Author's Notes: Written for the "Welcome Home" Harry Potter Ficathon at kolms on Livejournal.

Andromeda/Ted, you are more than the whole world I once knew


Andromeda was wild from the escape – high on the rush that had come with climbing from her window and running out, off the grounds of the manor and into Ted's arms. The wait for this had been so incredibly long, and now that she was finally far away from the home that she had known for her whole life, she could only shake from excitement.

"Come home with me, Andromeda," Ted whispered in her ear, even as she hung onto him tightly, her body heaving with every deep, ragged breath.

"Kiss me first," she panted, her hands scrambling at his hair and face, until she managed to get a grip upon him and press her mouth against his. She felt herself the heroine of a romance novel – having at last escaped from her home to run away with her handsome hero.

Ted broke away for a moment, his eyes shining. "You don't think that you made the wrong decision, then, Andromeda?" he breathed. "You are willing to run away with me?"

"Yes," she whispered breathlessly, then added, "Ted – you're more than the whole world I once knew," and then Ted's lips were on hers again and she forgot it all.