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Everyone could only glare the two newcomers warily as they were ready to fight. Although Sora was quite shocked for seeing Vanitas's face that resembled him for a moment, he quickly snapped away and looked the two with fierce eyes. However, Vanitas only chuckled while putting his hand on his forehead after seeing how they reacted toward them.

"What's so funny?" Lightning asked in her demanding voice.

Vanitas then looked at the pink haired soldier with a sinister smile on his face "Nothing. We just want to thank you for helping us."

"We don't remember helping you two before." Hope said as he drew his boomerang "And why does your face resemble Sora?"

"Tch, beats me." Vanitas replied then looked at the crystallized Cocoon "As for your help, well…"

"Your two l'Cie friends just helped us find the core of this world." Sephiroth continued Vanitas' words, slowly walking toward them with Masamune still in his hand. The silver haired swordsman then looked them with a calm smile on his face "I guess there's no need for using Meteor again as this world soon will be devoured by its own darkness."

Without wasting any seconds, Cloud began to charge his sword as he was ready to attack Sephiroth anytime "Not if I can stop you Sephiroth!"

"Yeah, and I don't know who you are. But there's no way we'll let you guys doing that!" Sora followed, now standing beside the SOLDIER.

However Vanitas only chuckled, not feeling intimidated at all "Boy, you sure aren't too smart, are ya?"

"I have already enough with this!" Snow retorted with Serah still hiding behind him "Just spill it out!"

At the same time, Xemnas stood before Cocoon with a Keyblade similar with Master Xehanort's in his hand. Behind him a lot of GC and PSICOM soldiers were lying, unconscious from his Thunder attack. He then looked at the center of Cocoon where Fang and Vanille were in their deep crystal slumber.

"Even though Sora was able to resist his darkness" Xemnas spoke as a keyhole began to form between the two crystallized Oerban girls, "At least this would be a perfect gift… for our master."

Xemnas brought his Keyblade and pointed it at the keyhole. However, as he was about to unlock it, a dark fireball suddenly hit his hand, tossing his Keyblade away and disappeared in black flames.

However, Xemnas wasn't shocked at all as he had already predicted that, "Hmm, I never thought I would see you again after the event in our castle…" He then turned around to face his attacker who was none other than the same silver haired teen who finally made it into a Keyblade Master. "Riku."

Ten minutes ago in Shera…

Riku was leaning against the wall, waiting for how long until they could fly again, while Cid was tinkering inside the machine room. Aside from waiting, Riku could only hear Cid's grumbling and swearing words or a small explosion sound.

"Hey Cid, you're okay?" Riku asked only to hear more explosion sounds from the nearby door.

"DAMMIT! WHAT'S $#&?! WRONG WITH THIS THING?!" Cid cussed from the engine room which made Riku sweat dropped "Well, I guess that means no…" He muttered before leaning again. As he was about to close his eyes to rest, suddenly he snapped away and looked at the Crystallized Cocoon with frown "This smell… Xemnas!"

Without wasting any time, the silver haired teen headed to where he smelled his presence, the Crystallized Cocoon.

Present time…

"Hmph, I'm surprised that you still retain your keen sense." Xemnas then summoned his Ethereal Blades and pointed one of them at the silver haired teen while he glared him with Way to the Dawn Keyblade in his hand "Kind of ironic that you got that from my heartless."

Back to Sora and the others.

"What?!" Sora eyes widened in shock as he wouldn't dare to say the conclusion from their explanation "So you two are just…"

Vanitas smirked again "Talking friends for you and decoys as well."

Sephiroth then raised his Masamune once again, pointing it toward the group "As you can see right now… In the end, these people can't help but to give in themselves into the darkness. You people are just too naïve to not believe that."

Suddenly a gunshot was heard, Sephiroth then lowered his katana and looked below to find a gunhole on the ground near his feet. The Silver Elite Swordsman and the Dark Being then looked at Lightning with smoking Blazefire Saber in gun mode pointed at them.

