Hi guys! I'm back. :D This is just a short piece that I promised my friend that I would write for her. We're both SUPER obsessed NARUsasu fanwomen, so this story will be just that.

Warnings: Story will contain graphic pr0n with a minor in the near future. c: -cackles at ff laws-

Ages are as listed:

Naruto: 20

Kiba: 21

Gaara: 17

Sasuke: 13

Itachi: 26 (Disclaimer.)


It was a Monday morning. Itachi was tired, stressed, and quietly annoyed.

But the lascivious blond insisted.

"And then what would you do..?"

"My hands would slip deep down into your jeans, my tongue would tease the shell of your ear.."

A breathy, erotic groan was heard through the opposite line, but was hardly acknowledged by the emphatic Uchiha. A pair of cream, manicured hands rummaged frantically through thick piles of business papers, consisting mostly of uncompleted contracts that were meant to be completed last night.

But thanks to a certain someone...

Itachi was already twenty minutes late to his meeting. Naruto always seemed to call during the worst hour for the worst reasons. To be quite honest, Itachi had already run out of things to say during their phone-sex escapades. Every scenario he'd ever thought of he'd already recited a million times over to his needy, over-libidinous boyfriend.

Though Naruto was gorgeous and an extremely passionate lover, (both in bed and in general, but mostly in bed), Itachi was more of the 'once-in-a-while' guy, an unfortunate imbalance to Naruto's 'every-fucking-day-ten-times-a-day' requisite.

"Fuck.. I'm so hard.. Then what?"

"Then.. your.. Shit, Naruto, I've gotta go. I'm half an hour late. I'll call you when the meeting is over."

Blue eyes snapped open, facing the dreadful reality of an empty room and its chipped-painted walls. When didn't Itachi have to go to a goddamn meeting? Naruto exhaled a heavy breath, releasing the grip he previously had on his leaking dick.


Naruto then took the last word by quickly cutting the call. He looked down towards his deflating erection, a slant of his brows denoting utter frustration. He hated when his boyfriend of almost two years just up and left to random countries across the globe, leaving an unforgivable gap consisting of thousands of miles between them.

Thwarted, Naruto stood from his bed, begrudgingly zipping up his jeans and slipping on some random orange t-shirt he found beneath his bed. He hadn't seen Itachi for almost two months now. Worse, he hadn't fucked or ventilated his over-sexed desire for fornication at all.

He felt like he would explode.

Though Itachi reassured him several times that nothing had changed between them in regards to feelings, Naruto secretly differed. He was the kind of guy that needed a physicalrelationship. Not a phone one. Sometimes he felt like he could simply do without the Uchiha. Like he would be fine, and he would hardly miss all of the sappy, long-distance crap.

Better yet, he would be able to get and score whoever, and whatever, he wanted. Like back in the day.

The mere thought excited him. Those two years were beginning to feel like decades. Centuries. Naruto spited going steady with someone. Sure, Itachi was a heartthrob, impossibly handsome, and an animal in bed, but Naruto just felt like.. There was hardly anything left to discover. Like he already knew Itachi from the bottom to the top. Inside and out. Literally.

It just wasn't as exciting anymore.

It had been difficult enough keeping his eyes off of random men and women he'd see whenever he and Itachi went out for dinner or an outing.

So many people just seemed so unbearably delicious to him. Figures that promised a good time. Asses that promised impossible friction. Lips that promised a good sucking.

Naruto grinned at his thoughts.

The thought of just doing whatever the hell he wanted like he had nearly all his life was simply exhilarating. If Itachi insisted in being too busy to ease his needs, Naruto would be too busy to even have any. Simple.

He smirked, showcasing an intense array of white teeth in front of his full-length mirror. He looked good in his bright blue drainpipe jeans and band-t. The piercing on his tongue looked good, too. Just when Naruto was about to admire all of his other oddly-placed array of piercings, a loud brunet slammed the door to his room wide open.

"So are we going, or what? It's fucking boring, man. I need a drink!"

Naruto spun around on his heels to face one of his roommates, a little disappointed that he didn't get the chance to admire the piercing on the underside of his-

"Yeah, are we?" Another head appeared in the doorway adorned quite scandalously with a thick, messy batch of fiery locks.

Naruto always thought Gaara was smoking hot, and totally his type with those Goth-like rims blacking out his sockets, crazy-colored eyes, and intense paleness. Naruto loved the pale ones. Those always looked the best underneath him. Though, sadly, for one reason or the other, Naruto never really got the chance to place his dick in that fine piece of ass. Though he did place it in that small little mouth once or twice.

"Sure, let's go! I'll drive."

The car ride to the mall was what it was every time Naruto went out with his two best friends. Kiba, blabbering away about dogs and girls, and Gaara just sitting there, a blank, delicious expression on that innocent-looking face.

"Man, this city sucks. We've gotta get out of here ASAP," the blond of the three groaned, taking the opportunity of Kiba catching a breath to finally say something. Stopping at a red light, Naruto reached into his pockets and neatly placed a hit between his lips. Kiba kindly volunteered to light it for him.

Gaara immediately lowered the window.

Every guy and girl Naruto saw walking down the street he'd already seen a thousand times before. There was just no one left to fuck, or properly seduce, in that entire moronic city. The whole world knew that he was dating an Uchiha. Itachi Uchiha, nonetheless. Nobody ever dared accept his sexual advances because of it. Naruto frowned, resenting his boyfriend.

