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It was a rough night. The wind was blowing harshly, flipping up the styled silver hair. Hidan grumbled something under his breath. This better be all worth it, he thought. Pein had arranged some sort of get together in his apartment. This only meant that they were going to drink the whole night and wake up in the middle of his living room the next morning. Hidan prayed this time it would get a little more interesting. He could have thought of many other things that could be a lot more entertaining than this party thing. Maybe he finally would have had the guts to call a certain guy and invite him over to his apartment. Yeah, right, who was he kidding anyway? He was way too scared to get blown off.

He had finally reached the stairs and he practically sprinted up, wanting to get to the warm apartment as fast as possible. He would definitely not leave tonight. He didn't want to go out in the cold again.

When he reached the door, he knocked on it, making it shake in its hinges. He heard the low timbre of Pein's voice resonating through the room and then the heavy footsteps of him nearing the door. Hurry up, he thought, shivering when another gust of cold air hit him in the face.

A grumpy looking Pein opened the door. 'You're late,' he said.

'Yeah, yeah, whatever,' Hidan responded, pushing passed the redhead and walking towards the living room. He threw his coat to the side somewhere and kicked his shoes off halfway through the hallway. He heard Pein giving an annoyed response which he chose to ignore.

He heard some soft talking coming from the living room, but it sounded kind of… dead. Usually his friends had loads of things to tell each other which annoyed him most of the time. Like he cared what kind of new nail polish Deidara had bought and what good book Itachi read this time. Okay the latter he found interesting, but he would never tell Itachi. He actually read every book Itachi had recommended just so he would find out what the raven really liked. Yes, he had the hots for his best friend. And yes, he was too scared to admit it, so he was doomed to see his friend being happy with other guys.

Yes, he was gay and so was Itachi. Actually they were all gay, but that wasn't that weird. He had been friends with Pein for a long time, going way back to kindergarten or something. He didn't even remember really. They had both found out on some point in their life that they were gay. Hidan was a bit earlier than Pein though. Pein had actually dated a girl for a while. Her name was Konan. The other three they had met in a gay nightclub a few years back. Pein had actually tried to make a move on Itachi and was blown off immediately. Hidan saw the fun in that and laughed together with Itachi at Pein's insulted face. Deidara and Sasori soon joined the fun and they all found a common hobby in each other. Laughing at Pein. Yes, those were some good times.

Hidan hadn't liked Itachi right away, but the raven's beauty had spoken to him immediately. The great personality only made Itachi more perfect. Hidan liked to think of him as a black panther. Graceful and mysterious. Maybe he should stop daydreaming about Itachi and see where there is some booze.

He looked around the living room and noted that it was just as dead as it had sounded before. Deidara was sitting on the couch next to Sasori, slowly sipping on his beer. Itachi sat on the ground, playing with the hem of his shirt and Sasori seemed to be glaring at something. His eyes followed the redhead's path and they fell on a new guy. Where did he come from?

Pein had come up beside him and patted him on the back. 'That is Madara, Itachi's cousin. He just went through a bad break-up, so Itachi decided he needed some fun.' The fingers tightened in his shirt and he knew that the new guy had been the cause of this dead party. Who brings a heartbroken guy to a drinking party with friend? The guy might need it, but it's such a turn off for your friends.

He flopped down in his favorite chair and waited for Pein to bring him a beer. The first drink was always given by the host and after that it was everyone for himself. If you needed a refill, then you had to get it yourself. He liked that rule when they were at his place, but he hated it when he was at someone else's place. Just call him lazy, he doesn't give a shit.

He extended his arm and a beer plopped into his hand. Such a great ritual they had. He glanced around the group again and this time blue eyes actually looked up and saw him for the first time this evening. 'Hidan's here!' Deidara yelled out. The blonde jumped off the couch and put himself in Hidan's lap.

Hidan raised an eyebrow at the weird behavior, but let Deidara sit down anyway. The new guy was eyeing them strangely. Hidan almost felt threatened, but he couldn't figure out why. Soft pink lips went down to his ear and whispered, 'you need to safe this party. I am so bored.'

