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Heading back to Canalave City, Riley noticed something strange at Byron's place: the curtains weren't closed, and everyone knew that Byron always closed them before leaving. He stared at the window one minute longer "What are you staring at?" asked Krys, seeing the other unmoving "The curtains aren't closed"

"Maybe he forgot them, you have to consider all the stress he went through these days, as you explained us, knowing that not one, but both his children are in danger it's quite annoying"

Riley nodded "You're right, I wasn't considering it. Well, I'm worried sick too. Roark's my best friend, and honestly, knowing, or better, not knowing where the hell he is now bothers me like hell. Tell me, why did Silver come here?"

Gold shrugged "Who knows. He babbled something about the Team Galactic, Ariana and two…fossils…I think? That were connected with Giratina…he often goes off with such excuses, but it's the first time he goes missing"

Riley reflected " Fossils you said? They might be the stones of Time and Space, they're supposed to wake Dialga and Palkia, but the process is difficult. There's a kind of a ritual to wake them up, and it's very ancient, I think neither Cynthia knows it"

Krys sighed shaking her head "But these teams are Evil, you can't ever know what sources they have"


Silver yawned loudly, it never happened he fell asleep so deeply in the last years, that bed must have been poisoned by a Butterfree. He turned his head towards the source of light that was the window, how long did he sleep?

His eyes were caught by some pictures on the bed side table, one with Roark and the one supposed to be his father, on Roark's first day as a gym leader, the boy was dressed in his usual miner outfit holding something like a diploma in his hands and smiling forcefully, on the other side, his father was grinning hear to hear, clearly proud of his son's doing. A look he never earned from Giovanni despite all his struggles with the Team Rocket. Nice stuff!

He was sure that was the first time he effectively saw Canalave city's gym leader, yet he felt something like he had known him for years. The same strange feeling of bonding he had when Roark laid there, in the Team Galactic cellar beside him.

He put the frame back in place, and another one fell off the bedside table, he picked it up. Another picture with Byron and Roark as a toddler. Funny, the kid's features seemed to be different, lighter eyes and hair. Silver shrugged, putting the picture back in place, laying on the bed again. The relaxing sensation coming alive once again. He was about to drift off once again when his eyes cracked open, he grabbed the last picture he saw and let out a loud gasp.

Roark's features. They were different.

Too different.

That toddler wasn't Roark.

He stared at the photo "A thunder strikes me!" he exclaimed, the toddler beside Byron was he himself.

Behind the picture there was a note attached

I'm still cursing that day. The day some asshole stole my little baby. I really hope that bastard dies in a cruel manner.

My Silver, my little Silver.

Blood, blood, blood, I don't think I can forget how much of it was in the tool shelter, they said it didn't belong to only one person, but I am sick worried.

Where is he now? Is the one who took him looking after him like I did?

I can't sleep, I spent these latest night looking for him. Agent Jenny told me he is probably dead. I don't believe her, don't want to.

A parent is able to feel if his child is alive or not, and he is. I don't know where he is now, or how is he doing, but I'm sure he's alive.

He's strong, he will survive, I won't give up on him, though, he's the most precious gift life gave me and I can't let go like this.

He's a calm and innocent child, whoever tried to touch him must prey to never meet me!

I want him back.

Silver was frozen, he read the sentences, two, three, four times, looked at the picture once again. No, that wasn't Roark at all, that was no one less than him!

That explained why he oriented so well inside the house despite he had never been there, that's why no door was a secret for him and the bed was so comfortable.

He laid back, instinctively bringing the picture to his chest.

Damned Giovanni, Damned Ariana, they never worried for him. whenever he was beaten up, all they did was just accusing him not to be strong enough.

Silver often had flash of a man playing with him or reading him books at night, but the thought they were just a product of his imagination. He never realized how much, despite they didn't spend lot of time together, he missed his dad.

Even if in a very confuse way, he could recall how Byron took care of him.

