Last time, the invasion of Konoha is the middle of defending themselves against the forces of Oto and Suna. During the confusion, Naruto had made his way towards the battle between Gaara and Ko where he soon joined them in the their battle.


Naruto sat on Kira's neck as they both stared down at Gaara's Shukaku form and the Sanbi while preparing themselves for the amount of destruction that was about to unleash around the area. As they gazed both the bijuus, they saw how each of the bijuu reacted with each other.

The tension from the three sides was thick where they all stood still, waiting for one to make the first move. As they waited, Gaara made the first move where he went and attacked both the sanbi and Kira. He sent sand at Kira in hopes to ensnare it while he was going to bash the giant three tail turtle.

The sanbi saw this were he quickly jump back to avoid the sand claw strike. As Gaara and the sanbi fought against each other, Naruto quickly got Kira to avoid the sand attack that was coming at them. Kira instantly changed direction where it avoid the sand and started to do high-speed movement where the white dragon dodge and evade every sand attack that came at it. After dodging a few more sand wave attacks, Naruto directed Kira to make its move towards the other two jinchuriki where the white dragon flew with great speed as it dive bomb at the two bijuus.

Gaara used his giant transformed sand form to try and crush the transformed Ko, where the giant three-tail turtle rolled away. After avoiding the attack, and unrolling itself, the sanbi then fired a giant water attack at the sand tanuki. Lifting its left sand arm, it used it to block the attack but got the sand soaked in water. Before anything else could happen Kira flew, with incredible speed, between both the bijuu, creating a bit of a gale force wind along that force both the Ichibi and Sanbi to stop for a bit. Kira then shifted its body around where it fired small amount of lightning blasts at both the bijuu.

The sanbi used its three tails to block the attack but still had a powerful sting from it. Gaara lifted his soaked arm was completely destroyed it completely from the forearm down. With the initial blast, the sanbi attacked Naruto and Kira, forcing them to fly into the sky to avoid any water blasts. Just as the sanbi was about to try and attack again, Gaara tail swiped it where the sanbi was thrown back a bit. As the giant turtle regain its balance, Gaara stop his movements, arose on top of the Shukaku's head, causing both the giant turtle and Naruto to stop for moment since it didn't make sense on what the redhead boy was doing. With an excited look on his face, he turned to the two of them.

"Hahaha… I want to thank you two for this since now I can finally show on the true manifestation of the sand." With a murderous gaze on both Naruto and Ko.

Kira flew down lower where it stayed somewhat floated above the giant sand tanuki's height. Gaara performed a single hand seal where both Naruto and Kira looked in confusion and concerned.

"Oy, Kira… you have any idea on what's he doing?" Naruto asked as he gazed down from Kira's neck.

With a gentle roar purr, Naruto looked on as Kira gives his two cents about it.

"Hm… possibly. The thing I'm more worried about is when we beat Gaara that he fall unconscious, which is now causing me to be more concern about the situation."

"How so?" Naruto asked out of curiosity

"If he goes asleep or unconscious, then Shukaku, the sand spirit, will be released from his seal." Kira explained

Naruto nodded in understanding since he remembered on what Killer Bee and Yugito told him about the Jinchuriki of Shukaku. His thoughts stopped when Gaara's body went limp. It was at that time that Shukaku came out of Gaara's seal and started to go berserk about being freed.

"OH YEAH! I'm finally free baby!" Yelling Shukaku into the sky above him before noticing Kira and the Sanbi. "Alright, I see two things to fight! I hope you both are ready to die, let's do this!" Shukaku as he pointed at both Kira and the giant three-tail turtle.

Naruto looked at the scene in front of him with a deadpanned expression, "Some demon, huh…" Kira growled softly in agreement since he also thought that the demon in front of them.

