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It was Saturday, and the rain is falling down upon Ishiyama, usual outdoor activities are postponed, and families stayed inside their houses with their heaters on, to keep warm. Oga's family is no different, as they stayed inside the house too. The pseudo family stayed at Oga's room, where Oga plays while Hilda reads her book and Beel was sleeping.

Hilda paused reading and glanced outside. Her eyes narrowed, as she saw the heavy rain outside. She sipped her tea.

"Rain…" she murmured to herself, which Oga heard.

"What about the rain?" he asked, still focused on the screen as he plays his favorite game, Dragon Quest.

"Nothing, I just remembered something from my past, back at the Demon World," she finished as she sipped another cup of tea, and then she continued reading.

From the corner of his eye, Oga can see that Hilda became nostalgic. He thought that she might have remembered that day, which was today, the day that she sealed all her feelings. The day that her damn guy crushed her.


"So what do you want to talk about?"

"Adah?" Beel pointed to himself.

"No Beelze-sama, It's not about you."

"Bruh…" Beel sighed in boredom and disappointment.

"Oga-dono, I heard that Hilda-sama was sick. How is she?"

"Well I guess she's a little okay now."

"Hm… I heard that she's having a hard time recovering."

"Well yeah. Lamia explained everything. But I don't know what to do."

"Well, all you need to do is to help her express those feelings, not just for the master, but also for the others, too. That way, she can recover from what she is suffering right now."

"Help her? I told you I don't know how to," Oga told the flaky doctor.

"Well, I may not look like it but I'm a real cool character. I'm a chick magnet," the cool doctor told the cool father, who is looking dumbfounded.


"Arrange marriage…"

"Arrange marriage?" Oga asked the flaky doctor, his face full of doubts.

"Yeah, with someone I know," Dr. Forcas explained. "But truth to be told, that guy doesn't deserve Hilda-sama," he finished.

"Then, who is this guy?" Oga wondered.

"Hmmm… I guess I should tell you."

Back at the demon world, Hilda used to be one of the most elite women, a girl of beauty and brains. She was also the nicest woman everyone has known. Men always dream of being with her, that's why when the time came that her father demanded her to marry some guy, most of the men in the Demon World lined outside their mansion, wanting to be her man. But despite that fact, Hilda remained stoic and oblivious, as she ignored them. It was like she was waiting for someone, and she wanted to meet him in the near future. A guy who can make her world upside down, a guy who can surprise her by his personality alone, a guy who can match up her craziness, a guy who can stand up for her. A man with dignity that will never let his friends be tangled up, a man who can withstand her, a man with word of honor. A man who's amazing, just by being him, by being him. Everything went perfect when his father returned, introducing his to be son-in-law, the eldest son of the one of the best fighting tribe in the Demon World. Hilda easily showed interest in him, as he has all the things that Hilda is looking for. That's what she thought… not knowing that that guy is a pretentious jerk. He ignores her, when no one is looking, curses her when no one is listening. It turns out that, all he wanted is fame and wealth and he think that Hilda can give it. She didn't even told her family that his husband to be has another objective, as she doesn't want to disobey her father's orders.

"You think I love you, bitch? Don't get too cocky, you're just a tool, a working junk serving the Great Demon Lord's ass. How pathetic."

'Working junk?'

Even though being insulted like that, she didn't wavered. She continued sticking to that man.

"Hilda, a word came from the Kingdom, you are chosen to be the demon maidservant of Mrs. Iris' son!"

After hearing that, she was overjoyed, she can't wait for the Young Master to be born.

"Ow! He will make my popularity rise! I guess marrying you has some good points too."

Hilda was tired of it. 'I don't care if you degrade me, but not the Young Master, to think that you will use him makes me wanted to kill you!'

The day of their wedding came, Hilda was wearing a black, long dress that made her even more stunning and gorgeous. Her veil covered her face. She walked slowly down the aisle, while his groom waited for her for all of eternity, making his patience to run out.

"Fuck, she's slow…" he cursed in a low voice.

Just then Hilda finally arrived at the altar, which made him delightful.

"At last, my 'era' has come…"

Hilda heard the jerk and she suddenly drew her sword out, aiming for the shit's neck.

"Impertinent fool, you're not getting married with me. I'm done with your shitty attitude. Perish… before I do that fucking favor for you," Hilda said, her eyes was all fiery and she was real serious in making her wedding day… a day to kill.

"OI! If you kill me, you're not getting away with this! My tribe will kill you bitch!"

"I can manage them all, if you wish to I'll kill them too.." she finished and suddenly a black aura of demonic power came flowing out of her. This scared all of the demons inside the wedding reception. They ran in random just to get away from the place. Hilda was left. She was grateful that she will never have to deal with that idiot anymore. She kneeled before the altar. Looking on the roof, her eyes produced tears, almost the same time as the heaven poured a heavy rain.

"I will never love again… all my love… will be dedicated for my Master only…"

End of Flashback

"Ow… you're back. So how's exam?" Furuichi asked Lamia, when he entered his room to get some snacks.

"F-f-f-f-f-furuichi!" Lamia was shocked and she stuttered when she saw the white-haired teen.


"Um… nothing… I passed the exam!" and she flashed a big grin. "By the way, I brought you a souvenir!"

"A souvenir from Demon World? It might be dangerous…" he sighed.

"Idiot! It was a limited edition recorder…" and she showed Furuichi her gift.

Furuichi grabbed it, and as he got it, it floated in the mid air. It started producing sound and he heard a familiar voice. He listened to it carefully, until he identified that the singing voice was of Lala's.