He sighed and looked up, praying once more. This evening was already starting out great. He really could have done better things than this. There was only one solution to this. They needed to get the new guy drunk. When there was alcohol involved, everyone felt better.

'Drinking game!' he called out and everyone raised their glasses not very enthusiastically. At least they thought it was a good idea, sort of.

'What game?' Sasori asked bored. He usually sounded like that already, but this time it was even worse. He might just fall asleep if this night continued any longer this way. They really needed more alcohol and something stronger than beer.

Deidara jumped out of Hidan's lap and made a weird sound. He probably was very excited about something, but it sounded like a girl squealing. 'We should do the I have never game!'

'How does it go?' Pein asked, sitting down in his own chair with a beer in his hand. They were sitting around the small coffee table. Hidan sat in the middle of it, Sasori sat to his right on the couch, Pein sat to his left in his chair and Itachi sat on the ground in front of him. The only one sitting somewhat far away from the group was Madara. He did sit beside Itachi in a chair, but not as close as the rest was to each other.

Deidara was now walking towards the kitchen and came back with six shot glasses and a bottle of tequila. They were getting down to business now. All of them would be drunk by the end of the evening, just like always. 'Okay, I will explain how it works. One of us will say something that begins with I have never. It's usually something they haven't done before, but it can be something they did do. You could say something like I have never drank coffee. Now the ones who have drunk coffee before, need to take a shot.'

'And the ones who haven't drank any coffee?' Madara asked, opening his mouth for the first time that evening. He was still eyeing Deidara in a weird way.

Deidara shrugged his shoulders. 'They don't do anything. Then the next one in line goes and says his own I have never. The game stops when the booze is gone or when someone passes out from too much alcohol.' The blonde smiled sweetly at the last statement and Hidan knew he meant Sasori. That little guy just couldn't handle his alcohol very well.

Hidan liked this game. He could find out some interesting things about his friends. There were rumors going around that some of them had slept together, but none of them had ever confirmed this. This game could actually be the solution to it all. He needed to know if Itachi had sex with Pein before! Stupid rumor Deidara had told him. He could get some revenge on the blonde too. Another rumor told him that he had Sasori own his ass. It was a funny rumor and Deidara always started blushing when they asked him about it. They could finally hear the truth about that.

'One more thing,' Deidara said. 'You need to answer truthfully, otherwise the game will be very boring. Now I will start.' He put his finger against his chin and tapped it while thinking of a good one. Everyone waited in anticipation. They were all very curious about the outcome of this game. 'Okay, I'll start with a light one. I have never kissed a guy before,' he said, already picking up his own shot glass.

Everyone took a shot, except for the new guy. So they had a straight guy in their group. They would creep him out so much tonight. Hidan started to like this game more and more. Torturing people was really something he enjoyed doing.

Deidara had sat down beside Sasori again, so now it was the redhead's turn. The blonde refilled the glasses first and gave Sasori some time to think of a new one. 'I have never kissed a girl,' he said still sounding as bored as ever. But that will change little man, Hidan thought, just wait until you've had enough booze.

A few glasses went up. The new guy of course took a shot, but he seemed indifferent. If Hidan had just broken up with someone, he wouldn't take that one so lightly. Itachi really had a strange cousin. Pein also took a shot and Hidan remembered his girly blue haired girlfriend from when they were sixteen. Itachi actually raised his little glass too and even Deidara took a shot. Who would've thought that the blonde had ever kissed a girl?

Now it was Hidan's turn. He had to think of a good one, but he shouldn't go too far just yet. They needed more booze before he could ask the personal questions. He would just continue with the boy/girl thing. He still wanted to know something else now he knew some of them had kissed a girl.

'I have never had sex with a girl.'

