The last chapter! I think the end isn't that good though... I do really like this pairing^^ So I hope you'll enjoy a feisty Deidara and a bit of a forcing Madara...


Deidara stamped towards the kitchen and tried to slam the door behind him, but the slam never came. He didn't care much, too busy with getting even more drunk to just forget this awful night. He loved the game I have never and always wanted to play it with his friends, but of course he got made fun of the most. He couldn't help it having a lot of experience! He just loved having sex…

He opened the refrigerator and leaned down to grab a new bottle of this time Amaretto. He liked the almond drink a lot and was definitely not sharing this one. Screw them all! He unscrewed the bottle and set it against his lips. While taking a few big gulps, wasting the drink really, he turned around and looked straight in the eyes of a certain black haired man. A few drops of brown liquid dripped from the corner of his mouth and Madara watched them all fall on Deidara's shirt.

Wasn't this just great. Okay, Itachi's cousin was kind of hot, but the staring thing got really old and it creeped Deidara out. Why was Madara so interested in him anyway? Although he had liked everything Deidara had said so far. But it can't really be that Madara liked him right? I mean he was straight. He had been married for crying out loud! This is just absurd.

'What do you want?' Deidara said annoyed, finally getting a glass for his drink and still taking a sip out of the bottle after he had poured himself a glass.

Madara smirked at the blonde and reached out for the glass filled with Amaretto. He got a death glare when he set the glass against his lips and drank it all. That had been Deidara's drink, damn it! 'Can I have another one,' Madara said, giving the empty glass back to Deidara.

'Fuck you!' was the only thing Deidara responded with.

This got him a raised eyebrow and an even bigger smirk. This guy was so full of himself! 'Feisty,' he said, taking a step forward. He wiped away a stray blond lock from Deidara's face and placed it behind the blonde's ear. Immediately Deidara jerked away his head, not even wanting to be touched by the arrogant bastard! Deidara took a step back and hit his back against the counter. Madara again took a step forward and placed his hands right beside Deidara's hips on the counter.

Deidara was now ready to wipe that smirk off the bastard's face. So Madara really thought Deidara would just give into him like some horny little bitch? He might have done a lot of naughty things, but that doesn't mean he was easy! Well, okay maybe a little easy, but not that easy! He punched Madara in the gut and the raven fell forward on his knees. Deidara stepped out of the way, still sipping his drink. He glanced back for a second and saw Madara getting back on his feet.

'Leave me alone,' he kind of slurred, the alcohol really hitting him now. Madara threw his hands up in the air as a sign of surrender. He walked out of the kitchen and Deidara sighed in relieve. Now he can just be on his own and drink all his sorrows away.

And just when he thought he was finally alone, Madara came back into the kitchen, wearing some sort of apologetic smile. It just annoyed Deidara even more and take an angry sip of his drink.

'Sorry,' Madara said. 'But I can't go back out there.'

What the hell is that supposed to mean?! He can't go back out there? Fuck that! 'Then I'll go back out there!' Deidara said, marching for the kitchen door.

But then Madara stopped him by placing a hand right in front if his face. Deidara hadn't noticed how much bigger Madara was compared to him. 'You can't go either. I think some people need some privacy right there,' he said matter-of-factly.

'No way!' Deidara yelled out. 'Hidan and Itachi are fucking?' He was now smiling and in his head pondering how he could use this against the two of them.

Madara just nodded and smirked at the blonde's excitement. Dirty thoughts were already running through his mind and the image of Itachi blowing Hidan didn't help at all. Deidara had been the most feminine out of all of them and there was just something that really appealed to Madara. And the feisty personality also helped. He wouldn't want anyone who would throw him or herself at his feet. And now that he didn't have anything better to do, he would see how he could convince the little blonde to have some fun with him.

Deidara took another gulp from the bottle of Amaretto. It was already half empty and Deidara wasn't near done drinking yet. But then Madara reached out his hand and somehow Deidara felt the need to be polite. Yeah, they were stuck there together, so the least he could do was share his drink, damn it! He grumbled something incoherent and gave the bottle to Madara.

'Thank you,' Madara said, but didn't take a sip or anything. The excitement of his friends having sex was already gone now that he realized it was working against his escape. Another murderous glance went Madara's way and he tried to stare the bottle out of the raven's hand. Then Madara took a step forward and again was right in front of Deidara, way too close for comfort. 'Open up,' Madara said and Deidara gave him a confused look. Madara opened his own mouth as an explanation and hesitatingly Deidara did as he was told. The bottle was set against his lips and he happily took another drink. He closed his eyes and kept taking slow sips of the Amaretto. He wanted to growl when the bottle suddenly left, but was silenced by a pair of lips.