"For decades, the people from Cocoon had been poisoned with fear of this place…" She then transformed her gunblade into sword mode and stepped forward with the blade still pointed at them "And now you want to give them another fear of darkness?" As she spoke, Snow, Sazh, and Hope now stood beside her with their weapons raised before them while Serah and Sazh were behind them "Then you'll have to get through us first!"

Vanitas chuckled mockingly "Seriously? Do you know that you aren't l'Cie anymore?" He then summoned his gear shaped Keyblade 'Void Gear' and pointed it at them with a devilish smirk on his face as he was about to enjoy torturing them "Yet you're still thinking that you can win against us?"

Suddenly Sora and Cloud jumped in front of them, now standing before the two with Lightning and her friends behind them "Maybe they don't have their l'Cie power anymore, but…" Sora said as he summoned another Keyblade 'Oathkeeper' from his left arm and his clothes turned red and black with Fleur-de-lis symbol "We DO!"

'Two Keyblades!?' Vanitas was shocked for a moment as he never seen a person who could wield more than one Keyblade before. But soon his face turned into a small smirk again "So you're full of surprises eh? Then COME AND GET ME, YOU LOSER!"

(L'Impeto Oscuro – KH3D)

Without wasting any time, Sora and Cloud jumped toward Sephiroth and Vanitas. Lightning who watched them exchanged blows and attacks knew that this fight would be a disadvantage for them since they didn't have their l'Cie powers anymore. "Serah…" Lightning called her younger sister without looking her, making the younger Farron looked her elder sister with worried eyes and Dajh in her arms "Take Dajh and run as fast as you can."


"Just go!" Hope interrupted "Maybe we aren't l'Cie anymore, but we still can fight!"

"Yer sister is right." Dajh agreed with his dual guns aimed at Vanitas or Sephiroth before he looked her "And please take care of Dajh."

Serah was hesitated for a moment, but she finally ran as her sister told her to do so. At the same time Vanitas was blocking Sora's cross slash with his Void gear. Now having their weapons locked one another, the raven haired boy smirked at him.

"You know, I think it's kinda unfair if we're the only one who fighting."

Sora raised one of his eyebrows, but still struggled against him without reducing his strength "What do you mean?"

However, instead giving the answer, Vanitas snapped his fingers. Suddenly many Flood and Scrapper Unversed appeared nowhere, surrounding Lightning, Snow, Sazh, and Hope. Sora's eyes widened in surprise which gave Vanitas enough time to break free and gave him a roundhouse kick that sent the spiky Keyblader away from him. Luckily Sora managed to regain his balance on the air and landed on the ground while Vanitas was floating before him, looking him with his arrogant smile.

"You…" Sora gritted his teeth, unable to express how angry he was after watching how Vanitas used the Unversed to attack Lightning and the others who weren't l'Cie anymore. He then looked at them and saw how troubled they were to handle even the low class Unversed. Lightning was slashing then shooting the nearby Unversed, reducing them into small black flames only to make them appeared more from the grounds. Snow was punching the one of the flood Unversed and threw it to the other Unversed and destroyed them in black flames, only to make the remaining Unversed called their allies. Hope on the other hand was having a trouble as he could only smack the Unversed using his boomerang which didn't give too much effect on it. Sazh tried to shoot the Unversed with his guns, however most of the bullets just passed through their body without even harming them.

"Pitiful." Vanitas said as he looked them with crossed arms, still floating before Sora "They are just other weaklings without their l'Cie power."

Sora didn't respond at his words. Instead he quickly jumped at him and gave him a full roundhouse swing with his two Keyblades. Vanitas saw this coming and tried to block it, but the force of the two Keyblades was too strong that he was thrown away by them.

Meanwhile, Cloud was exchanging blows and slashes with Sephiroth. Both of them were fighting on the air with their own shoulder wing. They kept exchanging attacks until finally both of their weapons were locked each other. As Cloud tried to push Sephiroth, the silver haired swordsman stared him with menacing his green cat pupil eyes.

