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That Freaking Word

"What?! This is what you want right?! Then why are you starting another argument?!" Hilda screamed at the top of her lungs. She's clenching her fists to control her rage from punching the jerk in front of her.

"Cause you're not damn talking to me and you won't let me know the fucking reason!" Oga matched her attitude, but Hilda was on higher level.

"Do I really need to tell you every little thing I do?! I'm busy taking care of the Master so I don't have the leisure to talk with an idiot like you anymore, got it now?!"

"Taking care of Baby Beel?! Goddammit! He was on my back twenty- four seven and you disappear every time I needed you to take charge and your making the false excuse of taking care of him? Will you please stop making a fool out of me?!" Oga defended his side.

"Look, it's not like we're talking aside things that concern the Master or the demons, right? So why bother asking if I am not talking to you? It's still the same…" Hilda calmed herself down. Nothing will happen if she'll argue with the idiot more, and it will not change THAT fact. After all, what done is done.

"And look too. We're not talking about anything besides Beel? Would you please tell me the truth? I'm not a fortuneteller to foretell what's running in that little head of yours—"

"Then be a fortuneteller to know how I hate you right now! So be gone!" Hilda didn't even let him finish what he is saying and turned her back and walked away. She doesn't want to listen to what he got to say, after all, there is already SOMEONE who will listen to him whatever he has to say or what idiotic things he will say.

"What?!" he pulled her back while gripping at her arm. He's holding her tight that Hilda gritted her teeth. "Look, I'm trying to ask nicely here but you've push me to my limit. If you don't want to then just say it! Not making me wait for nothing!"

Hilda lost it. She glared at him with a cold stare. "Fine. I'll tell you. I hate you because you're an idiot. Now fuck off, okay?"

As Hilda was about to go, Oga tightened her grip even more, making her go back. Oga nailed his stare at her green, amber eyes. Hilda can see the seriousness of his action written all over his face.

"One question, one answer. Now tell me, is it about Kunieda?"

"What about her?" Hilda answered in a cold demeanor, which Oga could tell that she doesn't care at all.

"About her… being my girlfriend?" Oga pinpointed out, straight to her face. Hilda gave her a baffled look.

"So? Do you really need to tell me that crap? Just so you know, I don't care at all," she jerked out so Oga would let go, and he did. The way Hilda answered him, he can tell that she's obviously and undeniably lying.

"Are you jealous?" out of the blue, Oga asked the blond girl, who's fighting her tears back, but she can't fight that feeling anymore. That question made her turned around and dashed to him, giving him a hard kiss. She's kissing him roughly which Oga could foretell that she is indeed jealous. She never kissed him like this before, making him go like crazy.

"I can tell that that is a yes…" Oga began.

"Do you even need to tease me even though you already knew the answer?" Hilda followed. "I just need to know why… why Kunieda…"

"I'm sorry…"


"Damn it…" Aiba cursed under his breath as they made their way out of the restaurant to somewhere he can think and completely what just happened. "Does it bother you? They went out all to themselves…" he asked the blonde, who doesn't seems to care a bit.

"I'm the one to ask…" Hilda retorted.

"Well yes it is. After all the troubles I went through just to ask her in a date. It sucks," sounding in remorse, Aiba put his hands behind his head. He glanced at the blue sky and grinned. He remembered Aoi as he look at the passing clouds above.

"Blue sky, it's beautiful…"


"It's ironic isn't it?"

"I may say it is, on your side," Hilda did pay attention to what he is saying.

"Look like it's going to rain…" Aiba told her, still looking at the blue sky.

Hilda was puzzled, so she decided to look at the sky. But what she saw contradicted Aiba's intuition, as she saw that today has a fine weather.

"What are you talking about? The weather's fine—"

"No. It's raining…" Aiba paused, and so did Hilda. Manly tears came running down his cheeks. Even though he tried hard not to let this warm liquid to flow down, he just can't help it. Hilda, with a look of concern in her face, sympathized for a person for the very first time.

"Yeah, it's raining hard…" Hilda agreed.

"He really did come this far to see you, eh?" Oga commented. He just finished listening to her story.

"Yeah, that surprised me…" Aoi sighed.

"Well he just proved that he's really into you… you should give him a chance," Oga suggested, being dense again about her feelings towards him.