Once Shukaku made its declaration on killing them, it fired a wind bullet at Kira, where the dragon immediately dodge it. Shukaku was pissed off about it where he fired several more rounds of air bullets at Kira and Naruto. Naruto held on as the blue dragon dodged every air bullet attack that Shukaku fired at it. While dodging, Kira stayed close to Shukaku but also at the same time kept enough distance from it so to avoid sudden Ninjutsu attacks on it.

As Shukaku was getting restless from not hitting the dragon, he was ready to thrash around the area but was stopped when the sanbi suddenly rammed it. Shukaku was knocked for a loop when the sanbi rolled up to a ball and moved like a balling bowl right at the tanuki. It kept moving, rolling over anything that was in its way, mostly trees. The sanbi would have gone into another attack but stopped when Kira fired a powerful lightning wave blast at it. The blast was enough to flip it on its side. Shukaku got up and was ready to fire another air bullet when Kira's attack changed position where the lightning blast continued on, creating a path of destruction that hit Shukaku dead on.

Both the Shukaku and the sanbi were immobile for the moment which Naruto thought it would be a great chance to get some reinforcements. Just as Naruto was getting ready to summon another dragon, Kira was slowly dropping to the ground where Naruto looked concern about it.

"Kira… are you alright?" Naruto asked

The dragon growled gently as Naruto listen to it, "I'm just a little weak… I've used a lot of chakra in my initial attack in Konoha." Where Naruto worried about it.

"Alright then… I'll summon another dragon to help with the battle while you stay back and provide cover. Although I'm still worried that I won't be able to take the two of them head, even like this." Naruto admittedly to Kira

"If fighting two is going to be a problem. Then how about I take care of one of them so you can focus on only one before taking on the other." Kira gently growled at Naruto

"You can take one out of the game. Do you have the strength to do it?" Naruto asked where Kira nodded

"Yes but only for a little bit… you need to finish the battle fast in order to come out of this alive." Naruto nodded in understanding where he leaped off of Kira where he flew towards the Sanbi.

The young blonde shinobi jumped off his dragon where it made its way towards the giant tailed turtle. The dragon was now above the giant turtle where it had gotten back up. Kira made a loud roar where a sudden flash of light shot out of its body. The next thing the sanbi knew, its entire body was chained up and unable to move. Kira had unleashed the dragon's Chakra Chains at the sanbi where it became unmovable.

With the sanbi now out of the equation, Naruto put his focus on Gaara's Ichibi where Shukaku was ready to attack the two. Naruto quickly weaved his hand signs where he summoned another dragon.

Shukaku's excitement on destroying Kira and the sanbi were halted when he heard a loud puff. Shukaku looked where the noise came from where the next thing it experience was a sudden powerful impact where it crashed back down onto the ground.

Above Shukaku, a fierce looking new dragon appeared where it roared loud. The dragon had a muscular body where its body, the same size as Kira, was black with red markings highlighted that ran down from its neck to below the waist, continuing down its legs. The same red highlights on its forearms and shoulder. Its wing were black on the outside while the inside was red. Its head was vicious with three goat-like horns that grew out from the back its head which it slightly curve around.

(Yu-Gi-Oh: Red Archfiend Dragon)

Naruto sat on its neck where the dragon looked back. Naruto greeted the dragon respectfully.

"Hello dragon-san, I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I hope you would help me in saving these two from the fate that they were forced upon." Seriously saying to the dragon.

The dragon looked at Naruto's serious face where it growled gently at him. "Very well young warrior. I, Nova, will help you in saving these two."

Naruto thanked Nova for helping him. He then looked at Shukaku and back at the sanbi. He knew that taking on Gaara/Shukaku is the easiest on taking down then the giant three-tail. He put his attention back at the giant tanuki where it looked pissed at the both of them. Shukaku fired several air bullets at Nova where the red dragon moved out of the way to avoid the blasts.