Deidara tried to push of Madara with all he had. He punched the broad chest, pulled the long black raven hair and tried kicking him in the nuts, But Madara just dropped the bottle of Amaretto on the floor, it smashing against the tiled floor and pinned Deidara´s hands against the counted, stepping so close that the blonde couldn´t move his legs anymore. He was stuck! And the mouth was still against his and he could feel the tongue running along his bottom lip. This was not what he wanted!

But the lips against were really soft and it felt kind of nice. Maybe just a kiss then. A kiss didn't matter, right? So he opened his mouth for the raven to explore. The tongue immediately slipped in and roamed through his mouth. A soft moan bubbled up when the tongue found his own and massaged it against his. Soon their tongues battled against each other for dominance and Deidara wasn't one to back down. He would win this. He tried freeing his hands again. He just wanted them in the long raven locks and pull, so he could show how dominant he actually could be. But Madara wouldn't let him go and damn it, the guy was stronger than him.

Madara pushed his hips closer to Deidara's body and the blonde could feel the raven's erection pressed against his hip. Okay, so Madara was taking this further than Deidara really wanted. This had to stop right now! But the tongue in his mouth still felt so good and now his hands were free too. He could just wrap them around Madara's neck and pull him even closer.

Slowly two hands went down and grabbed the hem of Deidara's shirt. When Madara tried pulling it up, Deidara finally noticed he was being undressed. 'Wait!' he yelled out. 'I don't want that.' So Madara let go of the shirt and started kissing the blonde's neck this time. Soon soft little moans came from Deidara and Madara thought is safe to try and take of his shirt again. This time Deidara was too busy with his neck to even notice the rest. The shirt came off and Madara also pulled off his own. Then the two hands went down to the blonde's pants, trying to get a move on to the next thing.

Deidara felt what was going on, but the mouth around his nipple was way too good to focus on the other thing. So his pants came off and then another zipper was opened. Blue eyes shot open and he looked down at Madara's freed erection. 'Oh, no. You put that away again,' he said, trying to do it himself already. But his movements were a bit clumsy due to all the alcohol and he accidently touched Madara's cock. The raven groaned a bit and was watching Deidara intently, hoping the blonde would get the hint.

They kept looking at each other and a small blush formed on Deidara's face. He looked at where his hand was and saw that it was still slightly touching Madara's cock. It was already so hard and quite big. Deidara would love to feel that inside of him. Wait, no! He didn't want to have sex with this straight man! But fuck, it was so alluring. Maybe he would just do this one thing for Madara. Sure that would be okay and he really couldn't resist such a big hard cock. He never could…

He got down on his knees and wrapped a hand around Madara's erection. He felt it throbbing under his fingers and a drop of pre cum came from the slit. He stuck out his pink tongue and licked it up. It was bitter and kind of salty, not a good mix with the sweet liquor he had been drinking all night, but he didn't mind. His lips now closed around the head and his tongue swirled around it. He heard Madara gasp and groan, but he wasn't paying attention to that. Only what he was doing was important. His brain couldn't handle two things at the same time right now.

Slowly he took more of the throbbing cock in his mouth and he had to keep swallowing to actually do it. No way he could take it all in. Who would have known Itachi's cousin was so big? He kept his hand around the base and made jerky movements towards his mouth.

A hand was grabbed his hair and pushed him further down. He tried stopping Madara, but he wasn't strong enough. Tears stung in his eyes as he tried swallowing around the big thing again. He could feel the head against the back of his throat. He didn't dare to move, but Madara had something else on his mind. He was pulled off his cock and shoved forward again. Deidara tried screaming, but that set Madara off even more. Deidara couldn't do anything but let Madara do as he pleased. His throat soon got used to the feeling and when Deidara looked up and saw Madara's pleasured face, he just had to help again. Every time he was pulled off, he let his tongue swirl around the head of Madara's cock. The raven got louder and even Deidara couldn't ignore the sounds anymore. He tasted more and more bitterness on his tongue, pre cum almost flowing out of the hardened length.

Then he was yanked up by his hair and when he wanted to scream out in pain, a pair of lips were on his again. So much was happening and he couldn't even comprehend them all. He pushed his tongue inside of Madara's mouth, making the raven taste himself. Their erections were pressed together by Madara and then Deidara realized again that this was going too far. He was not having sex with the raven!

He pushed Madara away from him, making the raven take a step back. 'S-stop, I think we can go back into the living room again.' As Deidara said it, a loud moan came from the living room, probably coming from Itachi. Madara raised an eyebrow at the blonde and Deidara knew he was in trouble now.