He moved downstairs, to the kitchen: the chair against the wall. It looked unmoved. Silver let his fingers slip on the still wooden surface of the table, and there, he had a flash.

It was dinner time and he sat on his knees over the chair, making faces as to mask he was painful for the cut on his knee.

Byron went to check on him "Silver, is everything alright? Tell dad…"

The little kid shook his head, a little afraid. Byron told him several times not to climb on the fence, despite the advices, he did it anyway and fell.

His father knelt before him "Let me see your leg, Silver" he commanded.

The skin was a complete mess, there was ground mixed with grass, little stones, and there was a bunch of dried blood that completed the opera for good. Despite this, the wound wasn't so deep.

Bringing the kid to the bathroom, Byron carefully washed all the dirt away, then he took a bottle of Hydrogen peroxide and poured some on a cotton ball "This is going to burn…"

Despite he was feeling pain, Silver didn't move, and didn't complain at all. He knew his father wouldn't hurt him.

The burning sensation was over soon and his father was already putting a bondage on the wound.

Silver looked down, he knew he messed up, and Byron would probably scold him.

"Hey, there's no reason to be upset. You climbed up the fence, didn't you?"

He nodded weakly.

"And I told you not to, didn't I?"

He nodded again

"You learnt your lesson. Can you understand now why I didn't want you to climb? I didn't want you to hurt yourself"

Silver looked up at him, smiling a little, his father took him in his arms, walking back to the kitchen "And the next time you get wounded or something, tell me right after. A wound could get infected pretty easily" his tone was calm and comforting. Silver nestled his head in his father's shoulder "I…I love you dad…"

"I love you too, even when you don't follow my advices…"

"I won't do that again"

"I hope it for your safety. Come on, it's over now, let's finish eating, I bought a new book, I'm reading it to you tonight"

Silver checked the clock, his brother must have been safe on his way to Hoenn, maybe two hours and he'd arrived at Steven Stone's place, once the fossils were delivered, there would be nothing for the Team Galactic to do anymore. Their plans would be ruined. They caught him by mistake, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were idiots. Even if they decided to follow him, his brother would have been able to get them lost in a cave in several ways.

So way he had a bad feeling about the situation?

He took his pokègear out, better check. There was no signal. Fine he was probably in a cave.


Byron and Cynthia noticed the three young guys standing outside Byron's garden, Riley rose his hand to call them.

"So, you two are Gold and Crystal, I suppose" said Cynthia smiling politely

"You are Cynthia? Sinnoh's champion? I'm so pleased to meet you!" Gold grabbed her hand enthusiastically "Why do we have to deal with Lance? It's not fair! He's rude and so un-cool!"

"Gold, stop it this instant! We're not here to complain about Lance!" Krys then ducked her head "Forgive him miss Cynthia, he's just hyperactive…"

At a certain point during all the information exchange, Byron noticed his curtains, they weren't closed.

"Riley did you get into my home perhaps?"

"No, why should I?"

He didn't answer, the man ran to his house, a strange feeling inside, he slammed the door open and saw him: Silver was standing in front of him, they stared at each other for a while, like they didn't believe they finally succeed to meet.

Byron tentatively moved forward, like he was afraid to scare the one in front of him.

"S…Silver..can you recognize me?"

Funny sensation. Butterfree in his stomach, something of the like. Silver felt his eyes getting watery as his dad slowly embraced him. He didn't jerk away, he wasn't scared of his touch, the very first touch he knew, the one meaning love and care. Those arms, the one that cradled him to sleep or took care of him when he was hurt. His father's protective embrace.

He sobbed, tears of happiness, he didn't think he'd be able to feel it anymore, but his heart was pounding with joy.

Byron patted his head, like he was holding the three years old son, the one they took away from him, was now back.

"Don't cry, I'm here.."

Byron held him like he was a fragile and precious treasure, and he was.

He never cried in front of Giovanni, he was told crying was a sign of weakness, but he was feeling strong at the moment, like never before.

"It's okay, I promise I'll never let anyone hurt you anymore…"

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