Naruto directed Nova to get up close and give Shukaku a powerful strike where he would jump off and strike Gaara's body directly. Nova acknowledged it where the powerful dragon moved in closer where the Shukaku Dodging Shukaku's large sand claw, he strike the giant tanuki with its own attack, Absolute Power Force (where it gather a lot of its fire element into its claw to the point that it match Raikiri). The attack was so concentrated in power when it the upper chest of Shukaku, it blasted it where a powerful shockwave was unleashed by it. Shukaku was disoriented for a bit while Gaara's body was shaken a bit from the shockwave. As he saw the power in Nova's attack, he remembered something on what Kira said.

"Only when he is asleep or unconscious would the Shukaku be free from its seal."

Naruto figured if Gaara was force awake, then the Shukaku would be resealed back, making it easy to defeat Gaara. As the blonde Kumo nin saw the effects that Nova's attack did where he knew that this was the perfect opportunity to strike at Gaara's real body. Naruto jump off Nova where he landed on the chest area where it was strike. Naruto used whatever chakra he had where he ran towards Gaara's body. When he reached it, Shukaku was going to stop him by shifting some sand at him but Nova fired a couple small fire balls at him, near his eyes. Being blinded, Naruto was able to get to Gaara where he delivered a powerful right hook at his face since he wanted to dispel the jutsu.

Succeeding in his plan, Shukaku started to act weird before he was resealed back into Gaara after he made one last burst of defiance.


Once Shukaku was back in its seal, Gaara woke to find that Naruto was standing just a few feet away from him.

Nova and Kira, who was struggling to keep the sanbi from moving, look on what happened where they were pleased to see the result.

Gaara snarled at seeing Naruto's determined face, "He disrupted my jutsu…"

Willing his sand, Gaara intended on crushing Naruto with it but was surprise when Naruto activated the white aura flame where it blocked the sand from reaching him. The next thing he knew, Nova came out of nowhere, giving Gaara's giant tanuki body another strike, but this time much more powerful that it broke through to the other side. The sand broke apart as Gaara couldn't believe it. His thoughts changed when Naruto suddenly came at him where he delivered another right hook at his face, but this time it sent Gaara flying away from the dissolving sand body. Gaara crashed to the ground after colliding with the tree branches and such.

Naruto leap off the sand before it was completely dissolved. He landed on the top of the tree line where he sighed at taking Gaara down. Before he could relax he heard Kira's cries of struggle. He looked back towards his summoning to see that the giant three tailed turtle was starting to break through its bindings.

Deciding to leave Gaara by himself, he went to finish his battle with the sanbi where he moved towards Kira and the Sanbi. Once reaching them, he witness the giant turtle braking its binding where it went to attack Kira who barely missed it.

"Kira!" Naruto yelled out of concern

"That's it, I have no more strength! I have to leave!" Kira roared towards him

"Alright, go back and get some rest. Thank you for your assistance. Nova and I can finish things here, isn't that right!?" Naruto stated where he looked towards his reddish dragon who roared in agreement.

Kira nodded in agreement and wished the two luck where he poof away back home. Naruto and Nova put their focus back on the giant rampaging three tail turtle where it came rushing towards them. Naruto jumped onto Nova's back where the dragon quickly moved out of the way.

In the air, Nova fired several streams of fire while the Sanbi countered with several shots of water bullets. Seeing that the fire attacks didn't work, the crimson dragon flew down with his claws, in case in fire, ready to slash at the giant turtle.

The Sanbi used swung its three tails at Nova where the dragon maneuvered around and dodge the whip like, rock hard, spike tails. Barely dodging any of the tails, Nova got in close where he strike hard at the Sanbi's right top shoulder. With it, the bijuu fell to the ground while counterattacking with its tail. The tail barely collided with Nova but was able to escape the damage.

As the dragon fought against the turtle, the blond kumo nin pulled out a soldier pill to restore his energy levels. Once the effect of the food pill succeeded in restoring half his chakra, Naruto used the moment to jump off Nova where he landed and sprinted down on the turtle's tail. Following it down, Naruto jumped onto its back while performing the hand signs for Chidori. With the lighting attacked ready to strike, Naruto run up behind the turtle's head while Nova distracted it by firing several fire blasts at it. The sanbi countered attacked with water bullets where Naruto took the opportunity to strike his chidori on its exposed neck. Plunging his arm into the back of the neck, Naruto's chidori hit on the mark where everything for him and the sanbi changed.


