The Boyfriend (a tragedy) by: Jazzy

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            It was a fine sunny day at Hogwarts. The birds were chirping, and flowers blooming. Nature was showing every sign of spring.

            Hermione was walking with her friends Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, and Ron Weasley to Transfiguration with Professor MgGonagall. They walked into the classroom and took their seats. They were in their 6th yr. At Hogwarts and Harry and Ginny were dating.

" Alright class! Let's begin. Today we will be learning how to turn water into rum." Said the Professor.

While the professor blabbed on, Hermione and Ron were passing notes.


What are your plans tonight? Me, Harry and some others are going to put together a game of quittich. Wanna play?


            Ron passed the note to Hermione. She opened it and read it. She replied…


Sorry can't play; Draco and I have a date tonight. Maybe next time!


She folded the note and passed it to Ron. He unfolded it and the wrote…


What is up with you and that boyfriend of yours? You always with him.


            Hermione replied…


He's my boyfriend! Of course I'm always gonna be around him!


            After she passed the note, Ron read it and they started listening to the Professor. Harry and Ginny both knew Ron fancied Hermione, and they knew he was jealous of Draco because he was dating her.

After Transfiguration class they started to head towards the Great Hall for dinner. On the way Hermione was stopped by Draco.

"Hey Draco!" said Hermione giving Draco a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey baby. I need to talk to you," said Draco.

"Well, Draco can it wait. I-" Hermione started to say. Draco gave her a stern look and said, " No, come with me now". He grabbed her wrist and squeezed it TIGHT.

" Ok, I'm coming," said Hermione trying not to show the pain. " I'll see you later guys".

Draco and Hermione walked off. Draco led her into a room and locked the door.

"How come you've been spending so much time with Ron and Harry?" he asked.

" They're my friends" Hermione answered.

" Well I don't like it. From now on you can only talk to guys I approve of. Is…that…Clear?" said Draco.

" But-" Hermione started. Draco squeezed her arm so tight it left a bruise.

" I said Is-that-clear?"

"Yes" Tears were coming from Hemione's face. He was squeezing really hard.

"Oh, come on baby don't cry. Come on give me a hug"

Hermione hugged Draco. Draco held her chin and forced her to look at him. " Honey, I'm only doing this for your own good. You know that right?" said Draco. Hermione nodded her head. He kissed her. Then Draco led Hermione to the Great Hall.

This wasn't the first time he'd done something like this. He did it all the time. But Hermione loved him too much to leave him. She knew it was stupid, but she couldn't find the strength to leave him. When they got to the entranced of the great hall Ron was waiting for Hermione.

" Hey Hermione!' Ron said.

" Go away Weasley" said Draco. "Come eat with me Hermione"

They went over to the Slytherin table. Ron noticed Hermione's arm and started to be concerned.

At the Slytherin table Hermione sat in between Draco and Crabbe. Draco whispered in Hermione's ear " you can talk to guys only if you have to. BUT, no conversations!"

"Alright" Hermione replied.

Draco placed his arm around her shoulder.

Over at the Griffendor table Ron, Harry, and Ginny were talking

" Have you guys noticed anything different about Hermione?"Asked Ron.

"Why?" asked Ginny.

"Well, first of all she has a bruise on her arm and she just completely ignored me" was Ron's reply.

" I'm sure she's fine," said Harry.

" I think that Ron may be getting at something. She has been acting really depressed lately. Do you think Draco's hurting her?" said Ginny.

" He might be. She has had bruises before. We should keep an eye on her." Said Ron.

" I've never trusted that slime ball," said Ginny.

"Wait, Just because she has a bruise doesn't mean that Malfoy gave to her. Hermione's smart. She would tell someone if he ever hit her. We're jumping to conclusions." Said Harry.

"Open your eyes Harry! He controls her!" said Ron. " He treats her like property!"

" Your just jealous that Hermione's dating Draco instead of you!" said Harry.

"NO, I'm worried that one of my best friends is being abused by her boyfriend!" snapped Ron.