How to Have Fun

Author: natia_99
Rated: PG


Mina rushed through the halls, out the door, across the park
and into Darien's apartment building.

Up the elevator she fairly flew and down the hall, rapping
the door with both hands.

Serena opened it, "Mina? What on earth--"

"Have *I* got the gossip of the century! Oh Sere,
if THIS doesn't convince you you made the right
decision I don't know what will!"

"What? What?" Serena asked, caught up in Mina's
hyper whirlwind.

"Manon. You know you're dance instructor? She's
leaving! Turns out she and Seiya Dumont were an
item many years ago and now they've run off
together! Isn't that romantic? And now they
desperately need someone to fill her job!"

Serena's eyes lit up like stars, "They do?"

She raced for the phone and called Manon's cell
phone to confirm. They chattered for a few minutes
and when Serena hung up she was practically shimmering,
"She says she can't imagine anyone more perfect for
the job and she's recommending me!"

She and Mina screamed and clutched hands. Rini arrived
home, "What? What happened?" She asked eagerly.

"THIS!" Serena cried ecstatically, "Calls for a

"Yaaaay!" Agreed Rini, who, being six, didn't need
a mere reason to celebrate.

Darien strode across campus. Perhaps strode does not
quite capture the essence of this gesture adequately.

No, it was more of a strut. Yes. A very male, very
proud strut. One absent of the usual blazing 'V' across
his chest shall we say?

Chad, Greg and company spotted him and their faces lit
up in delighted recognition.

They flooded him, "Darien! Man! Right ON!"

"Finally!" Chimed Greg, "Good going buddy!"

They all thumped him on the back and shook his hand
as he turned beet red with embarassment.

But as he returned home with his stack of newly aquired
pediatrics books--to give him a head start on his specialty--he
smiled over his embarassment. Thought of his beautiful Serena
waiting at home for him, and grinned like a regular idiot.

And then as he headed down the hallway, he heard music.
Familiar music. Mambo music.

He opened his door and found pounding music
mixed with the delicious smells of dinner and the joyous
sight of Serena and Rini dancing...with Mina and--could
that be Rei?

His eyebrows raised and he laughed in spite of himself.

Then he did the only thing a man could do when faced with
such a scene in his home.

A serious, no-nonsense med student like himself.

He joined in.


theeeeee end! :) :) :)