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After failed in his Mark of Mastery exam thanks to Xehanort, finally Sora decided to start his own journey in order to become a true Keyblade Master. However, there was still a problem for him and that problem was where to start first?

Radiant Garden

As Sora walked along the streets on Radiant Garden, his only best bet was asked the Restoration Committee members where to go next. The spiky haired boy was actually quite mad after what Xehanort had done to him, but thanks to that he could learn about the Xion's existence, remembered his meeting with Aqua when he was 5 years old, and on top of that he restored the worlds who had slept for too long back to their normal state. But still he couldn't accept the fact that Roxas had to be his nobody, 'Why he had to ended up like this? He should be able to exist as a normal person'. Sora thought as he waked toward Merlin's house, furthermore he still wondered about Roxas's last words 'That's why it has to be you? What does that mean?' As the spiky brunette Keybearer reached the house with a brown wooden door and many strange mechanisms on its rooftop, he entered inside.

"Another summon charm Merlin?" Leon, who was leaning against the stone wall asked Merlin, while the wizard examined the pendant like thing with the dragon head as the trinket.

"Precisely Leon, I just found this one in my magical bag, but still I don't know where it came from, hmm…" the blue robed wizard answered without even looking back at the gunblade warrior.

"So… any ideas what kind of summon is this?" the brown haired man asked him again. The situation after Sora defeated Xemnas sure had given the Radiant Garden enough time to restore its former state, but with their current situation would their peaceful time only last for a moment? It was said that when a person or creature with a strong heart lost his/her home to the darkness, the person would ended up as a summon charm if he/she refused to give in to the darkness. Even until now the Restoration Committee hadn't figured out yet where the Chicken Little, Stitch, Dumbo, and Bambi homeworlds were. Just before Merlin could answer his question, suddenly the door nearby them was opened, much for Leon's surprise except Merlin, Sora was their visitor.

"Sora? I thought you were taking your exam." Leon asked, Sora however only gave a heavy sigh."Yeah, but I failed." Hearing his answer Leon felt a bit sympathetic for him. "Oh, that's too bad Sora, sorry." Leon apologetically replied, but then Sora grinned. "But look at the bright side Leon, during my exam, I met new friends, learnt something new, and top of that me and Riku finally restored the worlds that were sleeping in the deep darkness at realm of sleep. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention why I'm here, I-"

"Say no more, my boy. I know what you want." Merlin interrupted him, making Sora turned his head to the blue robed wizard. "You want to start your own journey in order to become a true Keyblade Master, well from what I've learnt, to claim yourself as a true Keyblade Master, Mark of Mastery exam is not the only way to achieve that title, as you finally understand the true power and nature of your Keyblade, strength, and magic then you can claim yourself as one my boy."

"Yeah, but where do I have to start?" Sora asked, he was quite relieved after hearing Merlin's words, yes one didn't always have to take the Mark of Mastery exam in order to become a true Keyblade Master, he could be considered one as he fully mastered and unleashed their true potential along with his Keyblade.

"Well as for beginning, you can start from…" Just before Merlin finished his words, a spiky blonde haired man in half sleeveless shirt with a giant sword stored on his back entered the house. "Ah Cloud, what a good time." Merlin greeted, Cloud only gave him a confused look as he turned towards Leon who only shrugged at him, not having any idea what Merlin was talking about.

"Does this world have anything to do with Cloud, Merlin?" Sora asked, sure he had already traveled in many worlds with Donald and Goofy, but with Cloud? That was something new, Sora clearly remembered how he helped him during the heartless invasion, and he never thought that Cloud had many new tricks back then.

"Just go to the point Merlin. What's his problem that it has anything to do with me?" Cloud asked the wizard impatiently, after his battle with Sephiroth back at the Dark Depths, both of them were thrown into another world. Cloud was thrown back to his homeworld Gaia, but Sephiroth on the other hand was nowhere to see. And now he had to babysit a sixteen years old teenager? Couldn't his day become even worse than this?

"Now now Cloud. This world seems in a trouble with the heartless and my instinct tells me that they are searching the Keyhole of this world, but this world also has a connection with your homeworld Gaia. It seems that there's an unknown type of phenomena that almost similar with your Geostigma disease back in your homeworld. However this phenomena also grants the unique power to the victim, so they can use unusual magic powers." Merlin explained the SOLDIER calmly.

"So what are they called Merlin?" Leon asked the wizard first before Sora even got a chance to ask.

"L'Cie brands, I don't have any information about them, but as far as I know, the people who have this l'Cie title are treated differently than normal humans and they can use special powers, but also they are given some kind of task that hey must accomplish, that's all I know." Merlin answered. Sora was very excited after hearing this, new world to visit, and this time traveling with Cloud? Surely this would be a whole new experience for him. On the other hand Cloud was in his deep thought, was this l'Cie thing that Sephiroth was after?

"So what's the name of this new world?" Sora asked, Merlin then turned his head to the Keybearer. "Gran Pulse and Cocoon, they are actually two worlds inside a one atmosphere, and this world shares many similarities with Gaia. Hmm and judging from my hunch, maybe the person that you're looking for is there, that's why I want you to go with Sora, Cloud." Hearing his answer, Cloud only nodded at Merlin silently. If that meant finding Sephiroth, he would do it so he could settle things once and for all.

"Sora, I've asked Cid to put the coordinates of this new world, so you can easily find it on your Gummi Ship radar." Leon said from the computer room, while Cid tinkered his unusual computer.