A few glasses rose up. Deidara's stayed down this time and Hidan didn't expect otherwise. Pein's and Madara's glasses hit their lips, but someone else surprised him. Itachi also raised his shot glass and took the hit. He gritted his teeth against the bitter drink and his face scrunched up a bit. He looked cute and he would get drunk really fast if he kept this up. Itachi was cute when he was drunk though, so Hidan didn't really mind.

A smirk played on Deidara's lips. 'Who did you have sex with?' he asked Itachi.

Said raven looked up at the blonde and only shrugged his shoulders. He didn't have to answer and he used that to the fullest. Hidan really wanted to know too and narrowed his eyes at the quiet panther. Why would he keep it a secret? Was it that embarrassing?

Deidara huffed in annoyance, but couldn't do anything up the unanswering Itachi. He just filled the glasses again and sat down looking still a bit annoyed. He just needed more booze, Hidan thought. They all needed more booze!

Pein had is head hanging in the chair and was looking up at his ceiling. 'I have never had sex with a guy,' he said bored, grabbing his glass up and drinking the clear liquid in one go. They all did except for Madara who again was eyeing Deidara.

Now it was Itachi's turn. He swirled the little glass around, watching the tequila spin around. 'I have never had a threesome,' he said softly. Hidan thought he hadn't heard right, because the little glass actually went up to those pale lips. Itachi wasn't the only one who took the hit, also Deidara and Sasori drank their share. Deidara had a heavy blush on his face and Sasori looked indifferent about it. Did those three sleep together?

Madara sat up a little straighter and eyed all of the people around him. Hidan didn't like that look and he was sure he wasn't going to like his I have never. 'I have never… bottomed for a guy.' And the mood was set. Eyes widened and some of them gasped loudly. Deidara was the first to grab is glass, taking the shot with a huge blush on his face. Madara's dark orbs never left the tanned face and Hidan thought he saw the guy actually smirk. Then also Itachi and Sasori took the shot, but Pein and Hidan already knew those three mostly bottomed. Didn't mean they didn't like the confession.

Deidara needed some time to recover and went to the kitchen for another bottle of booze. It had a different color this time and it was probably not a good idea to drink so many different things, but they all didn't care. Sambuca just tasted a lot nicer.

The blonde sat down again and folded his legs under him. He ticked his nail against the side of his shot glass and looked down at the table. 'I have never topped a guy before,' he said never raising his own glass to his lips. Still not strange, Hidan thought. Deidara was just the perfect uke.

Itachi was the other one who didn't raise his glass and Madara too. Madara did make a weird sound when he was still looking at Deidara. Did he like the blonde or something, because otherwise he was just really weird and Itachi could never bring him along again. Even Deidara started fidgeting under the strong gaze and he usually liked it when he was being checked out.

Sasori was now the one who refilled the little glasses and Hidan was happy he finally got something else besides tequila. 'I have never had sex with one of my friends,' he said with a slight booze indulged blush on his face. He took the shot, as did Itachi, Deidara and Pein. Shit! Hidan thought. Pein did have sex with one of them. It should be Itachi then, no doubt about it. He needed to know more about this.

Hidan hurried everything up by filling each glass again and his gaze stayed on Pein. 'I have never had sex with someone who has black hair.' He had to take the shot himself since had slept with someone who had black hair, but he was much more curious about Pein's answer. The redhead leaned back in his chair, but never took the hit. Somehow that made Hidan feel a lot better. He hadn't slept with Itachi, but who of the other two did he have sex with. He watched the other two with great curiosity as they both took the shot. They had a threesome already, so it would be strange if they hadn't slept with a black haired man.

Pein raised an eyebrow at Hidan's strange behavior, but just continued the game. 'I have never fallen for one of my friends,' he said, eyes fixed on the other redhead of the group. He took the shot himself and waited for Sasori to do the same. The little redhead narrowed his eyes in annoyance, but took the shot anyway. They actually all did, even Madara who apparently fell for one of his friends too. It felt strange and the mood changed. They all wanted to know who had fallen for whom.

