Kiba Akatosh was only 13yr old the prince of the blood ninja clan kiba life was always easy and he was always a nice boy. But now his dad said " Kiba get over here NOW!" and Kiba said yes dad so drago akatosh told his son this "kiba your 13yr old now so your going into war like your brother did. Kiba brother ruko akatosh died fighting horcs in the war at the age of 16 the horcs pull his tongue out of his mouth and they rip both arm off and burn his gf right in front of him. I was always scared of going into battle since that day. About 5 month past since kiba join the army right now kiba is with his dad in the front lines right now there in front of bloodtusk and they been burning house after house down Kiba saw his dad chop a horc kid head off then feed it to the dad he even burn a baby and he force his parent to watch. I never saw my dad like this. But I learn a lot about my self I always had strange powers like I can heal fast and I can go into a thunder volt. So I was on the battle field and I kill so far 1002323242312 horcs in only 8 hours my dad kept moving in my best friend alpha was killed and his parents two we went by 11232 towns and murder every solders there. I felt like killing my self this is wrong I told my dad my dad got mad and slap me onto the floor my head got busted open after a horc surprise attack me I was healing and my dad he was losing man fast I was down for about 4 hours and my dad had 4000 man and now have 45 this is the worst ambush my dad have ever got I got up and started killing I seen a whole new world we lost the battle my died was killed right in front of me and I was being torture until the blood ninja let go of there soldier he slash one of dad men head and I was next it was a huge hammer that was going to smash my head into bits but then we heard a huge explosion and blood ninja was killing everyone in the camp I was a different man since that day I train every day to get in stealth and sword man ship I learn how to heal even faster and how to use my electric powers I am angry. I am now 19yr old and I was king of the blood ninja we won the horc war and we rob everything from horcs we are rich and strong but I made 1 mistake. We rob the most famous museum in sword heaven and it work king alteon was piss off because he lost a lot of money right there so of course he attack us and killed my mom and baby sister and im going to get my revenge I lost my blood ninja clan all was killed I am 20 now and I killed king alteon wife and daughter he had 4 daughter now only 1 I killed his best friend and his sister so now im ready to strike but first I got to deal with the hero he is to strong for me so I just train for 3 years.