"Okay, I guess we better go now. Thanks for the info Merlin, and see ya later Leon." Sora gratefully replied them. As they walked away to the door, Merlin stopped Sora, while Cloud kept walking to the Gummi Ship.

"What's wrong Merlin? Forgot something?" Sora confusedly asked. "Yes Sora, I want you to have this (shows him the new summon charm that he examined before)." Merlin replied as he gave Sora the new summon charm. "This one is called Bahamut, Sora, treat him well just like Chicken Little and the others, okay?"

"Bahamut? As in the Dragon King Bahamut?" Leon asked Merlin back surprisingly. The Bahamut was known as the strong summon for battle use, but it had a quite not so good terms when dealing with humans. Merlin nodded at him, while Sora looked confused.

"Err, Leon what is this Bahamut like?" Sora asked the gunblade warrior.

"Bahamut is a summon creature that takes a form of gigantic dragon, it can be quite useful at the battle but sometimes a bit difficult to handle due of its dislike with humans. But then again, you already knew how to use many summon charms and you even befriended with them. Who knows? Maybe Bahamut will become one of your best friends too Sora." Leon reassuringly answered while patting his shoulder. Hearing his answer, Sora gave him a thumb up before he went to back to his Gummi Ship where Cloud waited for him.

"Took you long enough." Cloud said as he finally saw Sora entered the ship where he already waited for him inside.

"Sorry for late Cloud. Now, shall we go?" Sora asked, again Cloud only nodded at him silently before they finally left the Radiant Garden for their new journey on Gran Pulse and Cocoon.

Castle That Never Was – Where Nothing Gathers

Twelve figures sat on their own respective throne; however only four of them whose faces were exposed. One of them was the dark skinned teenager who had silver hair and yellow eyes, while the other was the dark skinned man in about thirty years old with long silver hair and yellow eyes, and the other one was same as him, except his skin was lighter and he had two bangs in his hair. The last one who was sitting in the highest throne was a bald dark skinned old man who had a goatee and wore a black trench coat.

"So, one of those lights finally started his own journey I see." The old one said.

"That's right, Master Xehanort, but he's not alone this time." The young one replied him.

"Don't worry Xehanort, soon or later he'll fall into our hands, but it seems we won't play any role for him this time." Master Xehanort said to his younger parallel version. The others were quite shocked after hearing his words, just left Sora like that? Did their master really know what he was doing?

"But Master, we shouldn't leave him off from our eyes; you know how strong he is to take us down before." The dark skinned man with long silver hair objected him.

"Even when I used my artificial Kingdom Hearts, I still couldn't beat him and Riku." The other one added.

"Relax, that witch already sent her lackey to do everything for us, this time we'll just sit down and watch. Do you understand Ansem and Xemnas?" Master Xehanort replied, referring to Maleficent and Pete. Hearing his reasonable answer, Xemnas and Ansem nodded at their new Organization XIII superior.

"This should be interesting, let's see how you will through this one, Sora." Master Xehanort said for last time before the whole room was filled with sinister and evil laughs.

Gran Pulse - Vallis Media – Base Camp

After the exhausting battle with Alexander Eidolon, Hope finally realized that Eidolons only gave the l'Cie life or death trial in order to resolve themselves. Hope was worried if he only slowed down Lightning, Snow, Sazh, Vanille, and Fang, but his Eidolon didn't agree with him and emerged from his l'Cie brand. Thanks to Lightning who made Hope understand the other meaning of Eidolons appearance.

"That's some beast that you tamed, I'll tell you that." Sazh said to the young teenager.

"Yeah. I always thought the Eidolons appeared to set us free through death. But now... I think maybe they're here to snap us out of our slumps." Hope heavily replied him, still exhausted after the battle.

"Oh. Like the one you were just in?" Snow jokingly asked.

"I'll ask for help earlier next time around." Hope replied. Hearing his reply, Vanille began to approach the silver haired teenager.

"I told you. On Gran Pulse, we're all family. You can moan all you like, but you're stuck with us." Vanille reassuringly told him, she didn't want to see Hope all alone, especially after he had lost his mother back at Hanging Edge.

"You're never alone in hell." Sazh said, referring the Gran Pulse in a funny way.

"Listen, funnyman, don't call this place hell, all right? " Fang replied the afro haired man irritably, she couldn't accept the insult about the Gran Pulse, the place where she and Vanille born and lived together.

"So, we're all decided then? " Lightning asked to the others about continuing their journey. "Yeah" Fang replied.

"Let's go!" Hope said. Just as they walked away, Vanille suddenly realized the two lights that were falling down from the sky not too far from their current position. Gasping at the sudden phenomena, Vanille quickly called the others.

"Wait! Everyone, look at that!" Vanille shouted as she pointed two beams of light. Everyone was surprised as they looked at the lights that began to fade away. "What was that?" Fang asked first, she had seen many things back then at Gran Pulse before, but she never saw anything like two beams of light that fell from the sky.

"Those lights are not from Cocoon, that means those lights are something else." Lightning told the others calmly, although in fact she was actually quite curious too.

"We should check it out, they shouldn't be too far from here" Hope suggested, everyone gave him a nod as they ran to find the source of those lights. Little did they know that their adventure would be even more than just saving their world and get rid their l'Cie brands. But instead, they would face the new enemies, allies and many more.

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