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Off in the distance, some random citizens could hear the distance cries of someone being horribly tortured. That someone was Po…. Po was being torture by Mantis, who was desperately trying to give the sore panda some help with her aching muscles, with the assistance of Master Viper, who remained quiet as he listened to the large panda grunting in pain and discomfort. Mantis crawled over the female panda's body with needles. Needles that were about the same size as Master Mantis herself.

Po grunted a little bit as she squirmed on the floor as Mantis skitter across her back. Mantis took the needle and struck it into Po's shoulder. "OW!" Po looked over her shoulder at Mantis. "I thought you said acupuncture would make me feel BETTER!" She jumped as Mantis struck her once more with the acupuncture needle.

"Trust me, it will." Mantis assured Po. "Its just not easy finding the right nerve points under all this…" She waved her pincer around for a short moment, trying to find the right word, but Po beat her to it.

"Fat." She stated. Mantis quickly covered herself up with the word "fur", trying to convince Po that's actually what she was going to say. Po scoffed and sarcastically commented, "Sure, you were."

"Who am I to judge a warrior based on his size. I mean… Look at me." She stated. Po looked over her shoulder, in attempt to honor the master's order. Mantis looked at her with a dead-pan look. "I'm over here." She struck the poor panda once more with another needle before Viper spoke up.

"Maybe, you should take a look at this again." He quickly insisted. He held up a box. The box was filled with acupuncture needles while the top of the box had a diagram of the panda with all of the nerve points lightly sketched out for reference. When looked at closely, you could see the outline of a certain tiger master underneath the panda sketch, not that Po was at all interested…. Totally not…

Mantis looked at the diagram once more. "Oh!" She paused, mapping out the picture in her head, once more. "Okay."

Again, the panda's grunting could be heard throughout the entire sleeping area, disturbing many who were trying to relax. Master Monkey who was busy meditating and balancing on her tail. When hearing the cries, she quickly pressed her fingers into her ears to drown out the loud female. As well as Master Crane who was practicing his calligraphy (A/N: so sorry if this isn't the right term for it. I am totally forgetting everything.). Po suddenly let out a loud noise, frightening the poor bird, causing her to veer her brush all the way across the paper, completely ruining the entire thing.

"You know, I know, Master Shi is trying to inspire me and all, but…" She paused looking over at the two masters. "If I didn't know any better, I would say she was trying to get rid of me." She chuckled lightly, trying to make friendly conversation. The two masters looked at each other with worried looks before they quickly put smiles on their faces, trying to make it seem like Master Shi totally wasn't trying to get rid of the female panda.

"I know she can seem kinda heartless." Mantis struck Po with another needle. "But you know, she wasn't always like that."

Viper leaned in close to Po and Mantis as he spoke with a half-hushed voice. "According to legend, there was once a time when Shi actually used to smile."

Outside the rooms, Master Tiger walked down the hall to his own room, but couldn't help but hear the conversation going on in the other room. He looked slightly surprised that they would even be talking about "that".

Po quickly scoffed at the idea of Master Shi actually smiling, but Viper told her that it really happened. "But that was before…" Viper continued.

"Before what?" Po looked at Viper, extremely interested in the story that was going to be told.

Viper leaned in close, ready to whisper to her the story, but didn't get the chance.

Master Tiger quickly opened the doors and interrupted the suddenly frightened and hesitant snake. "Before Tai Lung."

"Yeah!" Crane quickly called out from his room next door. "We're not really supposed to talk about her!"

"Well, if she's going to say here, she should know." Tiger argued with the worried bird.

Po put her hands up as if to stop the two of them from fighting. "Guys, guys. I know about Tai Lung!" She smiled, excited that she could show them that she actually knew something. "She was a student. The first ever to…" She suddenly got really self-conscious as Master Tiger entered the room further… and closer to her. She swallowed. "m-master the scrolls of Kung Fu." Her voice started getting quieter and her movement suddenly became very small and stiff. "But… then she turned bad and… now she's in jail and…"

Master Tiger interrupted the panda. "She wasn't just a student."

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