Naruto now stood in front of a white veil area where there was nothing around it. As he looked around, he finally notice that Ko was standing straight in front of him, looking emotionless. Just as he about to walk over to him, Naruto looked behind him to make sure there was nothing there but to see a sad image.

He can see a young married, an average built man and gentle looking woman, couple playing with a child, which he can tell was Ko. As he viewed the image, he looked back at Ko where he remained emotionless.

"Ko…" getting the young boy's attention, "… is that your family? Are these two your mother and father?" Naruto asked since he can see the facial features matchup between the two.

He didn't say a thing but could see that Ko looking at them with happiness and sorrow. Naruto guessed that he used to have them but were later taken from him. As he looked at the scene, he heard Ko's father from the scenery in front of them.

"Now, Seiji… what do you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to become a shionbi?" asked his father with a hint of amusement.

"No~ I want to become a fisher man just like you poppa!" the younger Ko had answered to his father

"That good to hear. When you get older, we can go out together in a boat that we'll own one day." The father said where he happily smiled back at it.

With the scene of happiness in front of him, Naruto looked back at Ko to see that he showed little emotion. Naruto guessed that was his dream when he still had his parents. He looked sadly at him.

"Was that what you wanted? Is it still your dream?" Naruto asked

Ko just stayed quiet were he still maintain his emotionless face towards Naruto. Before anything else could be said the white veil dissipated where he felt everything changing again.

End Mindscape

Once the Chidori attack ended, Naruto returned to the battlefield in the same position he did with his lighting attack. Before he can question on what just happened, the young Kumo blond quickly jumped away from the Sanbi's body thrashing. Landing on a tree, Naruto leaped away from the sanbi's thrashing and tail whipping where he jump into the air where Nova caught him where they flew up to regroup a bit.

Up in the air, Nova notice that Naruto was acting a bit strange. He asked on what's wrong, where Naruto started to explain.

"For some reason, I could actually see into his mind or actually feel what's in his heart. Do you have any idea about it?" Naruto asked his dragon comrade.

"Not really… it could be something to do with your clear mind ability." Nova lowly growl at him

"But how? I wasn't even in that mode?" Naruto question

"It's possible that it has something to do with the fact that the two of you are Jinchuriki?" Nova replied back

"If so, then… what I saw was what he wanted or dreamed for so long ago." Naruto thought out loud where he can't help but be sad about it. From what he's heard about Danzo and his 'special' anbu, from the Raikage before the chunin exam, that they were completely emotionless and always did dark missions that is known to be immoral. He knew that Ko was his replacement as Konoha's Jinchuriki, were Danzo must have trained him to be an emotionless soldier where he followed any order without any second thought, even more so since Ko held a bijuu.

Being deprived of his dream and family, Naruto can guess that he can never be free to fulfill it because of his current status. Naruto thought for a second where he looked towards Nova.

"I want to try something. I want to see want's in Ko's heart. Only then will I decide on how to fight Ko. Can you help me?" Naruto asked

Nova nodded in agreement where Nova was ready to go all out. Naruto brace himself as Nova flew with incredible speed and agility, trying to get close to the giant three tail turtle. Unfortunately, the sanbi rolled into a ball where it rolled in high speed to avoid one of the strikes which surprise Naruto and Nova when it jump, in its ball form, in order to smash into them. Barely able to avoid it, Nova fired several rapid fire attacks to counterattack it. Hitting its target, the sanbi was covered in smoke before several water blast came towards the great dragon. Deciding to try something, Naruto ordered Nova to fire directly at only one of the sanbi's feet while firing multiple shots.