"Once I'm finished with you…" Sephiroth said then suddenly increased his strength, surprising Cloud before he pushed him further then gave him a kick on his stomach, sending the SOLDIER fall onto the ground "I'll take the power of the Keyblade from that kid."

Cloud tried to stand using his Fusion Sword as support and glared at his nemesis before he readied his sword again "Then you'll have to get through me first!"

The blond warrior jumped at Sephiroth's height and began clashing their swords again then slashed each other again. At the same time, due of their status as humans again, Lightning and the others were having a hard time dealing with Vanitas Unversed lackeys. Every time they defeated one of the Unversed, more of them just appeared, replacing the previous one. Serah could only watch behind the nearby rock with scared look on her face while covering Dajh's face so he couldn't see the fight as it was too violent for a kid like him.

"Why…" Serah said as a tear began to fall from her eyes "After everything we went through…"

With Riku…

The silver haired Keyblade Master kept exchanging blows and slashes with the Superior-in-Between. Although Riku managed to dodge most of Xemnas' laser bullets, he had to admit that Xemnas was faster than the last time when he fought him alongside Sora in the Realm of Nothingness. Exhausted after blocking and dodging his attacks, Riku took a deep breath.

"Tch… Never thought that he would be this strong." Riku muttered while looking around to find Xemnas, however he was nowhere on his sight 'What the? Where is he?!'

Suddenly Xemnas appeared behind him with glowing Ethereal Blades, catching him off guard "You should never let your guard down, Riku." Surprised and didn't have any time to evade, Riku took the blow that he gave on his back, he cried in pain as he flew toward the crystal pillar that was holding Cocoon then crashed on his back.

"Hrrnggh…" Riku groaned as he tried to stand, but Xemnas already placed one of his blades near his neck.

"I guess being the Keyblade Master doesn't mean that you're stronger than before."

Riku closed his eyes as Xemnas raised his Ethereal Blades, preparing to give him a final blow. However just before the tip of the blades could touch the silver haired teen's neck, a loud 'BANG' shot was heard along with a bullet that hit the Superior-in-Between arm, making him pulled his blades back.

"What?!" Xemnas was shocked then turned around to see another silver haired man in PSICOM lieutenant colonel uniform with a gun in his hand which was none other than Colonel Yaag Rosch who looked him with frown on his face while pointing his smoking handgun.

"You…!" Before Xemnas could finish his words, Riku took this short moment to kick his gut and gave him a Dark Firaga blast on his chest, knocking him off balance. This gave Riku much time to recover and gave the PSICOM colonel a relieved smile as his thanks.

"Thanks for the help."

Rosch only smiled a bit while holstering back his handgun "I'm just doing my duty to protect the civilians." He then turned back and looked the silver haired Keyblade Master before walked away "The rest is up to you, kid."

Riku nodded then stood again before Xemnas who was holding his chest in pain. As he held his Keyblade tighter, black and dark blue aura began to surround his body. "It's time to end this!" As the aura faded, Riku was now in his Dark Mode, wearing his purple and dark blue bionic looking bodysuit with black heartless insignia on his chest and now his transformed Way to the Dawn Keyblade into Soul Eater on his hand. Charging his Soul Eater with his light energy, Riku then jumped in lightning speed above Xemnas and gave him a heavy vertical blow at him. His Helmet Splitter attack was stronger than before that result a huge shockwave of light and a big crater hole at where they were standing. However as the smoke from his attack fade, Xemnas was nowhere to be found. Surprised, Riku then looked around to find him (End of L'Impeto Oscuro).

