto (Shadow) stated to Temari

Temari was surprise on what is happening to her, before she regain her senses, "What are you planning to do? Are you going to kill them?" she yelled out, where she was prepared to beat the Shadow clone, where she intends to move back to help Gaara out.

"I'm going to save both them… from themselves…" Naruto answered Temari's question with a serious tone.

Temari was caught by surprise from Naruto answered that she didn't know what to say for a moment. After she got over Naruto's answer, she was curious on why he was doing it. Naruto told her that he can understand them well since he has lived like that in the beginning of his life, being ignored and all alone.

"But before I could try and save them, I'm going to have to beat them far enough for them to actually listen to my words since both of them are extremely stubborn from what I can tell." Naruto explained where Temari had mix feelings since she has never met any shinobi like him.

"And for that reason, it's best that I get you out of here since with me, it will be a Jinchuriki battle royal." Naruto admitted

Temari was worried since she now know that Naruto is a Jinchuriki, but didn't know which one. As Temari was in her thoughts about Naruto trying to save her brother from the darkness that he incase himself. But now, she was more worried since the battle that was going to happen was going to match possible kage level battle.

Naruto narrowed his vision between Gaara and KO, where both of them glared at Naruto for surprising them. Both Gaara and Ko had their own thoughts about Naruto's sudden appearance.

Gaara grew excited since the person that took away his 'prey' from him is now in front of him. However, even though he grew excited, he can't help but also feel furious at Naruto since his eyes didn't have any hatred or loneliness in them, but warmth.

Ko didn't have any mental or emotional feeling about Naruto's sudden appearance, except for the fact that now he could complete his mission on killing the both of them from Danzo's orders.

As the three stare off against each other, Naruto summoned one of his katana from his belt. He prepared himself to fight against both of his fellow Jinchuriki as he saw them starting to transform into their somewhat transformation. The tension between them lasted only for another moment before they restarted their battle once again.

Gaara made the first move, where he instantly moved right at Naruto, raising his transformed claw hand to slash him apart. Naruto, using his senses, saw the move coming and narrowly dodged it.

"He's so much faster… I'm going to have to be on my toes for this one…" he thought before his thought turned to Ko, who prepared a few hand seals and fired a powerful water attack at him. Naruto used his katana, while enhancing it with his wind affinity to the blade, where he spun his sword in front of him to create a shield against it. The water hit the sword wind shield where it pushed him back, while not hitting him. Naruto was pushed back towards a tree where he landed straight but had to brace himself as the water forced him to skid on it. Once the attack stopped, Naruto instantly moved where Gaara appeared, breaking through the tree trunk, to kill him at the last spot he was on but Naruto kept his guard up see where Gaara would appear. Once Naruto dodged Gaara's attack, he landed on the branch where he immediately moved forward directly at Ko in a rotational spin. The mind control Ko jump towards to Naruto, where he prepared to strike him down with his tanto. Before they could even strike at each other, Naruto suddenly stopped moving and change direction where he moved to another location. When Naruto sudden changed direction Ko had landed on another branch, where he was suddenly surprise by Gaara's attack.

As he was spinning, Naruto fired a single kunai with shinobi wire at one of the trees, where he stop his movement and pulled himself away from the Ko's counterattack.

Gaara slashed at Ko, sending flying directly at another tree. Fortunately, Ko had used his sanbi powers to increase his body's defense before Gaara's attack hit him, lessening the damage rate.

Gaara snarled in excitement as he prepared to go in for the kill on Ko. Before he could do so, Gaara suddenly felt himself being caught in shinobi wire, where it was tied around him. Gaara used his enhance strength to break the wires. When he released himself, he was suddenly surprise by Naruto's bombardment of air bullets.

Naruto stop his attack as he moved away where a blast of water came directly from where he just moved away from. Naruto looked to see Ko, with a glazed eyes on his face, to see him fire a water bullet at him.

Naruto knew that the battle was taking turn for the worst as he saw Ko's sanbi powers were starting to cover him in red chakra. He remembered on what Bee and Yugito told him about biju powers and the serious danger when facing against one, especially against another. He quickly threw a couple of smoke bombs where he got himself to hide. Ko used this opportunity to attack either one of them from the shadows.

