Steve sighed, and hugged Tony. They were happy. For the next few months, Tony planned the biggest wedding he could think of. Steve laughed off, or out right rejected most of the details. Of course all of the Avengers were invited, and any other super hero that Tony knew.

Tony wanted a winter wedding, but he wanted Steve to have the best day of his life and make it impossible to top. So, they went for a summer wedding.

Nothing got in the way. Until the wedding day.

Steve was getting ready, when an unexpected guest appered.

"Bucky! Hey! I didn't know Tony invited you." He hugged his best friend.

"Tony didn't. I just,...I wanted to see you, before you got taken from me forever."

"Don't think like that. I know you still care about me, but-"

"Care? Steve, I never stopped loving you." Bucky insisted. Steve felt uncomfortable still wrapped in Bucky's arms.

"I love Tony. And I refuse to leave him." Steve finished. Bucky sighed.

"I know. I came to say goodbye." Steve smiled , and went to say something when Bucky's lips crashed onto Steve's. Bucky held him tightly as Steve tried to pull away. The super solider finally escaped and slapped Bucky. The other man shrugged, and slipped out the window. Tears streamed down Steve's face, decorating his white tuxedo collar.

"Steve, are you okay?" Bruce asked, opening the door.

"Yeah, I'm fine." he said, quickly dashing away the tears.

"Well, let's go, it's time." Steve smiled, and gathered himself. He tools. Deep breathe, and walked out onto the carpet. Tony insisted on the red carpet being rolled out for them.

Tony smiled softly, dressed in a sharp black tux. Steve looked amazing. Steve walked slowly towards his husband, nervous, he hoped he wouldn't screw up the vows. Steve stepped up next to Tony, and smiled.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered her today to join in union Steven Rogers and Anthony Stark. I understand you've written your own vows?"

"Yes." They said in unison. The thousands of people laughed. Even the grooms themselves did.

"Anthony, you may go first." The priest said. Tony gave him a look, still smiling.

"Steve, when I first met you, I just wanted to be good enough for you. You we so kind to everyone, so sweet, and old fashion. I never understood why you chose me, but I'm glad I get to be your superhero." Tony said. Steve had tears in his eyes again.

"Tony, you mean everything to me. Waking up in a new time, a new world was hard, but I had a life persevere. You. You pulled me out of a dark sea, and held me tight. Even though I'm not as smart as you, and I'm older, I'm glad your my Iron Man."

"Tony Stark, do you take this man to have and to hold, for richer or for poor, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, till death do you part?"

"I do."

"Steve Rogers, do take this man to and to hold, for richer or for poor,min sickness and in health, for better or worse, till death do you part?"

"I do." The happy tears fell.

"Then I now pronounce you Man and groom." Tony planted a kiss on his husband. Steve laughed, leaning back. Everyone cheered.

The reception was short, mainlyn because Steve wanted to find out where their honeymoon was. Tony went full out for that. They landed I. Hawaii, after taking Starks private jet to the island of Maui.

Inside Tonys apartment, the two newly weds were cuddling on the couch.

"Steve, I love you." Tony said. Steve looked at his husband who was wrapped in his arms.

"I love you too." tony kissed Steve. He had been patient, and waited for this moment. Now he was going to get what he wanted. Steve returned the kiss Pulling Tony on top of him. The two just sat ther, kissing for a while. Tony let out a low groan, going hard. Steve smirked, and of corse, Tonys phone rang.

"Seriously Clint? Things were getting good." tony answered. Steve am de a pouty face at Tony. "What! Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me! Look, tell Fury to fuck off. It isn't- Then no! I am with my husband on my wedding night, they can wait." Tony hung up.

"What was Thwt about?" Steve asked.

"Thor and Loki. Now where we're we?" Tony nuzzled Steve neck.

"No, what happened?"

"Ugh. Apparently, their together, and daddy kicked them out of Asgard. So they want to live with us."

"Okay. Now where were we?. Tony bite Steve neck. The super solider fought back a moan. That night, and the other twelve nights after it, we're perfect. Steve could finally say Tony Stark belonged to him, no one else, adn he was going to be his forever.