"His presence…" Riku said as he reverted back into his normal clothes along with his Soul Eater that transformed back into Way to the Dawn "Is gone! Dammit! So he fled away." He then looked at the glowing keyhole of the world between the crystallized Fang and Vanille. At first, he was about to lock it by himself, but he quickly realized that the whole reason he followed Sora was only to ensure that he's okay. "Well Sora, I guess I've done my part here." As he dismissed his Keyblade, Riku then saw many Guardian Corps soldiers along with Raines and Rygdea to find out what happened due of the commotion from their fight before. Didn't want to cause any trouble, Riku ran back to where Shera Gummi Ship was "At least I could tell Kairi that you're okay."

"What the?!" Rygdea said, unable to find the right words after saw many fallen PSICOM or GC soldiers on the ground, Raines with his one hand that still fully functional tried to brought one barely conscious soldier "Rygdea, help me with this one."

The Calvary soldier immediately lent his hand to help the GC soldier stood "What's going on here, Soldier?"

"Huff… huff… (Wheeze) a strange man in black coat…" he tried as best as he could to describe Xemnas, but he was too exhausted then passed out. The two then leaned him on the nearby rock to give him rest "Just rest. You can tell the details later." The ex-Calvary commander turned his head to his former partner "Rygdea, tell the rest of the Calvary units to bring the medics here."

"Heh. To think I was about to shoot you back in Eden." Rygdea said while reaching his pocket to find his comm. unit "I guess fate always have surprises for everyone."

Hearing his reply, Raines only sighed and smiled a bit while looking at the sky 'At least these people could finally live in freedom and no fear just like I wanted for a long time.'

Back with Lightning and the others.

"Dammit! They're too many!" Lightning cursed as she slayed another unversed. Sweating and tired from the fighting, Light began to fall on her knee as she was too exhausted that she needed to rest for a bit. Unknown for her, a Scrapper unversed approached from behind.

"Light! Behind you!" Hope yelled from afar as he struggled against one Flood that held his boomerang. Hearing his warning, Lightning quickly turned her head and found one unversed that was jumping with its razor claws pointed at her.

'This can't be the end…' Lightning thought as she closed her eyes in fear, ready to be slashed by the Scrapper's claws. But for her surprise, the Scrapper was blown away in a burst of bullets before it could lay a finger on her. "What? But who…?" Lightning then looked at the where the explosive bullet came from, her eyes widened as she found that someone who just saved her was a big man wielding a giant portable bladed Gatling cannon with smoke on the tip after shooting the Scrapper. He had short, spiky, brown hair and brown mustache and wore a GC uniform with a bracer with two orange fluorescent stripes on his left hand indicating his Lieutenant position within the Corps.

"Letting your guard down against the small pups like that..." The man said in laid back tone as he lowered his Gatling cannon and walked toward Lightning "Are you getting rusty eh? Farron?"

"Lieutenant Amodar?!" Lighting exclaimed in surprise as she found that her savior was none other than her direct superior during her Guardian Corps days.

"Save the chat for later." Amodar then aimed his weapon at the group of unversed that were surrounding Snow, Sazh, and Hope "Now it's time to teach you how the GC soldier fights their enemies again."

In a storm of razing bullets, Amodar quickly destroyed the surrounding Scrappers and Floods into nothing but small black flames, freeing Hope, Snow, and Sazh. As he shot the last Unversed, Lightning could only watch in amazement seeing how her lieutenant handled the Unversed despite not having any l'Cie power at all. "And that's how you do it." He said with a proud tone as he lowered his smoking Gatling cannon.

At the same time, Hope and the rest just realized that they weren't surrounded anymore. He then noticed the newcomer besides Lightning as he stood along with the others.

"Huh? Who's that guy?" Hope asked while folding his Airwing back then pocketed it.

"Lieutenant Amodar." Snow answered while rubbing his head then tilted his head "He's from Bodhum Security Regiment, same as Lightning. And he's her direct superior as well."

Sazh eyes widened as he scratched his hair "What?! I just hope he's not as bad as Miss Grumpy then."

Snow then tapped his shoulder with a wide smile on his face "Nah, you'll like him once you know him, pops." He then ran forward to greet them with Hope followed from behind.

