So I have heard about the rumors of this site closing down. I do not know if it is true or not so don't lose your minds yet. Just in case through I'm in the process of creating and moving all of my work over to Archive of Our Own. The user name is DiscipleofRevan.

Below is the current state of all stories as of today 9/23/2022

Story Updates:

Biotic Hero- I have one chapter in edit and will be posted soon. Calvary Battle chapters and some of the tournaments chapters are in process or close to completion.

Mass Effect: The Human Quarian-Dead for now possible reediting chapters.

Shadow Fox-Dead with a possible rewrite in the future

Teen Titans: A titan from Outta This World- Dead with a rewrite in the works see Teen Titans: A titan from Outta This World (REVAMP)

Teen Titans: A titan from Outta This World (REVAMP)-chapters two and three still in writing phase with four and five in outline phase. New Title in the works.

The Jetii Book 1: Clone Wars-Chapter Five in edit Chapter 6,7,8,9,10,11 in proofreading

Titan Fox: Hold pending Shadow Fox's fate being decided

Why Me?-Moved to under the author Masked Brony. Will delete soon.

Again I don't know if the site is going to shut down, but if it does everything will be moved to Archive of Our Own. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be copying everything and moving it so my planned releases are put on hold. If there is any questions PM me please.