"Yeah, I want to… and I need to…I just sympathize him without understanding his feelings. But you see, just like what I have said, I already have someone in my heart…" and she glanced at him at the last note. He blushed a little. He turned his glance away and paid attention to the flying birds above. Yeah, he's been kind to her ever since, he even hesitated to fought her back even though she accused him something he didn't even know. She must hurt when they fought each other just to learn black techs, in order to save Hilda. To save Hilda. He must have been with the blond beauty, but for some instance he's with Aoi Kunieda, a girl from Tohoushinki, former leader of the Red Tails, cousin to her friend Aoi Kunie, and a girl who's confessing to him right now. Who would have thought that it would happen.

"Um… are you and Hilda-san, dating?" Aoi broke the silence by asking such question.

"Hmm? Nope, she just tagged along when I was about to meet Furuichi—"

"What I mean is… are you two dating, like some sort of a couple?" Oga gulped. He just made an answer out of her first question and now she's asking an even harder one. Even though he wants to answer yes, he can't. after all she's Aoi, the very first woman to confess to the like of him.


"Sorry for asking!" Aoi suddenly broke his moment as she realized that she's being rude in asking too much questions. He deserves some privacy too.

"No, it's okay…" silence fell between them.

Aoi wandered her eyes around as she noticed that it's getting more awkward and awkward as time flew by. She needed to make something they can talk about, something interesting besides Hilda, fighting, the demon baby at his back… something!

"Oh yeah! Why would you even meet Furuichi at the cafeteria?" she started something to talk about, I guess she made the right thing, right kind of topic.

"Ow yeah, I was looking for a part time job so I ask Furuichi to help me out. I know I can rely on him," Oga entertained her question.

"Why? You're busy taking care of Beel. How can you even do that?"

"It's basically this guy's fault. He's gluttonous enough to spend all my allowance for a month just to sustain his eating habits…" he explained with a baffled look.

"Ow… and what are you planning to do then… for work I mean?"

"That's what I'm dealing with right now. Do I need to push buggies in the middle of the night through the thick snow just to earn? I think it won't suit me…" Oga explained and he threw a rock towards the fountain, and it made a slight crack.

"Wow… I do think too…" Aoi agreed.

'Wait a minute… maybe it's my chance… this opportunity doesn't come every day. I think it's my turn to make my move… I just started… I just need to take it to a whole new level…'

Oga noticed that Aoi was silenced. He thought that she was into deep thinking and he had chosen not to bother her. She'll talk eventually, that's what he thought.

"OGA!" Aoi shouted. Her sudden approach startled the man and made his eyes widened in surprise.

"W-what?" Oga answered stuttering.

"I have to offer you something… a job," Aoi finished.

"So that's your story? Well for me it doesn't make any sense! You bastard! Why would you even accept that part-time boyfriend job from the Queen?! Do you have any idea what is that thing?!" Furuichi contradicted him. For no apparent reason, he's so pissed at his stupid delinquent friend. Usually he would be jealous of him but no, he's angry and pissed.

"Okay if you want a reason is that because it is easy to do! I just need to hug and kiss her… and be sweet…" Oga stated after getting annoyed at his whining.

"Is that all?! Are you sure that that's all? What about Hilda-san then? I'm warning you, it's not like when you do it with her… it's Kunieda-sempai… Kunieda-sempai… the Queen! She's different from your beloved Hilda!" he took it out of his chest just to remind Oga that Hilda would be extremely hurt because of his decision.

When he first accept that, he only thought for the money… and of course he wants to help Kunieda get rid of Aiba… but why did he accepted her offer? He doesn't want Hilda to know this…now that they are getting along so well, unlike before where they would always argue about the simplest thing…

"So what would you say to Hilda-san? Just like that…"Hey listen, Hilda so I and Kunieda are on a relationship…" just like that crap?! I don't think so dude…"

"I don't think so too…"

"You haven't talk to me since we're together… what's wrong?" Aoi asked her 'boyfriend' while walking down the riverbank, clinging on his arms.


"Come on tell me, you're my boyfriend after all…" Aoi blushed at the mere uttering of that word… even though it requires money just to be with him… it doesn't matter.


"What is it?"