"Again with that pops thing…" Sazh muttered before he followed them.

As they reunited again, Serah and Dajh immediately approached their respective important person. Serah hugged Lightning with teary eyes, while Dajh hugged his father with a smile like anything bad didn't happen.

"I was so worried…" Serah said as she slowly released her hands "I thought for a second, I would lose you again."

"It's okay Serah…" Lightning replied with soft tone "We're okay, aren't we?"

However Lightning suddenly realized that Cloud and Sora were still fighting Sephiroth and Vanitas. This made her had to let go their short moment and faced her superior "Lieutenant Amodar."

"What's up Farron? You looked like you forgot something important."

"That's right, sir! This isn't over yet." Lightning replied, "We must escort the civilians away from Cocoon. Our other two comrades are still fighting over there. "

"What?! I'd better contact the scouting squad then." Amodar then reached his pocket and grabbed his comm. unit to call for help. Although Serah never met the other two people that Lightning mentioned, she could tell from her eyes that they're very important to her as friends or even more than that.

"Lightning. Will they be okay?"

"They could handle themselves Serah." Lightning answered with hidden worry in her eyes, 'I hope so.'

With Cloud and Sephiroth…

(One Winged Angel – Kingdom Hearts Final Mix)

The two swordsmen kept attacking each other without holding back. However most of Sephiroth's attacks already caused some of the crystallized part of Cocoon shattered into pieces and fell down, causing some civilians under them panicked as they ran escorted by the GC or PSICOM soldiers.

"You bastard!" Cloud shouted while attacking Sephiroth with a vertical slash, only to be blocked by his nodachi "Stop involving the others!"

"Then try to stop me if you can." the One Winged Angel said then disappeared from his sight. Surprised, Cloud then looked around to find him, but he was nowhere to found. Suddenly the blond SOLDIER felt a blackish red aura began to surround his body "What the?!"

"Descend…" Sephiroth's voice came from behind. Noticing the direction where the voice was, Cloud immediately turned and found his nemesis was floating higher above him with one hand that wasn't holding his nodachi glowing with blue and dark purple energy "Heartless Angel!"

Cloud suddenly felt that his energy was draining fast that forced him to land and reverted back his wing. Gasping for the air from his nemesis' desperation attack, Cloud glared Sephiroth with fiery eyes as he gracefully landed before him.

"Pathetic…" Sephiroth said as he saw Cloud tried to stand using his sword as support. He then raised his Masamune and pointed it at him "You've seen by yourself how the darkness will always consume you, and yet…" Sephiroth then ran with full speed with Masamune aimed directly at Cloud "You're still persistent to accept that."

Sweating and exhausted from the last attack, with every bit of the strength that he had, Cloud raised his Fusion Sword to fight him again. However, instead using his usual stance, this time he held his Fusion Sword tip-backwards. 'Sorry, if I'm copying this from you, Sora.' He mentally apologized as he saw Sephiroth was getting closer, ready to stab him on his chest.

As Sephiroth was about to thrust his sword, Cloud immediately gave him a horizontal slash that went through his body similar like Sora's Zantetsuken. The two then stood in silence until finally the One Winged Angel dropped his Masamune and fell on his knee. (End of One Winged Angel)

"Hmph… never thought that you could use that boy's trick." Sephiroth said as he clutched his chest to hold the pain. "But still…" He then looked at the blond SOLDIER with his piercing eyes and calm smile as his nodachi started to vanish in black smoke "Don't you think it's already over Cloud. As long as you can't accept your darkness, I'll always come back."

Along with his last words, Sephiorth closed his eyes and began to cover himself in his wing then disappeared in black mist. Cloud then stored his Fusion Sword back on his shoulder and looked at the sky. "Before I could find my own light." He then turned and walked away to where Lightning and the others were "There's no way I would accept you as my darkness, Sephiroth."

