Last time, the Sandaime Hokage was preparing for the genin exam, as well as recalling the past events over the last 8 years. During that time, Naruto was also preparing on becoming a shinobi in order to become the next Raikage.

Kumo's academy

In the classroom, there were students walking in and having some fun or preparing for the genin exam that they were going to do. As they were chatting around with friends or preparing on what to expect for genin exam, the most of the girls in the room just notice the heart throb of their class walk in.

Walking in was Naruto, who for pass 4 years in the academy, has grown not only as a shinobi but also as person. Naruto had a cheerful, friendly and fun attitude that got along pretty well with everyone but that was only when he wasn't serious or on guard for anything. When Naruto was serious, he was a completely different person, which all the academy students know, which he turns from a fun guy into a serious, focus, strong shinobi that the girls like, plus the clothing he was wearing also highlight as well.

Naruto has grown from the 5 year old child that was too scared to sleep at night, into a strong 12 year old. He was fairly tall for someone his age; he was 4'9 ft. tall. He wore a dark, baggy cargo pants that had compact pockets on it sides with steel tip boots. He wore a sleeveless fishnet shirt underneath his sleeveless dark green vest. He also was wearing black fingerless gloves with a flat medal piece on the back of his hands while also having both his forearms bandage up from the wrist to the elbow. On his back he had one of a few weapons that made everyone know how strong he is.

On his back, he had a durable bow (similar to Hawkeye in the Avengers without the laser sights) but no arrows. The reason why he doesn't have any arrows behind his back, is because he had has his arrows on his left forearm, sealed inside waiting to be unsealed which he had a total of 20 arrows in 2 seals which was below another the main seal where he had his kunai (10). On his right forearm, he had 3 more seals on him that had another pair of kunai (10), with 2 seals that hold pairs of shuriken (10 each).

Of course the students in the room knew that the bow was the only visible weapon since Naruto had a few more hidden things and abilities that he trained hard to master that gave him the nickname from his peers, "The Yellow Blade".

As Naruto enter the classroom, he made his way to his seat near his good friend Omoi. Naruto and Omoi had a pretty good relationship, which many believe that they were best friends. Of course, many girls had asked or bribe Omoi into helping them get Naruto to be their boyfriend but to no avail.

Omoi was a tall, bit smaller than Naruto, 4' 6 ft. wearing standard shinobi clothing (black pants, shinobi sandals, and brown shirt) that was comfortable but reliable in the field, while also wearing a katana as well as having a weapons pouch on his waist. He had a dull face that would turn serious when he starts overthinking on things that could get him in trouble, or leading up to trouble, which Naruto finds it funny sometimes on the fact that they are beyond reason.

Omoi saw Naruto take his seat next to him and tried to start a conversation with him, but saw that Naruto had a serious face on him, which he can tell that Naruto had something important in his mind.

As Omoi looked at him, while Naruto's fan club look at Naruto's serious face, Naruto was thinking about his parents the Yondaime Hokage and the previous Jinchuriki of Kyuubi, while also thinking what he has gone through in Konoha, then here in Kumo

With his parents, he had so many questions since his father being the Yondaime Hokage, while his mother was the former Jinchuriki of Kyuubi. Even though he has so many question on finding out, that his hero he admired back in Konoha, was his father that sealed Kyuubi in him, while wondering on what happened to his mother. He also thought on how the old man, the Third Hokage, had lied to him in his face since he asked several times on who his parents are and he said he doesn't know or some other excuse.

Before he can even start thinking about them, he decided to put it at the back of his head for now since he has genin test to pass right now. Remembering the material for the exam also got him remembering on how he 1st started school when he was 5, just starting to learn on how to read, write, and math.

Naruto was only 5 when he started to go to civilian school in order to learn. At the beginning, he was having hard time learning since he wasn't taught much academic stuff and the curriculum required him to know this. But thanks to some students he made friends with as well as some helpful shinobi teachers that understood his problem, he was able to learn how to read, write and do mathematic to the standard requirement.

Of course, that was only the requirement, during his own time; he studied just any regular kid his age would do, while having fun with his friends after school and such.

It wasn't until he joined Kumo's shinobi academy as well as the bet he made with A that he completely applied himself in his studies, while also learning to enjoy hanging out with his friends. During his time in the academy, he found that he had a real knack on fuinjutsu (art of seals). It all started when he was in his 3rd year, when the academy teachers started teaching them the areas of ninjutsu.


It was early afternoon; the entire class had just finished with their lunch break and was now ready to go on with class. Everyone was relieved to end their class of outside taijutsu and were excited to finally start learning the awaited subject that everyone want to do, Ninjutsu.

Class was now midway, when the teachers started to explain on Ninjutsu, which everyone had the look of joy since, many wanted to learn how to do cool ninjutsu. Of course the instructors saw the looks, which they decided to drop the ball on them which they said that they will learn ninjutsu in their final year, not this year.

This got the class down when the instructors told them that they were going to explain on the different types of Ninjutsu.

"Alright class…" getting the class attention, "… who can tell me the areas of Ninjutsu?"

