"Now kids, this is Lucas. He's new at class. Say hello to Lucas." As the children said what the teacher obeyed, the blond boy examined the classroom. All the children were smiling-a new classmate is always fun. Except a girl in the corner. She was staring at Lucas with her big brown eyes. She knew everything. Lucas didn't get scared. What could he do to him anyway?

"Lucas, the only empty seat is near Delia, over there." The teacher said and showed the girl.

Since Lucas sat near her, he knew they would be something worse than two simple enemies.

"Hey George!" I shouted and hugged my boyfriend. "What are the plans for tonight?" I said.

He didn't speak, thinking. "I think we should go to the fair. But not alone." He answered.

"What do you mean?" i was really confused.

"Why don't you take your best friend and I can take mine."

"Double date?" I asked.

"No. Not likely."

I sighed. "I don't know if Delia likes the fair."

"Come on Roxxi! You can convince her!"
"Why do you want a double date?"

"First, it's not a double date and second, I'm gonna bring Lucas with me whatever in God's name happens, so…" I answered me. I started laughing. "You're unbelievable."

At the fair

I walked with Delia in the crowd. We were supposed to meet George and Lucas at the roller coasters.

"You'll see, George's friend is nice." I said to Delia, who was paler than a ghost.

"What's his name again?" she asked.

I tried to remember it. Shit, I never remember that name!

"I don't remember." I admitted.

"Then how do you know he is nice?"

"George told me."

"Why do you believe whatever he says?"

"Delia stop it!" I shouted. She laughed. This might have ended up to a fight if George didn't appear in front of us. A blond boy was behind him.

"Hey girls!" he said. "Delia, this is Lucas."

Immediately, I felt like things froze for a second. Delia stared at Lucas. He starred at him.

"Do you know each other?" I asked.

"Yes. We were classmates in junior high." Lucas explained without leaving Delia from his eyes.

I smell exes I thought.

The train or whatever this thing where you go up and down is called was fun. I sat near George in font. Lucas and Delia sat three seats behind.

"What was that?" I asked.

"I tell you what it was. They know each other, they dated, but they broke up because one of them cheated the other one."

"Who cheated who mister 'I-can-see-the-past'?" I joked.

"Delia cheated Lucas."

"No, way. If Delia doesn't like a guy, she breaks up with him."

"And, seriously, do you think Lucas could cheat on a girl? Like, what is that? The joke of the year? And how do you know Delia was like that always?"

I sighed. "You are right. Maybe they weren't a couple. Or maybe they broke up with no reason and now…" I turned back. Delia was looking at the left, Lucas at the right.

"Yeah, someone cheated." I ended up to the conclusion.