Trap for a Truce
Chapter One: The Enemies On Vacation Together?!

Author: Nat-chan
Disclaimer: Standard
Rated: G


Andrew laughed as he and Rita pushed Serena, Darien and their luggage
through the airport. He'd been laughing a lot these last couple of days.

"I'm never going to forgive you for this Andrew!" muttered Darien.

"Andrew I can't believe you did this!" Serena blurted.

"You two are going to have a great time!" Rita assured the frowning

They checked all their luggage and headed for the departure gate.

"Bye guys! Send a postcard! We'll miss you!"

Serena and Darien were unceremoniously shoved through the departure
gate with these farewells.

The last look Andrew saw on Darien's face was one of pure terror as he
glanced back one last time. Andrew could read the question on his face
like an open book, What am I supposed to do with her?

Andrew gave him a hearty thumbs up and Rita smiled with
encouragement to a very angry looking Serena.

Rita and Andrew walked away hand in hand.

"I hope we did the right thing here." breathed Rita with worry.

Andrew was far more assured-how else could he have ever convinced
the two to accept their tickets and go together? How else could he have
convinced Serena's parents to let her go?

"Don't worry, they'll be fine. This is just what they need! Besides, they
won the tickets all by themselves, I just convinced them to go. Fate had
a hand in this too!"

She laughed at his enthusiasm,

"But Andrew, they seem to despise one will they ever get
along for the week?"

"Oh I'm sure they've made amends already..."

"Darien, we are lost! Would you just admit it!"

"Serena, just give me a second and I'll find our gate-we are not lost!"

"You are so stubborn!"

He spotted the gate as the final boarding call echoed over the speakers.
The stewardess was just getting down from the desk to leave!

"Uh oh Meatball head we gotta book it!"

He grabbed her arm and broke into a run but her short legs were no
match for him. Finally he grabbed her round the waist and carried her,
running shamelessly towards the gate yelling,

"Wait! Wait! We're coming!"

"Put me down!"

The annoyed stewardess let them on and they hurried down the hall to the
plane as she radioed the pilot to open the door again.

"This is all your fault!"

"Hey if it weren't for me we wouldn't have made it, shorty!"


The plane door opened and the stewardess smiled,

"Our contest winners! We'd given up on you!"

"We got lost." said Serena as Darien glared at her.

"It is a huge airport." sympathized the Stewardess with a smile as she led
them to their seats-in first class.

They settled in and the plane pulled away and towards the runway.

Darien began reading a magazine, oblivious to the terror seizing Serena's
every muscle.

~I will NOT let him see how scared I am. I will NOT!~

But as the plane began to pick up speed she couldn't help it, she turned
terribly white and when the wheels jumped over a bump she had to choke
back a scream. Darien looked over at her as she tried to hide her face
from him. Her knuckles where white from the grip she was holding on
the armrests.

He rolled his eyes, "What is it now Me-" he stopped short as two tears
managed to escape her eyes and run down her cheeks. She was terrified.
He felt himself immediately soften.

~Poor Serena, everything freaks her out.~

He leaned over, "Serena, have you ever flown before?"

She nodded no fiercely. He reached into his bag and pulled out some

"Here, first you'll need some gum cause your ears might pop a little
when we get up high. It's not a big deal though."

Another loud noise caused her to cry out, her arms flailing widely.
Darien caught her hand in his as the plane lifted off and the noise of the
wheels being tucked in nearly undid her.

"Hey, it's okay, that's just the wheels. Hey look, out the window, we're
taking off!"

He directed her attention to the window, distracting her from her terror
and squeezed her hand reassuringly. Once they reached their designated
altitude and the seatbelt light went off he got up and made her do the

"C'mon, you take the window seat."

They switched seats, brushing against each other awkwardly. Serena
stared awestruck out the window as they glided above the clouds.

"It's beautiful." she breathed, "Like heaven."

He nodded. They sat silently watching until dinner came.
Serena squealed in delight and dug right in.

"mmmmm! This is great!"

"Only you could like airline food." he remarked.

She made a face at him and then leaned towards this cheesecake,

"Are you going to eat that?" she asked, her mouth still full of her own.

He laughed and handed it over to her, watching her devour it.

"Where do you put it all?" he asked in astonishment.

"What's that supposed to mean!?"

"I mean, how can you eat so much and stay in such great shape?" he had
meant to tease her but as soon as he said it he realized his mistake.

She stared dumbly at him.

"You-you think I'm in great shape?" she faltered and to her utter
surprise he blushed! She never knew he had it in him!

"I-I-well yeah-I mean-you're so small I just-"

She watched him struggle to reply and grinned. What a nice change of
pace, Darien uncomfortable while SHE was the picture of poise and
control. However, it passed in a moment when he began to laugh,

"You actually have cheesecake in your hair!"

Now she flushed with embarrassment, pulling one long pigtail forward to
clean it off.

"It's not my fault! I have such long hair and these chairs are cramped,
there's not enough room to eat properly."

He just kept laughing.

ohhhhhh. Just count to ten Serena. 1, 2, 3.....

Dinner was cleared away and Darien settled in to read while Serena
promptly fell asleep.

When she awoke from her nap she found Darien asleep next to her, his
magazine across his lap. His adorable expression was lost on her as a
wicked thought began to form in her mind. The napkin with the piece of
cheesecake she'd wiped from her hair was still on her lap table. She
carefully unfolded it and then ever so lightly wiped it in Darien's hair
while no one was looking. He began to stir and she promptly returned to
her previous napping position and shut her eyes.

He sat up and she heard his magazine rustle. Then a stewardess walked
by and stopped with an amused smile on her face.