Many wondered on what it could be, were many didn't know what were it, but a few students who studied on it answer it. The answers in Ninjutsu were, Genjutsu (illusion), Ninpo and Elemental justu, Kinjutsu (Forbidden techniques), and finally fuinjutsu (the art of seals and sealing).

"Alright now class, as for those of you who become shinobi, these are the techniques that many of you would know. Now, I'll start with the 1st part, Genjutsu…"

One by one, the instructor explained as simply as he/she can on what each Ninjutsu does. Many were surprise to know the types of ninjutsu that require chakra, such as Genjutsu can help put people in an illusion world, or help hide you from anyone. Ninpo and Elemental jutsu can be used in anything, from multiplying a single shuriken into dozens of shuriken while the elemental styles can use from any of the 5 known elements (wind, lightning, water, earth, and fire). Kinjutsu are forbidden arts, where the caster would have to give up something, whether it could do extreme physical damage to using your soul or other souls as payment for dangerous form. When the teacher started to explain on Fuinjutsu.

"Alright… now were in the final part of Ninjutsu, which is Fuinjutsu (the art of seals/sealing). Now, who can tell me on some of the benefits on learning Fuinjutsu?" asked the teacher

Many were thinking about it, but Naruto raised his hand to answer. The teacher acknowledges him, "Alright Uzumaki-san… what are the benefits of fuinjutsu?"

"Well fuinjutsu can be used in a few ways that I can think of. One way is that you can use it to seal equipment, such as rope, shinobi wire, or any sort of weapons into a simple scroll which can less the load a person carries. Another is that you can protect any type of important documents or things into a special type of seal which would only allow the caster or the person to open. And finally, the last thing I can think of is that it can be used to help seal off a person charka with a specific type of seal." Answered Naruto

Many were impressed on how Naruto knew what to answer, which the teacher happy smiled and said that he was right on a few of the things he said. Once the teacher explained to the class about, it was then that class was going to end for the day. The professor then explained to them on their homework for the night.

End flashback

It was during the lesson of fuinjutsu that he started getting interested in it. After he completed his homework, which in all he was right, but it was the fuinjutsu part of the homework that he excel the most in.

He then focus his time in going to the library whenever he had enough free time to see books and scroll (which ever kumo had) on learning fuinjutsu. Reading on fuinjutsu, which confused more than most people but came naturally to him like he was born to know fuinjutsu. He practices it until he had one conversation with Yugito.


Yugito was walking into a dango shop to have a sweet snack, when she spotted a 11 year old Naruto sitting at a bench nearby. After she got her order, she went to him to see him reading a scroll of sealing from Kumo's shinobi library.

"Hey Naru-chan… is that a scroll of fuinjutsu?" asked Yugito

Naruto looked up to see Yugito, which he nodded, "Hai Yugito-nee."

"Why are you reading a scroll on fuinjutsu?" question Yugito

Naruto took a moment to pause this since he wanted to be very clear to Yugito. After a few moments, he said, "Well… ever since we started to learn on what Ninjutsu is and how fuinjutsu works, I've grown a lot of interest. Knowing on how, in the right order and style, you can do almost anything with it."

Yugito can understand it since she always wanted to learn on how to use fuinjutsu, but given how difficult to learn it, as well as Kumo not having any real seal masters which the best they have were above mid-average in the art, she had to give it up.

It was then Yugito's thoughts stopped when she heard Naruto say, "Given on how I like reading fuin and wanted to learn it… along with the the fact that Kumo's doesn't have a real seal master, I'm going to become a Kumo's greatest Seal Master, along with being the next Raikage"

End flashback

With that, Naruto worked hard and with only a few tips from the teachers and relying on solely on scroll and books on fuinjutsu, he was able to get a good grasp on it that he was on chunin lv sealer.

His thoughts ended when he heard the academy teacher coming in and telling them that they are going to start now. With that, Naruto attention had stopped from his thoughts about the past and focus on the here and now.

Raikage's office

As Naruto was busy with genin exam, A was focusing on the files before him. He was currently looking over the files on quite possibly on his future genin teams. He read each academy students files, until he came up to the final bits, which were the files that were the most interesting. One was the possible kunoichi of the year, while the 2nd was golden for rookie of the year, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

As he read Naruto stats, he couldn't believe on how much his bet motivated him to get to a level where he can be on even playing field with mid lv chunin, even though he has yet to start learning the basic charka control exercises yet. In fact, A has asked on a record of a student who had the same lv as Naruto in the academy, which he was; surprise to know that it has been over 15 years since a prodigy like Naruto has been around.

He couldn't help but smile, since he even though he never had plan to know that Naruto is seeking his position when he grows up, he couldn't help but smile about since Naruto has proven that he is very capable and loyalty to his friends.

"Things around the elemental nations are going to become very interesting." A suddenly thought as he decided on who would be on each team.

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Academic stats (grade system 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 greatest)


Intelligence: 10 prodigies

Taijutsu: 8

Genjutsu: 5 can only cancel out

Ninjutsu: 9

Fuinjutsu: 9

Kenjutsu: 9

Weapons: 8

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