Disclaimer—I do not own Harry Potter and the idea of writing the fan fiction this way was given to me by a book called "Chasing Brooklyn" by Lisa Schroeder. So I decided to try out my own with a fan fiction. Hope you enjoy!

Summary- "I'm sick of you and your bullying." She rants. "I'm sick of you making me feel like nothing and making my friends mad. It's maddening me. Do you enjoy this? Enjoy making me hurt and cry? Rip all my self-esteem and my hopes?" She yells at my face. "Do you even have a heart?"

He has the most beautiful eyes

That shimmers with crystal blue

They would have been the best feature

If they didn't glare and mock

At every thing I do.

He's tall, lean and well build

Which he uses to intimidate the first years,

Which makes him an even bigger arrogant pompous prat

And annoyingly thinks he's always right.

His lips look soft

He bites them when he thinks

It would have been fascinating to watch them

If it weren't for that infuriating smirk

His voice; deep and moving

His whispers send chills

It would have been intoxicating

If not for those ugly words he use,

And those harsh words that hurt.

His hair, they sway freely

In the wind as he rides his broom

They seem to glisten under the sun

It's a pity that under those soft mass of hair

There seems to be no sign of a brain.

He's the most beautiful thing I'd have ever seen

But they can't be noticed unless observed closely

Since sadly Draco Malfoy, indeed,

Is a total waste of beauty.

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