'I have never fallen for Pein,' Itachi said and he kept his drink down. The only one who did take the shot was Sasori and he did it while rolling his eyes. Itachi smirked at the redhead, apparently already knowing the answer. The raven was just as mean as Hidan was, he liked it.

Now it was Madara's turn again and his eyes were again glued to Deidara. 'I have never fallen for Deidara,' he said, licking his lips right after. He took the shot and then let his eyes focus on the blonde again. He wasn't the only one who took the shot though, but he did get a sweet smile with a blush from Deidara. The blonde didn't dare look him in the eye after that, but he was flattered. The only straight guy actually liked him. The other one who took the shot was Sasori and both Pein and Hidan raised an eyebrow at him.

Sasori just gave them a what? look back. 'You do know that Deidara and I dated for a while, right?' he asked. Two pair of eyes widened and that was the only answer Sasori needed. He rolled his eyes again.

It was Deidara's turn and he decided to do it a little different and Hidan didn't really mind actually. 'I have never wanted to have sex with Hidan!' he called out happily, downing his drink. Sasori and Itachi did the same and Hidan felt pretty good about himself. So he was wanted by the others huh. He winked at Itachi when the little panther dared looking at him and a heavy blush spread across the pale face. This night was getting better now.

Sasori stood up to fill Itachi's drink, but tumbled forward a bit. Somehow he ended up sitting in Pein's lap and his drunken head didn't seem to mind at all. The little one really couldn't hold his liquor and he already had many shots. It was still his turn, but he seemed to have forgotten, so Hidan took his turn instead.

'I have never dreamed about having a gigantic orgy with all of you,' he said smiling. He waited a few seconds before he took his own drink. All of them had actually already taken their drinks and shamelessly drank the little glass empty. Deidara's clouded mind took it even a bit further and he licked the glass clean as emphasizes that he would really like to have an orgy. Such a slutty friend they had.

Now Sasori did want to play again and he was already giggling before he had said anything. 'I have never used a purple vibrator on myself.' Most of them gave him questioning looks, but only one face turned completely red and took the shot of Sambuca. Who would have thought Itachi liked to play with toys? And why did Sasori know about that toy in the first place?

Pein was smiling down at the little redhead in his lap and decided to make him feel just as uncomfortable if he guessed right. 'I have never been tied up.' Unfortunately Sasori didn't take the shot, but he did laugh his ass off. Deidara took the shot, grumbling something under his breath, meaning Sasori tied him up once or twice. The other one taking the shot was Itachi. So the raven was a naughty one. Something stirred awake inside of Hidan. This game shouldn't go a lot further, otherwise something might really start rising.

The blushing raven had to go again and he saw that Itachi didn't want to do this anymore. Hidan only now assumed Itachi had even more to hide and he needed to find out what those things are! 'I have never tied someone up.' Sasori took his drink again, giggling like a maniac. Pein had to hold on tight to his drink, otherwise he had spilled it all over them due to the shaking in his lap. He took the shot as well and even he and Madara took the shot. A not very interesting outcome, but that was probably what Itachi wanted.

Now it was Madara's turn again. 'I have never had sex for an entire day.' Again a weird giggle erupted from Hidan's left side and everyone looked strangely at Sasori. Except for Pein who was smirking at the little redhead. They both took the shot and everyone knew what that meant. They actually all took the shot except for Hidan and Madara. Hidan felt left out. Why did his friends have all the fun? He wanted to do all those things too!

'I have never used a cockring,' Deidara said, smiling when he took the shot. Sasori pointed out his finger and yelled ha! at Deidara. So the little guy did a lot of naughty things to Deidara when they were together. Itachi also took the shot, doing his best to not let anyone show it.

Hidan's turn again. He had something else he wanted to ask now. 'I have never been spanked like a little bitch.' A pillow flew through the air and landed on a giggling Sasori. The guy was giving Deidara a really hard time here. He couldn't confess anything without being laughed at. Itachi was the other one who also took the shot and Hidan liked that. Oh, how he would love to spank that little round ass of his panther.