With it, the sanbi tried to move forward but slip in the ditch that Nova's attack created. With it, Nova flew directly at it where he hit directly at the giant turtle's face. Naruto took this opportunity to jump onto the turtle again where he focus hard, even under these conditions. Naruto awakened his Clear Mind ability where his body was once again he was covered in white flame power where he then created his chidori and attack around the same area he last attacked. When he did, he was once again momentarily stood still.

It only last for a moment, but it was in that moment that Naruto's eyes shot up where he looked sad before looking determined on what he now needs to do.

Jumping off the three tail turtle, Naruto leap around while avoiding several more tail whips before jumping into the air where Nova caught him before the sanbi tried to roll over him.

Avoiding the attack, Nova asked on what Naruto wanted to do. Naruto looked serious where he looked at Ko before saying to his dragon.

"I'm going to free him from this curse. A curse, which like me, was put on but unlike me he'll never be able to break from it." Naruto said where he was ready to do what he always dread on doing, kill.

Nova understood on what Naruto was intending to do where the dragon couldn't help but feel sorry for him since the look on his face showed that he didn't want to do it.

Getting over the feeling, Naruto quickly got ready as he was going to fight with everything he has in order to win. But it was at this point that he and Nova saw that the sanbi was going to fire a Bijuudame at them. Firing upon the red dragon, Nova dodged it in time before the attacked continued on before exploding in the sky with a powerful shockwave could be felt. Barely able to maintain their balance, Nova made a beeline towards another area where the sanbi followed.

As the battle rage on, Naruto decided to end this since the random attacks that the giant turtle were unleashing is destroying the landscape as well as indirectly hit where Gaara was located.

It was then that they saw the giant three tail turtle preparing another bijuudama where it was directly going to hit where Gaara was located. Having no chose, he decided to challenge the attack with Nova's help. Naruto summoned a shadow clone, he decided to use a combination attack that required his newest technique, but also a technique he used before along with Nova's attack.

Nova gathered his chakra as Naruto explained on what he plans to do. Diving straight at the Sanbi, Naruto held his newest technique in his hand which was a constant, rotating, sphere of chakra while the other Naruto prepared his other attack that he used to defeat Lee.

The giant reptile fired his bijuudama directly where Gaara was located. Gaara, who was still too exhausted to move because of his battle with Naruto, look in disbelief and horror. As the giant attack came closer, he closed his eyes.

It was here that Naruto made his move as he, his clone, and Nova attacked together. Nova fired a constant horizontal pillar of fire with incredible strength while one of the Naruto's jump of Nova's back and spun around before unleashing his Soul Breaker while the second Naruto jump forward and attacked with his chakra sphere as he yelled out, "Rasengan!"

Naruto was holding his Rasengan as he moved closer to the first Naruto's Soul Breaker and Nova's attack merge together with the Rasengan which created a destructive flaming drill like attack that headed straight into the blast.

The two attacks collided with incredible force that the blast from impacting each other spread throughout the trees where some bent away from the collision while other trees had their tops rip away.

Naruto attack strike at the middle of the bijuudama as the surge of power continue to oppose each other. The drill of fire continued to burrow into the ball of energy as the attacks continued to collide.

As the attacks continued to push each other, seconds turned to minutes for Naruto since he was the one trying to push through. Naruto thoughts were in trying to find a way to unleash his Clear Mind mode where he can increase the power of his combination attack.

It wasn't long before seeing that the bijuudama was starting to push back Naruto's own attack since Nova was struggling to continue to blast fire out of his mouth since his attack was draining the dragon of its strength.

Before things worsen, the sanbi was about to fire another bijuudama at him where the Naruto that was continuously trying to break through puffed out of existence. The Naruto that was challenging the attack was a shadow clone where the real Naruto appeared behind him holding another Rasengan. Using the second Rasengan, he smashed it directly with the already drill attack where it added more force and power into it.