Deidara tried to reason with Madara again, but before he could even start talking, he was spun around on his feet and his face was pressed against the counter. He tried fighting back, but it's really hard when a hand is on your head and you can't turn your body around. 'Let me the fuck go!' he yelled, but he didn't get an answer. So he tried again. 'Bastard, let me... Oh, fuck.' A finger was inserted in him and wriggled around. He couldn't really think straight anymore. He didn't want this, right? But it just felt so good.

The finger was soon joined by a second one and Deidara could tell that Madara tried to hurry this up. He didn't mind anymore. He'd rather have that big cock in his ass than fingers. The big throbbing cock. The fingers pumped into him, stretching him as best as Madara could. It was a bit clumsy since he hadn't ever done it before, but he didn't want to hurt Deidara either. He just hoped this would be enough.

The third finger joined in and Deidara moaned loudly when he got stretched even more. He shivered as they went deeper and deeper and then he practically screamed when Madara reached his prostate. He grabbed a hand of black locks and pulled harshly. He wasn't even aware he was doing it until Madara peeled the fingers loose of his hair. But he wouldn't apologize. Madara had forced him into this, so he would get punished a bit too.

The fingers were pulled out and Deidara thought it was over then, but they were pushed right back in, hitting his prostate just for a second before going out again. It was like torture, lovely torture. He got pleasured, but not quite and he hated the bastard for it and he would also love to do it again. Madara kept this up until Deidara was squirming against the counter. He mewled and moaned as the bitch he didn't want to be, but when he was played like that, he couldn't even help it.

The fingers suddenly left him and he whimpered at the loss of them. But then the head of Madara's big cock was placed against the ring of muscles. He held his breath as Madara start pushing, but a loud moan left his lips when the head was fully in. It felt like he was being ripped apart, but it felt so good. He didn't mind the bit of pain he was feeling, it made it even better.

Madara pushed further in and his mouth was open in a silent moan. He had never felt something so tight in his life. When he was completely in, he shivered. The walls around him kept clenching and clenching. He was in heaven. He kept still, not because Deidara asked him to, but because he had to get used to this feeling. This was just so good and if he would move too soon, he might come too soon. He certainly didn't want that.

But when he pulled out, Deidara moaned again. His cock brushed against Deidara's prostate continuously. He thrust back in and immediately the walls clenched around him again, sucking him in deeper. He groaned loudly and couldn't stop himself from moving harder anymore. He pulled out and pushed in hard, making the blonde scream under him. The sounds Deidara made drove him crazy. He had never heard anyone scream in pleasure, never like this. He just needed to pleasure Deidara more.

His hand went down to Deidara's thigh and he picked up the leg. He laid it on his shoulder, making Deidara lie sideways on the counter. He could see that Deidara's eyes were closed, but the tanned hands kept moving, grabbing random things off the counter, trying to hold onto something. Little jars filled with ingredients dropped to the floor, making a mess of the kitchen floor. Pein would be pissed in the end, but Madara didn't care since he didn't know the guy and well Deidara was in a state he didn't even knew what was going on.

When he finally got a hold on the counter, he moaned loudly when Madara struck his prostate again. Somewhere he heard Itachi scream something about being too loud and with a smirk on his face he hit Deidara's prostate dead on again, pulling a scream from the blonde's throat now. Now Hidan and Itachi could be sure they were having sex as well.

Deidara clenched his walls again and his moans got louder and louder with every thrust, even if Madara wasn't trying to hit his prostate. 'I- I'm... Fuck… I'm gonna…' And then Deidara screamed. He came all over his chest and the counter. His body kept shivering and shivering as Madara still thrust in him. He was mumbling and trashing his head around and Madara wasn't sure what he could do about it.

He tried touching Deidara's face, but it got slapped away, so he stayed away. But then Deidara got up and threw his arms around Madara's neck. His leg was released and he wrapped both of them around Madara's waist. Then he rode the raven, kissing him in the process. Madara let the blonde do as he pleased and enjoyed the ride. Deidara went faster and faster and swallowed every groan Madara might produce. He clenched his walls when he felt Madara's cock twitch inside of him. He pulled the orgasm out of the raven and felt the cum warm his insides.

They stayed in that position, Madara still inside of Deidara. Their breathing calmed down fast and now they were just holding each other.

'So how straight are you really?' Deidara asked sarcastically.

Madara just laughed and held the blonde even tighter. He sniffed on the long blond locks and noticed that it smelled like almonds. Deidara started shifting around him and the feeling made him turn hard again. The blonde immediately noticed and tried squirming away for real now, but Madara just pinned him down on the counter again and started moving.

'N-no, not again!' Deidara squeaked.

'Ready for round two, sweetheart?' Madara said huskily, already thrusting into that tight heat below him.

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