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Steve took the call from Kono just as he and Danny had pulled back into traffic after interviewing a robbery suspect at HPD headquarters.
Danny watched his partner and became alarmed as he noted Steve glance towards him as he stated, "Is anyone hurt?...Okay, thanks Kono we're on our way"

"Everything is fine Danny"
"Steven, WHAT?"
"It's Gabby…but she's fine! She's not hurt"
"OKAY, good she's not hurt….now what in the hell happened?"
"There was a heist at the museum. Five armed men accosted her as she arrived to open the museum an hour ago"
"Accosted her? Steve…IS she alright?"
"Relax partner, Kono said she's not hurt but she is shook up. Danny you have to stay calm"
Danny sighed deeply, "I'm fine…..I'm fine, just get us there please"

The tension in the car was evident as Steve floored the accelerator racing towards the museum.

A few minutes later the two detectives were racing through the front doors of the museum. Gabby was seated on a bench outside of the manager's office and the men spotted her instantly.
"GABBY!" Danny moved swiftly to her side. She stood as he approached and in moments he was holding his sobbing girlfriend in his arms.

"Shhhh ssshhhhh….it's over honey, I've got you"
"Danny, I was so scared"
"I know" He stroked her hair and kissed her head gently over and over trying to calm her, "It's okay baby, ssshhhhhh"

Steve stood off to the side talking to Duke Lukela as he kept an eye on Danny and Gabby.

After a couple of minutes passed Danny pulled Gabby away holding her face in his hands, "Gabby, honey are you hurt anywhere?"
"No…..no….they didn't hurt me Danny"
"That's all that matters sweetheart. Come on and sit down" He guided her back to the bench, sitting next to her.

Steve walked over, kneeling in front of them. He reached and took hold of her hand, "Gabby, I'm so glad you're okay. We need to ask you some questions"
"Steve we need to give her a minute"
"Danny, the sooner we…."
Danny interrupted him, repeating himself "STEVE, we need to give her a minute!"

Steve saw the concern in his partner's eyes and knew he had to back-off. He patted Gabby's hand as he stood, "Gabby, let me know when you're ready"
She nodded to him as he walked away heading back to Duke.

"She's not ready to talk yet Duke. So she told you that there were five men and they all wore ski masks?"
"Yes. She couldn't identify any of them"
"What did they take?"
"A large amount of gold and jewels the museum had purchased from a salvage company. They were from a sunken ship that went down in the 1930's. The wreck was discovered by an upstart salvage company in 2010 and they sold everything to the museum for six million dollars"

"What was the estimated value of the find?"
"A little over nine million. What are you thinking Steve?"
"Nothing…nothing…..just trying to get all the details. We'll take Ms. Asano with us Duke. Can you let me know if you find anything of interest here?"
"Will do Steve"

Steve then moved back to Danny and Gabby and he noted she had calmed down quite a bit at this point.
"HPD is going to handle the scene here. Gabby can you come with us and we'll take you to Hawaiian General to get you checked over. Then we'll take you to 5-0 headquarters with us"

Gabby looked at the men "I don't need to go to the hospital, I'm fine…..really I am"
Danny smiled at her "I know you're fine honey but I'll feel much better if you just get checked out. I'll go with you"
Steve added "Besides Gabby, its procedure"
Gabby chuckled softly bringing laughter from Danny and a puzzled, "What?" from Steve.

Danny looked at his partner "I love you partner, but 'Steve McGarrett and procedure' are words that really don't go together"
A slight smile crossed Commander McGarrett's face as he looked at the grinning woman, "Gabby, what has he been telling you?"
The two stood and Steve embraced Gabby, "I'm so relieved that you weren't hurt Gabby. We'll get to the bottom of this, I promise"
She softly stated, "Thank you both"


When they arrived at the hospital they were escorted to a room and Steve remained in the hallway allowing Danny to comfort Gabby while they waited for the Doctor. He called Kono giving her the limited details he had.

"So what do you think boss?"
"I need you to check out the salvage company that discovered the wreckage and make sure you check if they hired any additional free-lance divers. They collected six million from the museum for a haul that was worth over nine million. Maybe somebody thinks they didn't get enough….."

"How's Gabby?"
"We're waiting for the Doctor but other than some minor bruising I think she going to be okay. We'll be in as soon as we wrap things up here"

"Okay boss, I'm on it"
"Thank you Kono"

A few minutes later the Doctor arrived and Danny joined his partner in the hall.
Steve squeezed Danny's shoulder, "How's she holding up?"
"Good, she's going to be fine. She's just a little shook up"
Steve filled Danny in on the research he had Kono working on.
"Can she give us anything Danny?"
"Not much, they all wore ski masks. All five were men, three white, the other two Hawaiian. She did hear one name, Paul. He was one of the white men, about six feet tall...175 lbs. She did notice that the other two white men had tattoos on their forearms so I figure Kono could try to help her re-create that for us"
"Yeah, that could be a good break for us"

Danny inquired, "Have we heard anything from Duke yet? Did they find anything?"
"No, not yet"
They stopped as the Doctor came out letting them know that Gabby was fine and would be out after she dressed. The men thanked the Doctor and then once Gabby joined them, they made their way back to 5-0 headquarters.

As they entered the offices Chin approached them, "Steve I just got off the phone with Duke. They haven't found much but they did find one interesting piece of evidence. On the floor entering the vault there was a small piece of algae"
"Really...okay let's think this through. Kono do you have a list of the divers yet?"
"Yeah boss. There were four divers. Mark Hillman, Joseph McKnight, George Kaneko and Rick Dressler. Dressler was killed two months ago in a house fire but the other three are still employed by the salvage company Alles Salvage. There were no divers from what I can tell"

Gabby then added, "Curtis Alles is the owner of the company, he received the payout from the museum. I'll have to check my records but if I remember right, Rick Dressler was a co-owner of the company and was Alles brother-in-law"

Steve looked at the others, "So we need to interview Alles and the divers. Maybe the divers feel they were screwed on the sale and they're reclaiming what they feel is their rightful take"

Chin added, "That would explain the algae"
Danny looked at him quizzically, "Why?"
"Just the fact that diver's would be more apt to have algae on their shoes and clothing"

Steve looked to Danny, "If you want to take off for the day, we can handle things here"
Gabby jumped in, "Don't be silly, I'm just fine. If you can drop me off at the museum, I have a lot of work to do there"
Steve added, "How about if Kono takes you back and she can check out the scene. The three of us can handle the interviews"

As they prepared to leave Danny pulled Gabby off to the side, "Are you sure you want to go back to work today?"
"I was shook up a bit, but I'm fine Danny, really I am. I need to get back there and inventory everything"
"If you're sure. Call me if you need me for anything okay, I love you"
"I love you too Danny. You be careful"
"I'll be fine, I promise. I'll talk to you later"
He kissed her gently and then she stayed with Kono as the men left heading to Alles Salvage.