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Puss in Boots has been known by many names. Here are some of them..


He got this name from Humpty, his stepbrother. Humpty was the only person..or egg.. that really close to Puss. One day, Humpty and Puss was on the grassy field, watching the clouds. Humpty was curious about why the cat beside him(Puss) did not have a name yet. At first Humpty suggested Sparky, Whiskers, and Zoltar as his name, but Puss rejected it. But when Humpty suggested Puss as his name, the cat(Puss) immediately accepted. And that's how Puss got his name..

Puss in Boots or Un Gato con Botas

Puss got this nickname after he save the Commandante's mother. Puss's stepmother, Imelda was very proud to Puss. So, she gave him his own boots, hats, belt, and his sword to show her gratitude to Puss. Puss loves his new attire so much, especially his brown boots. Because Puss always wears his boots every time, the people on San Ricardo nicknaming him as 'Puss in Boots'

Diablo Gato

Puss got this nickname when he become an outlaws. Puss likes to sword fighting against the town soldiers. Because of his unbelievable speed and his fighting style that can make Satan proud, the town soldiers nicknaming him as 'Diablo Gato'.

The Furry Lover

Puss in Boots is very handsome and yet charming. All of the female cats, who already met him, admits it. He likes to flirts with a tons of she cat, and left all of them..of course.. Because of that, all of the females nicknaming him as 'The Furry Lover' because of his flirtation charms and he has an awesome orange fur..


Nobody knows why Puss got this nickname. Chupacabra and Puss was completely different! Chupacabra has a blue skin while Puss has and orange fur.. But, the only thing people know about this nickname and the reason is because when Puss was walking on the dark night, Puss's eyes glowing green at the night like Chupacabra's red eyes..

Mr. Frisky Two Times

Again the reason why Puss has this nickname because of his reputation amongst the females.. And of course because Puss will never give up until he finally seduce the female cat that he's targeting..

Ginger Hit Man

Puss got this nickname because of his sword fighting reputation. He always move so swiftly like a breeze, making his opponent can't fight back. And he didn't hesitate when it come to 'finishing' his opponent. Because of this, all of Puss enemies nicknaming his as 'Ginger Hit Man', and of course because Puss' fur color was orange as ginger's..


Actually it was a shorten version of 'Ginger Hit Man. Puss got this nickname from his friend-now girlfriend- Kitty Softpaws. At first Puss got irritated when Kitty calls him as 'Ginger' because he's not an actual ginger! And he's not some ginger bread man.. But, Puss starts to likes his newly found nickname, of course he likes it! His girlfriend gave it!

The Guitar Hitter

Puss got this nickname from Kitty. Kitty nicknaming him like that for teasing him about he hit her in the head with the guitar..

El Caballero del Amor Orange

Puss again got this nickname from Kitty. She thinks that Puss was way much better than any male cats she ever met, and more brave too. So, she gave Puss this nickname. Every time Kitty calls him with this nickname, Puss always smiles(genuinely smiles) to Kitty, to show her how much he loves her…

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