With Sora and Vanitas…

(The Eye of Darkness – KH3D)

'What the hell is he doing?!' Vanitas thought while blocking Sora's cross slash with his Void Gear. Xemnas was supposed to be already done with unlocking the Keyhole of the World, but for more than thirty minutes, nothing happened except Vanitas kept making Sora busy 'I can't keep on like this either!'

"Eat this!" Sora shouted while kicking Vanitas' gut as he was in his thoughts. Vanitas was sent toward the nearest cliff, but he managed to regain his balance on the air and glared the brunette with his yellow menacing eyes. "How do you like that, huh?" Sora mockingly asked, raising one of his Keyblades in triumphant as he already had the upper hand.

"Heh…" Vanitas suddenly smirked and pointed his arm at him. A dark energy formed on his hand and became bigger until as big as Vanitas himself. "What the..?!" Sora eyes widened as the next thing that he saw was a giant beam of darkness came from Vanitas' Dark Cannon.

Without wasting his time, Sora quickly reverted back into his normal form and shouted, "DEFEND!" A hexagonal patterned barrier then appeared and blocked the blast in milliseconds just before Sora could get caught by the massive energy blast. However, Vanitas' Dark Cannon was too powerful that made Sora kept struggling against the force of the energy by keeping his Reflega active as long as he could.

"So, who's the tough guy now eh?" Vanitas mockingly asked as he channeled more of his power which made the dark beam getting bigger and began to crack the barrier. 'Dammit! I have to think something! Or else…' Couldn't resist himself from the attack any longer as his energy kept draining, Sora accidentally let his Reflega barrier fade and gotten caught inside the blast. The gigantic beam of darkness kept trailing until hit the nearest cliff and made a huge explosion in contact. Vanitas watched in delight at the smokes and the crumbling rocks and laughed like a maniac as he already won "AH-HAHAHAHAHA, eat your own words! You weakling!"

Suddenly from the smokes from the explosion, many arrow shaped beams came onto the raven haired Keyblader from all direction. Surprised as he didn't expect the outcome, Vanitas was about to raise his Keyblade to cast Aeroga or Reflega, but he didn't expect the next thing that was coming as he was too distracted by the Ragnarok beam shots. Two pieces of ice projectiles suddenly hit his hand in high velocity and froze it instantly, making him unable to move his arm "Dammit! What the?!"

From inside the smoke, Sora in his Final Form with dual Ultima Weapons floating on his back rushed at his doppelganger. "Time to end your silly games!" With his enhanced power and speed, Sora pushed Vanitas with his Keyblades in cross stance, giving him a hard time to struggle back. Suddenly Sora spun his body which made Vanitas off balance and gave him a roundhouse kick followed by the Ragnarok beams that were meant to distract him for a moment. As the raven haired Keyblader fell followed by the arrow shaped beams, he finally fell on the ground as well took the impact all of the beams which caused a huge explosion. Thankfully they were very far from the escorted civilians so one saw what they' had done. (End of The Eye of Darkness)

"Did I get him?" Sora questioned himself as he landed near the smoke from the explosion. But when the smoke completely faded from the gust of the wind of the plains, Vanitas was nowhere to see. "He ran away? Talk about cowards…" He grunted as he reverted back to his normal form. 'But still… how did he exactly look same like me?' Placing his hand under his chin, Sora thought why Vanitas resembled him very much until he saw the Keyhole of the World glowing between the familiar crystallized l'Cie from distance.

"I guess that's my next objective then." The spiky brunette Keybearer then raised his Kingdom Key and pointed it at the Keyhole. A beam of light with arrowed shape began to form on the tip of the Keyblade and travelled through the air until it reached the Keyhole. As the 'CLICK' sound was heard from it, suddenly the two crystallized bodies began to glow from the light where the Keyhole was. Surprised but happy at the same time, Sora smiled as he already could guess what will happen next, "Well, a good ending needs to be shared together, right?"

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