"Sir, you have some er-some cheesecake in your hair." She handed
him a napkin as he touched his hair with confusion. He wiped it out and
looked from it to Serena and back again. She fought back a giggle but

"I knew it!" he exclaimed as she sat up and laughed at him.

He tried to be angry but her laugh was contagious and he soon found
himself joining her.

"Hey! This means war--!" he broke off laughing too hard to continue,

"It's not funny!"

She only laughed harder, "Sure it isn't!"

Finally they ceased and Darien returned to his magazine. Serena on the
other hand, got wickedly bored. Her fidgeting began to drive him crazy.

"Could you please keep still?"

"I'm bored!"

"Didn't you bring anything to do with you?"

"Only homework!"

"Why don't you actually do it?!"

She hung her head dejectedly, "What's the point? I already know I'm
going to flunk."

She waited for him to tease her but he didn't. Instead he put his
magazine away and turned to face her.

"That is entirely the wrong attitude to have. Get it out right now, I'm
going to help you."


"You heard me! All you need is a little push in the right direction I bet.
Get it out and I'll help you. Which subject are you having trouble with?"

"Which subject am I not!" she groaned, pulling out her books. This was
a disaster, now he'd see how stupid she really was and she'd never hear
the end of it!

But she was pleasantly surprised. He was a kind and patient tutor, never
making her feel slow or stupid. He was very serious though and she
found herself making faces at him to keep him smiling. The hours
passed quickly and Serena finished all her homework for the full
week with Darien's help.

"Look we're all done! See? You're a fast learner!"

"All of it? The whole weeks worth! Wow! You're a great tutor!"

"You're a great student!"

She beamed up at him, "Thanks."

"No problem, I'm glad I could help."

"I mean thanks for not teasing me and making me feel stupid. You
actually made me" She flushed, it was the first time she'd
ever said that about herself.

He shrugged, "I know I tease you, but I don't mean it Serena. I always
knew you had the potential to be smart."

"How did you know?"

"I could just tell."

"Oh well, thank you Mr. Psychic!"

He chuckled.

"Well, now I don't have to do any work for the whole vacation! Yayyy!"

"Oh no, you're not getting off that easy!" he insisted, "Every night we're
gonna review, so you won't forget it before you go home. Maybe you'll
even be a little ahead when you get back."

She frowned at him, "Party pooper! Although, it would be cool to be
ahead-just like Ami! Miss H would probably have a heart attack!"

She giggled. It was a pleasant sound, he reflected.

They began their final descent.

"Oh my gosh we're landing!" she exclaimed as she furiously did up her
buckle, "Where did the time go? Geez, who'd of thought studying could
make the time pass so quickly!"

He smiled and sat back with his eyes closed.

~Where does she get all her energy? I'm exhausted! Probably that extra

Suddenly he started as he felt her hand slip cautiously into his. She was
terrified once again. The plane jostled over some turbulence and she
squeezed his hand tight, clamping one hand over her mouth to stop a yell.

He returned her squeeze, "Just turbulence Meatball head." he soothed.

"Meatball head!?" and that was it. She never noticed the landing at all,
she was too busy reading him out in spades.

"I am NOT spending the whole vacation being called that ridiculous
name! I'll shave my head first!"

He laughed, her eyes narrowed, "Then I'll shave yours!"

The plane touched down with a heavy thud and Serena let out a squeal
and grabbed Darien's arm.

Then she looked out the window and let go.

"We've landed! We've landed!"

They had all their luggage and were heading towards the bus that would
take them to the boat. Darien reflected that Serena was freakishly strong
as he watched her carry all her luggage to the bus. Then she tripped and
fell, letting out her trademark screech before landing in a heap. Darien
got his bags to the bus and returned to help her. But she sprang to her
feet angry and embarrassed,

"I don't need your help! I can carry them myself!"

He bit back the urge to tease her and said instead,

"I know you can, I saw you. Your problem isn't strength Serena, it's
size. The bags are awkward for you, let me help?"

She opened her mouth to retort to his insults but stopped short.

~Hey! He didn't tease me! What the?~

"Oh, well, thanks, I think, okay."

He laughed as he gathered her bags up easily.

"Caught ya off guard with that one didn't I?"

"You didn't even call me Meatball head! Are you sure you're well?"

The bus ride was equally long and boring. Darien tried in vain to read a
magazine but Serena wouldn't give him a minute's peace. She tried
reading over his shoulder but that quickly lost her interest. Soon her
fidgeting was once again driving him slowly insane.

"Serena..." he said with exasperation.

"Sorry, but I'm so bored!"

"You could study some more-"


"Fine, fine."

"Don't you have anything to study?" she asked him curiously.

He put down the magazine, "Yeah, actually, why do you ask?"

She put on her best snobby face, "Perhaps I can tutor you for a while!"

He smiled.

"But seriously," she continued, "What do you study?"

He pulled out his books: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, etc, etc.

"Whoa." she breathed, "Heavy stuff! Is it hard?"

"No, not really."

"Bet I'd find it hard."

"Bet you wouldn't! Here, look at this for example. This is what I'm
studying right now...."

He opened his Physics textbook to a page of equations. She cringed. But
he explained it well and she soon found herself enraptured with his
studies. He told her all about what he was learning and what kind of
assignments he had to do. It was all very interesting.

"Do you know what you want to be?" she asked solemnly

"A Doctor."

"A Doctor, oh wow." she paused thoughtfully, "I wonder if I could be a


"Yeah, Dr. Meatball head!"


The bus driver's voice came over the intercom and cut their emerging

fight short,

"We've arrived at the docks!"

The cruise ship was waiting......

Well....??? Have I left you in any kind of suspense? Oh, I know the
title may seem rather senseless but I'll smooth that out next chapter...I
think I'll call the Cruise ship the "Silver Trap" and besides...Andrew did
kind of trap them into a truce right? Right. ;)