In a land very far from earth named the Land of Fortune, a mysterious evil descends upon the world. The evil misfortunate, Sham, has come back to the Land of Fortune once more to turn all of the universe to chaos and un fortunate events. To do that, Sham needs to collect all of the mimicry mirrors from the souls of young children who want good fortunes in their lives and turn them with hatred. If he collects all of the mirrors, his dream of hatred will be realized. But hope is not lost. There is only one team that can stop his evil rein. And they are the legendary precure.

"Lady Hope! Lady hope- vani!" A small blue "rabbit-like" fairy named Vanilla flew to her protector. Vanilla had a pink teardrop birthmark below her right eye. She was one of the guardian fairies who protected the radiance mirror, a powerful mirror that held good fortune.

"The mirror of life is calling to you- vani!" the guardian, followed by three others. That got Lady Hope's attention. She turned around to face the four of them. "What does it say?" She did not wait for an answer. Lady Hope touched the mirror with her bare hands. She listened for a few seconds, then gasped and stepped back.

"What is it saying- choco?" Chocolate, the brown "teddy-bear" like fairy asked. He had a light brown teardrop mark below his left eye. He had been worried all day. The reaction from Lady Hope had thrown him off of the deep end. Now they were frantic.

Lady Hope regained her composure and calmed the fairies down. "Sham has come back." She said calmly. All of a sudden, they all heard an evil laughter, then the mirror of life shattered. The guardians were in a full stage of panic until Lady Hope handed them all different colored mirrors and Chocolate a multicolored box.

"What are these- coffee?" said Coffee, the caramel colored "dog-like" fairy whispered to Strawberry, the pink "kitten-like" fairy. Both had a green stripe on their left and right ear.

"I have no idea- berry" She said as distraught as the other guardians. They all looked at their now glowing mirrors in awe, but soon panicked as they saw each other.

"S-Strawberry! Your fading-vani!" Vanilla yelled.

"We all are-coffee!" Coffee said, panic in his voice.

"I am transporting you all to Earth." Lady Hope said with a strange calm in her voice. "Sham will send minions to try to take mimicry mirrors from the young children by promising them false hopes and dreams. It is your job to find and give those mirrors to the legendary precure. They will not know who you are, and you won't know them, but when the time is right, they will show you their stre-" They vanished into 4 balls of light and headed straight to Earth before she could say another word.