"She wanted me to gave it to you, so that you won't miss her…" and then she smirked.

Oga overslept after playing his game. He woke up and found that Hilda isn't in his room.

"Maybe she's just downstairs…" he yawned and stood up. He picked Beel and then he headed downstairs.

"Oh… you're almost there for the dinner…" Misaki told her idiot brother.

"Where is Hilda?"

"Huh? Isn't she at your room?"

"No, she's not there…"

"Tatsumi… what have you done again, huh?!" his sister suddenly changed her mood and she was ready to beat Oga any second.

"I did nothing!"

"Now then search for her! Leave Beel! It's raining outside!"

"What a pain… Beel, cut the link…"


Oga rushed through the door, without second thinking.

"Tatsumi! Bring some umbrella!" Misaki sighed. "Geez, he's gone."

"Where might Hilda be? That idiot, leaving the house like no one cares for her whereabouts…" he ran in random circles, from the school, to the park, convenience stores, and the likes. No signs of Hilda. "I guess she's there…" and he ran again.

Hilda stared blankly at the pond while the rain makes it like some kind of a fairy tale scene where the fairies jump on the surface of the water. She's just letting herself be drenched in the rain, while remembering her promise that day.

"As expected…"

"What are you doing here?" Hilda asked Oga, who came to fetch her.

"Didn't I told you that, I will surpass your damn guy? So why bringing it back?"

"Fool, it's just because, I remembered, the promise I made for myself…"

"That you're not going to love again?"


"Fool. Don't jump into conclusions. Someone better will always come along. Don't restrict yourself. If you don't love, you can't take care of Beel."

"Looks like you're an expert in love… that freaking word…" she smirked. "Is this the feeling that I have for you, now?"

Oga was a bit shocked. Did Hilda just say that? She almost said that she loved him.

"It's true that, I was drawn to your personality, your sense of loyalty… I like it. It was like I found the guy that I've been waiting for at that time, when I was about to marry some jerk." She smiled. "But now, I'm confused, whether this feelings are just fondness, or the thing you called love."

Oga moved closer to Hilda, he hugged her. Hilda was moved. Tatsumi never did it before. She buried her face in his chest and she was like crying, together with the rain.

"It's love Hilda…" and he leaned forward and deliberately kissed her. Hilda responded. The two didn't mind being soaked in the rain, as they enjoy each other's company. Hilda thought that, yes that's it, the thing that she lacked is that. That love thing, as Aoi said. She's not that really good in expressing her true feelings, verbally or physically. But, she doesn't mind anymore, cause Tatsumi already know, and she already know, that they both love each other. The two continued kissing each other, under the cold rain, but their passionate feeling kept them warm.

"Today is what?" Furuichi asked Lamia, it was like he doesn't caught up with her.

"What a pain… I said that today is the day that the Great Demon Lord has won in the 10,000 day Mahjong marathon in the Demon World. That's why he said that he will give us demon something to wish for," Lamia explained again.

"Wow… if I am a demon, I would wish for a one-year package of sexy girls!" and he drooled like a fool.


"Takayuki… I will grant your wish… just tell me what is it…" Alaindelon said, blushing like crazy. "but you see, if it involves me… you can wish to have my body or something like that…"

"Fuck off! I don't want that!"

"Now I'm wondering what will Hilda nee-sama would wish for…" Lamia thought of it deeply.

"You're right…" Furuichi followed.

Oga and Hilda were heading home, it's already too late. The two walked quietly, they are a little shy after what had happened between them that afternoon. Oga was feeling very uneasy, he started the first move.

"Oi, Hilda, say something…"

"About what…about how cheesy you were back there?" she smirked.

"Oi, you're cheesier back there!" Oga defended.

"Huh… I wish I hadn't heard it… it makes me sick…" she teased Oga in a sarcastic way. He can feel the sarcasm in her voice that made him smile.

"But you should know how to express yourself, right?" Oga teased back.

'Huh… moron… of course I can do it…'

And there was silence. Oga felt uneasy again. He's wondering why Hilda isn't saying anything. He felt like a fool, for walking with her with that uneasiness and shyness.

'Oga… I wanted to tell you something… I didn't properly said it back there…'

But Oga isn't responding. What the hell's with him? She's taking all of the courage she has to say it out loud, but this moron isn't listening at all!

'Dammit, Oga!' and she kicked Oga, enough to make him trip and fall.

"The hell?! What now?" Oga was pissed.

'I've been talking to you and you're not listening to me?! You fool! You don't know how hard for me to say it!' she finished.


'I'm trying to say that I love—' Hilda paused, as she saw Oga's reaction, dumbfounded.

"What are you saying again, Hilda? Can you do it properly, I can't hear you…"


"My, my, Hilda has wished something weird… well I'll grant it!"

"Oi, don't tell me, that your voice is gone?" Oga was all curious to know.

'I don't know either…' is what she's trying to say, but Oga can't understand her.

"Is that… your wish, Hilda nee-sama?"

The two glanced at the direction were Lamia and Furuichi was standing. She wondered.


"You're voiceless…" Furuichi concluded.

"Oi Creepichi! Don't kid like that! There is no way in hell that Hilda nee-sama is voiceless! Unless, she need to do that!" Lamia screamed at her.

'Shit! Yeah, that's the only way to get my voices back… but no way! I won't do that!' Hilda freaked out.

"That?" Oga barged in the conversation. Lamia looked at him, straight. There is fear in those eyes of innocence.

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