As the pages turned and flipped, they orchestrated the tale of a lost girl, with blonde hair and much courageousness . As the book fell, the very strange friends of the girl all grinned, smiling mischievously from its pages. As the cover of the book slapped quietly shut, the window opened without a sound. A woman slipped in a silent as death itself, a cruel grin across cartoony features. A young woman named Maka Albarn laid asleep in her bed, unaware of the fate that was to become as she was thrown into her very own fairy tale. As the last word of spell was whispered, a simple thread of latin admist the cool breeze, the woman slipped out, shutting the window without another word. The moon highlighted the title of the book through the now shut window pane, dust flitting in the soft beam.

Alice in Wonderland

Little did Maka, know, she was about to be thrown into a Wonderland of her own.

When Maka sat up, she was confuse, disorientated, and a bit dizzy. The smell of flowers was nauseating it was so strong. A thick breeze blew past, momentarily relieving Maka of the scent but making her skin hot and sweaty from the heat of the breeze. Suddenly Maka realized she wasn't in her room anymore. "I could've sworn I was asleep in my room a minute ago," she said aloud, only for the comfort of hearing her voice in a place that seemed empty of any other being. She was seated underneath a large oak tree, no longer in her pajamas but in her usual clothing instead, trench coat trapped beneath her legs. She was surrounded by rows and rows of flowers, in perfectly manicured lines that circled the tree, making it seem to be the very center of the strange garden, which seemed to stretch for miles. Warily, Maka stood, easily slipping into the familiar fighting stance, wondering where on earth she was. With a start, Maka fell out of her stance.

'Where am I…And where is everyone else?' she thought, eyes widening. She wished for the comfort of her weapon, Soul, the reasoning and logic of her friend Kid, heck, she wished for the loudness of Black*Star! Anything to fill the unbearable silence of this place. In the distance, she could hear of faint voice, rushed and hurried, almost seeming to be speaking to itself. As it grew closer, she could hear it was just a simple repetition of words to a slight hum.

"I'm late, I'm late! I'm impossibly late for such a date!

Oh, the Snake queen will have my head!

By the end of the day, I'm sure to be dead!

Oh I haven't an idea how to deal with it,

Oh I'm absolutely positive the queen'll throw a fit!

Because I am so terribly late!"

As the voice grew louder it started to sound like a song a hurried person would sing, and she was positive the singer of said song was very hurried indeed. When the singer came into view, short pink strands flopping along with the long pink ears that streamed uselessly behind them, Maka gasped. "Crona!" she said loudly. Crona didn't even look at her, only continuing on his way off into the distance. Hesitating, Maka decided to follow him, only for him to disappear soundly and completely behind the tree! With a frustrated sigh, Maka grumbled, circling the tree trying to find out how he had disappeared into thin air. 'If I hadn't hesitated i could've caught him in time!' she thought, inwardly kicking her self for her hesitation. Walking back to her original spot beneath the mighty oak, resting her back against the gnarly bark, which bit into her skin through her clothing. Closing her eyes, she sighed and lowered her head, letting a moment of weakness take over, a frown marring her young face and her brow wrinkling with concern. 'Will I ever see another person again, or am I stuck here until I die?' she thought depressingly, disgusted at how easily her usual high spirits were depleted.

"You lazy, symmetrical girl,what are you doing lounging around like that? So indifferent, so indolent, so inert! Why, it's so lethargic it's absolutely disgusting to look at!"

Maka's eyes snapped open at the familiar voice, one that was scolding her once again. Raising her head, Maka was presented with the figure of her friend, Kid, standing there with a large pocket watch in hand and two tall, black rabbit ears twitching atop his head, pointed and raised towards the cloudless skies. "Now look what you've done, you've gone and made us late, Alice!"


Snatching at the confused Maka's wrist, she was quickly dragged off into the rows of flowers, Kid leading her and singing to himself much like Crona did, to the same tune with different lyrics.

"I'm late, I'm late!

I was supposed to be there by eight!

I should've never taken this job,

Now I must always hurry along!

But it's no use now because I'm so terribly late!"

Baffled, Maka let Kid drag her along as he sang the same five lines over and over again, trying to sort out where they were, why they were there and why, of all things, did Kid have bunny ears and a twitchy tail? When Kid stopped suddenly Maka bumped into him, head knocking against his shoulder. She winced and clutched her forehead, a bit peeved that Kid hand't even apologized, until she noticed what they were standing in front of. A large hole in the middle of a row of red camellias, large enough for a human to fall into, a dark abyss and nothing else. They stood there, side by side, Kid staring impatiently at his pocket watch, ears twitching violently, and Maka, simply dumbfounded as to why they were standing there. Finally, Kid turned to her, an irritated expression pasted across his pale face. "Alice, what on earth are you waiting for! Go on! You're only making us later!"

The dam of questions that had been churning inside of Maka burst, all coming out at one as she flodded Kid with questions. "What's going on? Who's Alice? Where did Crona go? Where are we? Why do you have rabbit ears?" she blurted all at once, unable to contain herself any longer. Kid gave her a funny look. "Who's Kid? I am The-Kid-Who-Is-Not. Now really, Alice I'd suspect you'd know your own name!" He said incredulously, as if genuinely baffled by Maka's stupidity.

"My name's not Alice!"

"Silence! You're making us terribly late! The story was supposed to begin ten minutes ago!"Kid fretted, ears spasming in a frantic dance atop his asymmetrical head. A determined look settled across his face, eyes flashing with a certain drive. "If you won't enter Wonderland by yourself, I'll make you enter myself!" He grabbed Maka by the forearm, though not harshly, and dragged her towards the hole. Maka gasped suddenly, as everything started making sense. Alice? Wonderland? A rabbit hole? Maka started to squirm as they neared the rim of the hole, trying to break Kid's firm hold. "No, Kid! Don't tell me you're going to-!"

Her sentence was cut off by herself though with a scream, as she was suddenly heaved forward, watching Kid's form become hazier and smaller though she could clearly hear him call. "My name is The-Kid-Who-Is-Not!"

At the rim of the rabbit hole, Kid stared down at the fleeting form of Maka. He sighed. "Troublesome Alice, must you make everything difficult? My job is so severe, so stiff, it's absolutely strenuous!" Kid moaned, "It's downright unfair I'd say!" he flipped open his pocket watch, staring at the multiple ticking hands, the bright colors and pictures and slight tune that came out of it, somehow making sense of the nonsense. "Ah, we're twenty minutes behind in the story! The Nice queen is bound to be upset! Why she'll be dismayed, disquieted, she'll be downright distressed!" he groaned, easily and swiftly making his way back to the tree Maka had been seated under when she first arrived. Walking around the tree, he stopped at the exact spot Crona had disappeared on. After a second of searching, he found a knob, carved out of the tree and hidden well. Turning it, he was greeted with strange woods, filled with colorful creatures and trees, adding a whimsical theme to the forest. A path cut through it.

"I still wonder why she insisted Alice took the long way," Kid muttered, shutting the door firmly behind him.

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