Gaara snarled to see that his new 'prey' had hidden themselves from him. He looked around as he snarled at them.

"Are you both afraid of me?! Ko…! Uzumaki… Naruto! Are you afraid of my existence…! Are your fears keeping you from knowing your existence?!" yelling at them

In response, Naruto calmly walked out in front of Gaara, with his katana safely sealed back in its holster. He looked at Gaara, with no fear or anger in his eyes.

"No… the only thing I feel is being sorry for you at how you have yet made a single friend." Naruto stated

Gaara was surprise about this, where he then snarled back, "Friend? Why should I care about someone since it would only weaken me? True strength is when you only fight for yourself. That is the truth!" where Gaara leapt directly at Naruto

Naruto looked at Gaara, where he instantly prepared his Chidori, leapt directly at him. Both collided in mid-air, where Naruto's attack hit Gaara, ripping his sand claw that injured him. Gaara screamed out in pain from colliding with Naruto's attack. The instant that Naruto landed on the next tree branch, he jumped out of the way from a sudden tanto/tail spin combination.

After seeing them collide, Ko moved in on Naruto since he analyzed that Naruto would be more dangerous than Gaara now. He went in for the kill, but Naruto's instincts and senses was too fast for him to deliver a killing move.

Naruto leapt on the next branch where he then focus on Ko, where he unsheathed his katana again, adding his wind affinity to increase the sharpness of his sword. Seeing Naruto coming straight at him, Ko curled his tail around his body to block and repel Naruto's left horizontal sword slash. The tails were able to hold off, but still received damaged. When the sword was moved away, it left him completely opened where Ko prepared his tanto blade to puncture Naruto's heart. However, Naruto instantly summon out a wakizashi from his right side where he deflected the stab. Ko was off balance, where Naruto took advantage to attack him. He used the blunt backs of his sword to deliver several hard hits on Ko's back then a powerful high kick on his ribs, sending him crashing into the tree trunk they were fighting in.

Gaara was recovering from the pain that Naruto delivered to him, where he started to chuckle to himself.

"Hahaha… I see… so that's what it was! I've never been this excited… I thought that Uchiha Sasuke would give the answer, but instead… it's you, Uzumaki Naruto. It's this pain…" muttered until he yelled out for both Naruto and Ko to listen, "Defeating a man strong enough to hurt me and utterly destroying him, that's what gives me an even greater sense of existence!"

Both Ko and Naruto stop their fight to see Gaara transforming again, where tail made out of sand was created while at the same time, the injured arm reformed again into a sand claw.

"HERE I COME!" Gaara yelled where sprung himself towards Naruto and Ko

Ko and Naruto dodged Gaara's sudden attack, where they were surprise by his increased speed. Gaara stop his movement by using his transformed hand to wrap around some trees and springboard himself back at them. Naruto pulled out some shuriken, covering them with lightning affinity, where he then threw them at Gaara. Gaara used his sand to block the shurikens, however, the lightning cover shurikens punctured threw and hit Gaara in the arm and shoulder.

With Gaara's destructive path, Naruto got hit unexpectedly by a water bullet that send him crashing to a tree. Naruto ignored the pain where he notice Gaara was coming at him with a kill shock. He dodged at the last second, placing an exploding tag on the tree trunk beneath him that exploded once he was at a safe distance. Gaara was pushed back, while Ko lost visual on Naruto from the explosion. Naruto took this time to hide and to figure out on what to do next.

"Man… I really gotten myself in a bind. I can't use Chidori again since it drains me of too much chakra. Not to mention that I still need to take down Ko. I could use that jutsu that I've been working on since it's less taxing then Chidori where I can get 6 more powerful hits. The only problem is that I haven't mastered it. I could summon one of my summoning to help out since there must be some that would know how to stop them from losing themselves… at the very least, stop them from moving…" Naruto thought as he breathed heavily from the constant fighting.

As Naruto was recovering from his jutsu, Ko and Gaara continue to fight each other. Both fought hard, using their transformed abilities to kill each other. Gaara was delighted since he was fighting another, just like him. Ko was simply in a mindless state where his orders to kill Gaara was still amplified.

During the battle, Ko pushed Gaara far enough to transform his other arm and his body, except his legs, into a more demonic look. With the situation, a special jutsu that was on him informed Danzo on the situation, where it shows the level by what color it is.

