Author's Notes: Written for themirrorofsin on my Harry Potter Femmeslash Comment Fic Meme at gamma_x_orionis on Livejournal.

Astoria/Daphne - marry him, they said, for the good of the family. Marry him for blood purity. But you were never pure.


Astoria looked a vision on her wedding day – pale and delicate, with her hair all done up in a knot and perfectly formed curls hanging about her face, and her wedding dress was just the one that her family had always wanted their youngest daughter to have – pure white silk all encrusted with pearls and decorated with lace – and no one who saw her could have said that Astoria Greengrass was not a beauty.

No one could have said that, unless they happened to catch her when she was not smiling, when her pale eyes were darkened with misery, when she had to turn away to brush tears from her eyes before they washed her makeup away.

But no one would see that. No one save for Daphne – dear Daphne, rock to Astoria's tumultuous sea, earth to her tempest winds, stoic and logical where Astoria was thoughtless. Daphne, who would not mock her sister's emotion, only help her to hide it away.

Daphne, unmarried on her little sister's wedding day.

"Why do I have to marry Draco?" Astoria demanded, dashing tears from her eyes and looking imploringly at Daphne. "You're older than me – why don't you marry him? Surely it wouldn't make a difference…"

"You have to," said Daphne, not even the slightest emotion bar quiet sympathy in her voice. "For blood purity. Mother and Father have explained this to you, Astoria. Marry him for blood purity."

"But why should it have to be me?"

"Because you're purer than me. You know that." Daphne's lips twitched. "They couldn't have a girl like me marry Draco Malfoy, now could they?"

"A girl like you…?"

"A girl who'd rather be with a woman than a man," said Daphne. "You know what it means, Astoria. A girl like me isn't suitable for marriage." A touch of bitterness found its way into her tone. "A girl like me isn't pure enough."

Astoria didn't contest that – what was the point? She knew as well as her sister what families required of the girls that married their sons. She knew that a girl who preferred other women – and thus one unsuitable for sex and childbearing – was never going to be married.

Was never going to be pure.

So Daphne escaped the burden of marriage.

If only, Astoria thought, she herself had had the nerve to tell her parents that she was as impure as her sister.