The drill like attack increase in vicious strength as it continued to break through the attack. As the attack was getting close to ending, Naruto couldn't help but think of the situation on how all this came to be. He knew that the surprise attack from Suna and Oto weren't his fault, but he knew that he was somewhat responsible for Ko being made into a Jinchuriki since he was Konoha's former weapon.

With that in mind, as well as seeing Ko's dream about him and his family which were denied because of Danzo's ambition and the need to keep an even status quo among the Five Great Shinobi nations.

Because of this, his mind became serine which he unconsciously unleash his power of Clear Mind where his Rasengan combination was suddenly increased drastically as the attack power became more ferocious as the drill tip finally started to create a high pitch sound. It was this movement that Naruto's attack finally pierced through the bijuudama where the shot was scattered apart around the cyclone attack.

As the horizontal drill went straight towards the Sanbi, the sanbi shot several rapid-fire bijuudama at the attack. It was only then that the attack on it changed completely as the Bijuudama blasts didn't explode, instead it went along with the vortex and acted like a whirlpool sucking in everything. Naruto's rasengan combination transform into a destructive blast wave where the shots fired and the scattered fragments of the first combined with it where it went through and struck the turtle in the chest.


Naruto looked around where this time he was in a pitch dark area. As he looked around, he heard some whimpering where he looked closely into the darkness to barely see a young boy, in a fetal position, in tears. He was going to go and talk to him but stop when the area around the boy began to slowly begin to grow brighter in light. Just as he was going to try and cheer the boy up, he saw two pair of hand comfort the boy where he smiled.

Naruto can see that the boy was Ko, while the two other people where in his parents. Ko smiled cheerfully while his parents look sincerely at their son. All three began to walk away before Ko turned around to see Naruto, "Thank you…"

With tears shedding out of his eyes, the blond shinobi looked at the scene as he said, "Be at peace."

End Mindscape

The Sanbi wide its eye as the attack that struck it had started to push it back as pain began to engulf it. Expanding after impact, the sanbi was sent flying back while Naruto fell out of the attack, falling on the ground hard, while the sanbi continued to be pushed back. Sending it several fields away, a sudden large explosion of fire, and power had erupted destroying everything around it.

Nova braced itself as the sound blasts made it hard for it to keep its balance. Naruto and Gaara had to just withstand the powerful explosion as they could hardly move from the position they were in. All around, the explosion could be heard from far wide where even Konoha heard the explosion.

With Danzo

As he ordered his men on how to deal with Oto and Suna, he looked suddenly felt his cane give off a warmth before seeing a bit of scribbling being burned off.

Danzo had used his cane as an indicator for Ko. He knew he can get a bit of visual report by using some special seals and ninjutsu abilities. However, doesn't keep constant track on him since using the ninjutsu on Ko would interfere on his mind. So he use the cane as a signal to tell him that either the mission is complete where he then look into his mind to find out or know if Ko was in a serious situation. The scribbling that was burned off was the worse for Danzo since it meant only one thing, death.

Looking at his cane, he couldn't believe it until he heard the sound of a large explosion coming from the distance, outside of Konoha. Placing his gaze on where he heard the explosion, he had a wide-eye look of disbelief, "My… weapon…" thought to himself.

Stadium Roof

The Sandaime was finishing his battle with Orochimaru as he performed the Shiki fuujin. He sealed the Shodaime and Nidaime Hokages that Orochimaru summoned to help kill the old Sarutobi into the Shinigami stomach. He failed to kill Orochimaru, but he did seal his arms from him for all eternity. As he began to fall to the ground, the third Hokage spoke a poem to himself.

"The Place the leaves dance… The fires burn… The fire of the shadow illuminates the village… And so… a new leaf sprouts."


In the middle of the forest, Naruto laid on his back as he was sore all over, while a football field distance away from him, Gaara was in the same position. Above them, Nova panted heavily as he was low on strength because of the struggle that took place.

While lying on the ground, Naruto looked into the sky as tears fell from his eyes as he cried for Ko, for killing him and… setting him free.

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