10 years after Black Cat…

"Baka...You couldn't wait until I got there, could you? Poor fool probably hasn't even bothered to learn how to navigate I'd bet…" Kagome muttered as she neared the Island where a large Marine base was stationed. She was currently in her Macaw/parrot form and currently doing around 35-45mph. Her parrot body had grown from when Shanks had found her. Back then she could have almost been considered a baby parrot except for the fact that she was able to fly distances within a certain range without any difficultly. Now she looked like a full, fledged adult Macaw with her wing span just a few centimetres longer than the average Macaw.

"When I find you..." The dark muttering was because she had just found out from Makino that Luffy had set sail almost five hours before she had reached the island and because said rubber boy was said to not have found out the first thing about navigational skills whatsoever, and she was the smart bird who had to track him down before he landed himself into trouble or worse, the ocean. "Stupid Shanks...He could have told me the date earlier...Before he got himself drunk for the fifth time in one day..." Kagome grumbled multiple curses at the Red haired pirates and Shanks in general as she flew over the island where there was a marine base stationed and if she was correct, hopefully Luffy would be here. "If what I learned from Makino is correct then he should be in the area somewhat…Then again this is Luffy I'm talking about…" She muttered, landing on an outside balcony situated just above the town square.

"Hurry up!" A navy officer below her yelled.

"Why? Has that #%$^ & Helmeppo finally broken his word and killed that bounty hunter?" Another officer asked.

"No Captain Morgan was finally beaten!" The other guy yelled in joy.

"WHAT? No way, that man is invincible."

"But I heard that some guy in a straw hat battled him in the execution yard and won!"

"Why didn't the other officer's help him?"

"They tried! But this guy had Devil fruit powers and the bullets were bounced back at our men instead!"

"So do you know where this guy is now?"

"Last I heard they were at a local restaurant…..."

"Found ya!" Kagome muttered, smirking as she took off towards said restaurant. "Not hearing the part when he was said to have left.

"Uggg…I'm hungry." Luffy moaned for the hundredth time in half-an-hour.

"You know what's funny?" Zoro asked


"It's funny that you have absolutely no navigational skills."

"Drifting has worked for me so far. Besides, aren't you the same as me? Wandering and hunting pirates for their bounties?"

"Hey, when did I even say that I that I live off the rewards money completely? I never even left my island in search of riches and glory."

"That why did you leave?"

"We were searching for a certain person and along the way got separated and now I can't find them or my way home. I didn't have any other choice but to start hunting pirates so that I could survive."

"Oh, so you're lost too?" Luffy said, laughing.

"Shut up! You're the one that's lost and where you even listening?...Geez… I never heard of a pirate who didn't know even a little bit about navigating. How do you suspect to go to the grand line like this? We should hurry and find someone who knows how to navigate."

"And someone who knows how to cook and someone for singing…" Luffy started listing off.

"Idiot! Are you even listening?" Zoro Yelled as their small dinghy drifted amongst the open waves towards there next adventure.

"Sorry you just missed him by about half –an-hour." The bartender said. "But why were you looking for him in the first place?"

"Let's just say that he's an old friend of mine."

A few hours later…

"Excuse me…Have you seen a Straw hat pirate?" Kagome asked a white dog on a different island where she had last heard Luffy had drifted off too.

"Yeah! I saw him. He helped he avenge me after a lion and weird bear guy had burned my store down."

"Know where he is now?"

"Down fighting the big boss of that lion…Near the centre of town would be the best place to start."

"Arigato." Kagome said as she ran off.

"You might want to hurry! I saw the villagers heading down that way and I'm not sure on what their reaction to your friend will be."

A little while later…

"Hey Nami?"


"Can you fix my hat?" Luffy asked, staring down at the torn up straw-hat.

"Why should I? After all you did give away half my treasure."

"I could fix it for you."

"Huh? Who said that?" Nami asked, looking around in confusion.

"I did."

"Who…and where are you?"

"My name is Kagome and I'm down here." The voice said before Nami was suddenly blinded by the water as something leapt out of the water, landing on the boat just in front of Luffy.

"Kagome!" Luffy yelled with surprise as he gave her a hug before moving over, allowing Nami to see. (As Zoro had fallen asleep.)

Kagome looked to be a beautiful brown/black furred seal with chocolate brown eyes and wearing a necklace with a single tooth attached to it. She also had two scars, one underneath each eye with both of them in the shape of a canine tooth.

"Who are you?" Zoro asked warily as he stared at the talking seal.

"My name is Kagome and I was meant to be Luffy's crewmate until he found more nakama."

"You're very late." Nami pointed out.

"Yes, I know." Kagome said, shifting her form into her sleeker panther form. "I was meant to reunite with Luffy just before he left his hometown but the idiot I was training with 'forgot' to tell me the date until it was two days before I was meant to arrive. Stupid drunk fool..." She muttered darkly under her breath.

"So you've been searching for Luffy for two days and you have devil fruit powers?" Nami asked, ignoring the muttering.

"No, I spent the day that he told me preparing and I set off early the next morning while nearly everyone was still intoxicated and or dancing around llike fools and yes, I do have devil fruit powers. Mine allows me to transform into different animals."

"Oh well, better late than never Kagome! So you said something about fixing my hat?" Luffy asked, happy to have another nakama and his surrogate sister travelling along with him. (2)

Sorry about the long wait. Here's the sequel to Black Cat. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Here's what's happened: I've skipped the Morgan and Buggy arcs and going straight to Usopp's. Got a problem, deal with it; it's my story, I'll write it as I want about all the time skips, I just really want to get this story moving while not having to repeat everything that the manga but if you want me to include a fight or filler episode, feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do.

2. Like Ace and Sabo are/were.

3. I'll also be having another story running alongside this one. You'll have to read it to find what it is about but it does tie in with 'One Piece-Pieces of time.' Enjoy.