(Green for calm, yellow for trouble, orange for danger, red for deadly)

With Danzo

Danzo was getting the message where it showed that Ko was in a deadly situation where it meant that Ko would have to transform into his demonic transformation to stop the threat. Danzo knew that Ko has never went that far in his training but decided to unleash the sanbi in order to kill Gaara and Naruto. He performed a couple of more hand seals to unleash the sanbi in all its fury.

"I need to send a couple of my agents and sealers in order to secure the sanbi once he kills the Ichibi and Kyuubi. I may lose Ko, but that doesn't matter since I can prepare another Jinchuriki to take his place as my ultimate weapon." Thought Danzo since he only thought of Ko as weapon, not as a person.

Naruto had thought about the situation he was in, where he knew that he needed to summon one of his summoning's. He was about to prepare to perform the Kuchiiyose no Jutsu, but was stopped when he heard Gaara coming at him. He stopped and moved away in time to avoid a claw slash. At the spot where Gaara attacked, there was a few exploding tags which went off that blew Gaara away.

The blasts weren't strong enough to injure him but it did disoriented him. Naruto took advantage of this where he then used the tree branch, he was about to land on, to catapult him back. He launch himself with great speed where at the same time he summoned a couple of shadow clones. They came directly at Gaara where they then gave him beating with his fists.

Gaara landed on the ground, very harshly, where Naruto looked like he was ready to attack again. Gaara lifted himself as he remembered his pasts. Just as he was about to lose himself, he and Naruto heard Ko scream out into the sky.

Ko's body was starting to begin to be covered in a red aura, where his body wasn't visible anymore. Instead his body was crimson covered where his body was now black, looking like a miniature sanbi. Then with one last roar, Ko's body grew out of control where he crush the trees beneath and around him.

Naruto and Gaara leapt out of the way where they now saw a giant monstrous turtle with three tails and had spikey scales covering from its shell that led all the way to the tip of its tail. That was just as tall as the trees but had a rounder width and longer length with its tails.

Naruto looked worried since he doesn't know if the Sanbi was in control or is completely gone wild, the same he thought about for Ko since he doesn't know if Ko has lost his mind or not. Even though he knows the odds of Ko still being alive was slim or nonexistent, he had to try and see if he can save him as he looked on with determination.

While Naruto was pondering that, Gaara looked upon what was happening. He saw how Ko transformed into this beast, where he saw Naruto's worried but determined look on his face. He didn't like it since Naruto was showing compassion and sympathy to his enemy, where he believed it was nothing more than a weakness. He remembered how he grew up, how no one help or been there for him, how families cherish each other, while he had nothing but loneliness with constant assassination attacks by his father. To see Naruto, giving sympathy to Ko and to him from what he can see. It irritate him so much that he went loose.

"Do you really think…? THAT I'M GOING TO LOSE TO ANY OF YOU GUYS!" Gaara roared where he completely transformed into the Shukaku, who was a quarter taller than the trees.

Naruto braced himself as the shockwave from Gaara's transformation where he then saw him in the biju form. Naruto was now really worried since he doesn't not only have to save Ko from the Sanbi's power, but also Gaara in his Ichibi.

Naruto looked at the scene in front of him as both the Ichibi and Sanbi looked at each other. Both with intent on fighting each other. Just as they were about to go at it, they heard a powerful roar, then a powerful blast coming at them. They were able to dodge it as the trees exploded and engulfed in fire as something very big just pass them with incredible speed. Both the bijuus looked up to see, hovering above them, was a large, light blue dragon (Blue-Eyes White Dragon). On its neck sat Naruto with a stone face and determined feeling.

When Naruto heard the roar, he quickly moved up and jumped as high as he could above the tree lines where he then saw the dragon flying under him. He landed on the neck where he ride on it.

The two bijuus looked on as dragon hovered close by them.

"This is it… all three of us have now unleash our last shot…" as Gaara started to laugh around while the Sanbi roared at them, "…But now, only one of us is going to stand above the others. The battle of the Jinchurikis begin…" Naruto thought as all three look like they were going to collide with each other.

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Next chapter will be the end of the battle of Konoha. Also the end of the three Jinchuriki battle royal, where only two will leave out with their lives.