"Why leave?" Gaara dryly let out, his arms crossed cutely against him like they always were. Naruto thought that was fucking adorable, and a clear invitation to shove his prick deep inside the much shorter redhead. He mentally noted that maybe he could sneak into Gaara's room later that night and steal his very obvious virginity.

Feeling those piercing, oceanic eyes staring you down was incredibly daunting. Gaara shifted uncomfortably in his seat. This time, thankfully, the redhead succeeded in controlling the blood that threatened to pool on his cheeks every time Naruto looked at him the way he currently was.

So shameless. So hungry.

"Cuz he ain't getting any, that's why," Kiba smirked, snorting a laugh through his nose. Naruto shot him a quick glare before he turned back towards the road.

"Look who's talking, Mr. eHarmony," Naruto mocked, taking a U-turn.

"I did it as a joke, dumbass!"

Upon arriving at the mall, all three boys made their way out of the car, (which was actually Kankuro's car that Gaara managed to take permanent possession of some way or the other), and made their way through the loaded parking lot. There sure was a shit ton of people for a Monday morning.

"Well at least this is promising," Naruto mumbled to himself, resting his hands behind his head as he casually walked through a horde of gawking girls. "The more the merrier."

Setting foot inside the expansive shopping center, Naruto quickly scanned the area. There was one cute girl, and two semi-fuckable guys inside one of the trendy cafes that college students often went to before class. Naruto's blue eyes suddenly glistened with mischief, turning to his friends.

"You see that chick right there? I bet I can get her number in the extent of one fucking minute."

"I'd like to see you try, idiot." Kiba crossed his arms in doubt. Something deep inside his brain, however, told him that since it was Naruto, that mission could be entirely possible. "Five dollars that you won't. I'll time you."

"Fine." A lavish smirk and Naruto straightened up his shoulders, displaying his entire six feet of manliness as proudly as he could. He had already made eye contact with the girl. The rest was cake.

"Why do you go along with his pointless games?" came a quiet voice, green, chromatic eyes watching the blond's comical moves as he entered the cafe.

"Dude, I don't even know anymore," Kiba muttered, taking glances between Naruto and his watch.


The girl was a little above average height, Naruto could tell. She wore trendy hipster glasses and short shorts that he could already tell hugged her ass very well if she were to stand up. He took note of her long legs and black combat boots which had been enough for Naruto to decide that this chick was a total A.

"Hey there, I'm Naruto Uzumaki," he smiled, offering his hand to the already blushing girl. A small, feminine hand then reached for his own, but not before she adjusted her glasses quite adorably. And nervously.

Naruto's dick twitched beneath his jeans.

"I'm Karin.." she choked, clearing her throat immediately after. "I've seen you around the college, I just-"

Naruto had a time limit. No time for foreplay. He flashed his best panty-dropping smile and immediately proceeded to take out his cellphone.

"Yeah, I know, but hey- I've gotta run to class, can I have your number?"

The girl jerked back a little, adjusting her glasses the same way she did moments before. A thick veil of pink encased her cheeks, feeding Naruto another one of those delicious,nervous smiles. Naruto loved it when he knew he was in control. When he knew he could realize or kill a person's fantasy or need.

Something he simply never had the opportunity to do with Itachi.

"U-um, sure, of course!"

And the seven digits were then his. In the span of about 35 seconds. Damn.

He was good at this shit.

Giving her a final smile and turning to leave, the girl quickly stuttered a few words towards Naruto's back.

"Will you, or will I-"

"I'll text you."

A triumphant grin graced whiskered features the moment he stepped out of the cafe. He missed doing that. Seducing. Having fun. Doing what he wanted.

Naruto had to admit that out of all three of his friends, he, alone, was definitely the most charming. The most smooth. And, of course, the most sexy.

Gaara stared blankly.

"Done now?"

"Ha, yeah. Pretty smooth, eh, Kiba?"

"Whatever, you're still an idiot."

They roamed the bottom floor of the mall for a while until Gaara finally announced that he was fucking bored and proceeded towards GameStop.

"Call me when you're all ready to leave."

Naruto gave Gaara a suggestive wink as the redhead turned to leave, and he could have sworn he saw the little guy blushing. Naruto was certain that Gaara would look perfect in a skirt. Squirming underneath him, panting, sucking his pierced cock with the stupid little teddy bear the redhead secretly slept with hugged tightly against his naked chest.

Damn, that would be flaming hot.

"You've gotta stop messing with him, dude," Kiba said, making sure no one but Naruto heard. "I think you know that he kind of, sort of, you know, has a thing for you."

"I know," Naruto smiled, making his way towards the escalator, "Wanna grab a bite?"

"You know what I mean, man. Quit fuckin' around. You're with the Uchiha, what more could you want? Quit fuckin' with everyone."

Naruto stopped in his tracks momentarily, turning towards his friend of twelve years. He loved the guy and everything, but sometimes he seriously just needed to shut the fuck up and keep his nose out of what wasn't his business.

Bright, dazzling, blue eyes gave a trademarked glisten, a diversion that Naruto often used. He knew that his eyes were mesmerizing, and he was not afraid to use them. Were it to seduce, or to insult.

"You're just ass-itched that I've never fucked you, Kiba."

And with that, Naruto gave the gaping brunet a large, toothy grin, making his departure towards the moving escalators.

He had a certain someone in mind that he was particularly interested in seeing again.


This is a little different than most things I've written (in terms of style), I know. But it's a gift AND a stress reliever, so I hope you guys enjoyed the end product. xD At least the first part.

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