This is a story for Neji and Gaara, SasoDei lovers should be happy too though!


Chapter 1

The doors of my new home opened with an awful sound. I entered, shaking and tripping over my own steps. I; a Hyuuga was terrified. My long brown hair was out of the usual loose ponytail and just by looking at my thin frame; you would say that I was a boy to die young. I couldn't possibly survive in a prison full of killers and criminals.

The officers placed us – the 'fish' as they called us- in a row at the courtyard. I could see all the prisoners staring at us and whispering bets to each other about who would get to us first. I overheard two people talking about me that made me want to die. They made a bet about which one of the two would get into my pants faster. I was so scared that I didn't notice the things the guards have told us.

Next to me, stood a blonde, tanned boy that looked like a girl and was smiling. He noticed that I was looking at him and turned his blue eyes to connect with my silver ones.

"Hi, I'm Deidara, un." He said with the happiest tone I could imagine.

"I'm Neji." I said timidly.

"I'm so happy I am back here!" he said excited.

So, he was in this prison before; I wonder why.

The guard was inspecting each one of us and when he reached Deidara, he smiled.

"Hey Dei, back for more Sasori?" The guard asked.

"Of course Hidan, un. I totally missed him."

"How many years do you have?" the guard named Hidan asked.

"For ever! I put a bomb and killed some ministers"

"Ok ,your cell –mate will be Sasori, and yours…" He looked at me "will be Sabaku No Gaara!" the other prisoners gasped.

One turned and said something I didn't expect.

"Sabaku No Gaara? Are you kidding me? He killed his own family and three million other people! He will kill him!" he yelled mostly to the guard in misbelieve and his face showed all the horror in the world that made me sweat drop. Deidara smiled at me.

"Great! Your cell is next to ours." He grinned.

The guards dismissed us and I followed Deidara to some big benches where two redheads stood. One, had green eyes, a tattoo on his forehead for 'love' and he had his arms crossed over his chest. His look; emotionless.

The other had deep brown eyes and when he saw us, he grinned. He stood and ran towards us. He hugged Deidara and pulled him intro a very passionate kiss.

"Hey baby, I see you are back!" he smirked.

"Of course Danna; I'll always come back for more of you!" Deidara blushed.

I didn't understand. Why would someone return to prison just to see his lover? I think it's stupid!

The green-eyed redhead joined our little group.

"Guys, this is Neji. Neji, this is Sasori and he's mine and that's Gaara, your cell-mate, yeah."

Gaara didn't move at all, but I was scared. Everyone else was watching him like he was the devil himself.

Suddenly, a guy grabbed my ass.

"Hey there beautiful. Would you like me to show you around?"

I recognized the voice. He was the man that made that bet on me earlier.

I shook my head and said "no". The man frowned.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Not interested." I simply said.

He grabbed my hand and forced me to look at him.

"I'll fuck you senseless, just wait for it." He hissed and left.

"You should be careful around here Neji. That guy rapes everyone new. His name is Orochimaru, yeah." Deidara frowned.

"Who cares?"

I tried to sound confident, but inside me, I was petrified. They had rapers in here, too!

"So, Neji. Why are you in here?" Sasori asked.

"I got drunk and destroyed a police car. I've got three months." I simply replied.

"I'm a terrorist!" Deidara said excited.

Sasori noticed the way I looked at Deidara as if he was crazy.

"I killed my coworkers by mixing up a drug with poison. I was a doctor but I screwed up. It wasn't my intention but I am in for life. I met Deidara and fall for him. Then, Deidara got out and he knew we couldn't be together so he put another bomb." Sasori said.

"And now we'll be together forever, un!" Deidara said kissing him.

The bell rang and we had to go back to our cells.

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