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July 1: Ripped Apart

I just can't believe I agreed to go to this slumber party. What is wrong with me? I must be having an off day today to go to this stupid thing. I walked into Rhonda's house and it almost felt like that slumber party back in 4th grade.

"Helga, darling I'm so glade you could make it. Let my butler put your things in with the others."

"Hey, hey thanks for letting me come this time. What made you consider me this time?"

"Oh, I didn't want you to crash this one too like the last one. I want bygones to be bygones any way."

"Well, ummm thanks princess, I'm glad we could, ummm maybe be friends, I guess."

"Oh, don't worry about that Helga, it's all in the past."

Helga miss the evil smirk on Rhonda's face as they headed toward the parlor. Wow did this place get bigger since the last time I was here. Once we arrived, I took my seat next to Phoebe and waited.

"Ok ladies settle down, since the last of us have arrived we can began the slumber party. Let me just lay some ground rules first. Rule number one, do not spill anything on the carpet. Rule number two, what happens here stays here and anyone, including me, breaks this rule will be hazed by all those here for two weeks. Rule number three, everything that is asked or said must be the truth. So this means anything goes while we are here."

We all just stared at Rhonda for a good minute or two until murmurs broke through of girls agreeing with this. I wasn't so sure if I wanted to comply with these rules. I mean, criminy, anything could be ask and we had to tell the truth about it. Ah, what the heck if any of my stuff gets out I get to haze the person. I grumble that I was in for this.

"Ok so what's first on the agenda princess?"

"Oh I'm glad you asked Helga. We will be starting with the ago old Truth or Dare first."

There were a lot of noise coming from the girls on that one. I didn't like the idea of truth or dare but I guess we all saw that coming.

"Oh come on guys this should be fun, I mean we are in high school now. Lets have fun with this but first a special surprise to loosen lips."

Rhonda got up and produce a bottle of Gray Goose and shot glasses. I was mortified about having to drink alcohol and i didn't want to end up like my so called mother. As i looked around I could see the uncertainty on many faces.

"Oh come on guys one drink and if you want more than you are welcome too. If not than I won't pressure you anymore about it. I just one drink to celebrate this sleepover."

We each took a shot glass and waited our turn to put the clear looking liquid in. Once everyone had some we all counted to three and took the drink. Some of the girls cough, some took it like pros, and some did a little of both. I unfortunately was in the pro category but what surprised me was who else was n it too. Let's see there was Rhonda, Lila, Phoebe, and myself. I guess I knew what type of questions I might ask.

"Ok let us begin, I'll start." Rhonda looked around the room "Patty, truth or dare?"

"Oh man why do I have to be first? Whatever, hmmm, truth."

"Oh goodie, my question is have you and Harold had sex yet?"

"Ooooo, uhhhh, we have only made it to third base right now." A blush lit on her face.

"Ok it's your turn to ask Patty."

"Yeah, umm Phoebe, truth or dare?"

"Oh my, truth."

"Is it true that Gerald is, umm, 'large'?"

"Oh I was hoping no one asked me that but oh well. Uhhh, yes he is."

"Oh wow, I was not expecting you to answer that."

"Hehehe, yeah well, I'm sure a lot will be said tonight."

"Ok, Rhonda, truth or dare?"

"Truth of course, like I would pick dare."

"How long have you been drinking alcohol?"

"Lets see, since 8th grade, I was curious to how it tasted and stole a bottle from my parents. I tasted it and liked the taste plus it mixes well with a lot of things. Speaking of drinks, any one want some more?" A few girls did get a second shot.

"Ok my turn I guess, Helga, truth or dare?"?

"Alright I'll be the big girl and pick dare." Once that left my mouth I knew I was doomed.

"That's what I was hoping for Pataki. I dare you to let us completely make you over."

"Crap, whatever, just be..."

It was to late for me to say careful because they all pounce on me and started to rip my clothes. I wanted to scream but someone had landed on my chest and took my breath away. That's when I felt it get ripped from my hair and the sound of a rip from my favorite bow. Oh I did scream then and I tried to fight the tears.

"Ok back up vultures and let me say something first than you can have at it. Who the hell ripped apart my fucking bow?" As I looked around a saw it in the hands of none other than Rhonda.

"Sorry Pataki but pink has been out for a long time. Just think of it as me doing you a favor. So don't cry over a rip bow."

"That was very special to me and you just ripped it. I should kick your ass for it but I'm feeling kind of generous tonight. Just give the bow back so that I can pit it in my pocket and save it."

"Damn, I was hoping that you would do something totally different but you didn't. I owe you money Nadine and you, Helga will get some new outfits since we ripped yours."

"yeah whatever just finish with this stupid dare so that we could move on."

Inside I was killing her again and again. I wanted to scream and shout to the heaven the injustice that had befallen my ribbon of many years. Nothing could change what was already done even if I wished it but I would get Rhonda back for it. I was hurt that my one item Arnold notice was gone from me. Arnold. Maybe this make over will be good for me. This could be my rebirth of everything. I placed my ribbon in my pocket trying not to think of all we had been through together.

"Ok, let's get this over with!"

They charged again but this time a little gentler than earlier and for this I was grateful for. With that my mind wondered back to the pink bow and an umbrella on a rainy day.

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