Now it was Sasori's turn again and he was already happily bouncing up and down in Pein's lap. Pein looked a bit pained and maybe somewhat aroused as well. 'I have never dressed up to turn on someone.' He was smirking when looking at Itachi and the raven took the drink, hanging his head down in shame. Sasori seem to know a lot about Itachi's sexual experiences. Itachi wasn't the only one who took the drink. Deidara did the same and Sasori's mouth hang open till his knees or something. Apparently something Deidara hadn't done for Sasori.

Pein was secretly caressing Sasori's upper leg, going higher and higher. It seemed Sasori didn't even notice, too busy with looking at Deidara. He was insulted by this all, although he didn't fully understand why. 'I have never had sex in public,' Pein said, sounding a bit breathless. All this talking about sexy stuff turned them on extremely and Pein was the first one to act on it. His hand went higher and rubbed once on Sasori's crotch. The redhead let out a squeal, but the hand was already gone before he knew it. It was like nothing had happened.

Of course everyone else saw it and it changed the mood even more. This night might end a little different than all the others. Itachi was the only one who took this shot and Hidan was the only one who saw. Okay, he was seriously getting very aroused by now. He could feel his cock hardening already.

The raven's turn again. His black eyes were glazed over a bit. He had had many drinks now and the horny vibe that went through the room didn't help. Hidan kept watching Itachi. How the panther made small movements, his body swinging around a bit. 'I have never had multiple orgasms during sex,' he said, taking the drink while looking at the silver haired man. Hidan shuddered at the idea and knew Itachi was playing with him. The bastard was challenging him.

Deidara and Sasori were the other ones taking the shots and now it was Madara's turn again. 'I have never had sex on top of a washing machine before.' When no one else but him took the shot, he raised an eyebrow. 'It's really good, you know. You should try it. It's like your whole body is a vibrator.' He smirked when Sasori made a weird eeping sound, but that could all be because Pein was touching him again.

It was the blonde's turn again and he was already taking a shot just for the hell of it. 'I have never used anal beads.' Sasori laughed evilly and Itachi took another shot. How many toys did the raven have and why did Sasori know about all of them?

Hidan was about to say his own I have never, when Deidara interrupted him. 'Wait, wait, I have another good one! I have never compared some of the guys who I've had sex with to my favorite dildo.' He giggled and Itachi joined in, both taking the hit. The booze was really getting to them, they had drunk a lot already.

He waited for both boys to be done giggling before he said his own. It took them a while and at some point even Sasori joined in, not even knowing why he's laughing. They were getting to the point where they should stop drinking, probably.

'I have never moaned like a bitch when I sucked a big cock,' Hidan said. He looked at Itachi, challenging him right back. Itachi took the hit, not even blushing under Hidan's strong gaze. Deidara also took the shot and a moan came from his left side. A moan? Hidan thought. He looked to the side and saw Pein carrying Sasori away to his bedroom while they were making out like their lives depended on it.

'Hey, what about the game?' Deidara called after him, but his only answer was the slamming of the door. Now Deidara was pissed. You couldn't just leave the game like that! He stood up and walked over to the kitchen, determined to get even more drunk. Sneakily Madara stood up too and walked after him.

A few minutes had passed and Itachi and Hidan sat there in silence. Nor Madara nor Deidara ever came back out of the kitchen and this could only mean one thing. The awkwardness rose in the room, knowing that all of their friends were having sex and they were the only ones left. The prude and the sexual experienced. Oh, how Hidan wanted to do all those things with Itachi. He wanted to see that purple vibrator and Itachi dressed up in a maid's costume. The thoughts made his cock only grow bigger and he noticed Itachi staring at it.

No words were further used. Itachi stood up, stumbling towards him and sat down in his lap, face forward. Their mouths met in a fierce kiss and hands glided over each other's still clothed bodies. Oh, how Hidan loved how this night ended. He would never get angry at Pein again when he decided to do another drinking party.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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