"Let's end this… I don't want to come off as a liar…" Oga being straightforward, said things that might not be that pleasant to her.

Aoi smiled and let her grip to fade. She turned her back and he intertwined her hands behind her back. She glared at the wide open sky.

"About Hilda right?"

He didn't answered.

"Just like what I thought…"


"No… it should be me, bribing you with money just to buy your time. Now I know I can't buy happiness when it involves a person."

"No it should be me… after all I made you think that there is a chance…"

"You're very honest…and that's what I like about you. You never hide your feelings and that's also why people know you better."


"But before we end it, can I ask for one more thing?" and she finished it with a smile.

Dusk is already approaching them as they walked to reach their destination. Aoi's last wish before they separate might change everything between them. As the walk down the dusky scenery the sun is giving them, Oga thought that it's for the best. He don't want to be a liar nor he doesn't want Kunieda to hope for nothing, so it's better to end things up.

"Are you sure she's coming?" Aiba asked while tailing Oga from his behind.

"She's the one who asked me to bring you here… so why would you think that she's not coming?" Oga, saying it with logic, looks very proud.

"You're right…"

As they reached the meeting place Aoi asked him, Aiba stood in front of her. The girl she likes, is now standing in front of her, just like in the movies where time is slow, like no one is around them and the only thing he sees at that time and at that place is the girl who made him cry for the first time.

"I'm glad you came," she greeted.

"Yeah… it was you after all…"

Silence fell between them. Aoi gulped and ironically speaking, she swallowed her pride as he bowed his head in that awkward situation. Aoi gasped for air.

"SORRY!" and with a single blow, she let it all out. She's teary eyed while asking for apology from the blond guy who she first met back in Okinawa, a guy who just suddenly fall for her, and the guy who she always rejects.

Aiba was startled. "For what?"

"For always turning you down. I always ignore your presence, I always take you for granted… I… I …" she wanted to fight the tears back but she can't help it. As her tears flow down, she can remember all those days that Aiba is helping her, reaching out to her, coming all the way to Ishiyama just to see her, visiting her during Christmas and even pairing with her just to win. All those time that he's thinking of her, even though they are apart like kilometers away, his heart never stopped for even a second for loving her.

"Don't be… I'm grateful I met a girl like you Aoi… even though how many times you reject me, even though how many times I need to fight Oga just to prove myself to you, even though… agh… I can't remember any more… well it doesn't matter anymore…" and he finished it with a hug.

Aoi sobbed in his chest as Oga watched them in the corner. He's glad that everything between Aiba and Kunieda are settled now. Is this what love can do? Forgive those who made mistakes? Really that freaking word is something…

"One word Oga…" Aoi suddenly paused from crying and face the delinquent.




"And one more…"


"Do you love Hilda?"


"Do you love Hilda?" she repeated.

"Yes I do…" for the second time, he answered her without hesitation. It just came out of his mouth, like his heart pushed it out, and unbelievably, he can breathe with easiness after admitting it.

"You heard him right? Now come on out!" Aoi called for the wet nurse, who's hiding behind the tree. She was there the whole time listening to their conversation. Hilda looked at his way.

"One thing before I let go. I just want to make sure… that I'll leave Oga in good hands…"

"What?" Hilda nailed her stare at the blue-haired girl who's talking to her.

"Do you love him too?"

Oga gulped. He was shocked at her sudden question. It was the first time Hilda was asked in front of him with that question. Oga seek for her reaction just to find out she's dead serious.

"Yes…I do…" without second thought she answered Aoi, and she could tell that she's not lying.

"That would do…" and she smiled. "I gave up on you now… Oga…"

Aiba and Aoi left the two and they went for themselves. The two was left under the dusky colored sky, with some stars twinkling and lighting the way. The wind is blowing gently with that icy cold feeling that brushes their cheeks. Hilda looking at him like there was no tomorrow. Oga got a little uncomfortable… not because of her stare… with her answer. That's the first time she ever admitted it, and so easily…

"You don't believe it?"

"It's just so straightforward…"

"Why you hate girls who are straightforward?"

Oga ran to her and with just a blink of an eye, he's standing in front of her, holding her in her in his arms.

"No… not really… in fact I like them… they give me no time to think anymore…" and he smiled at her.

"Yeah, and I know it because you hate thinking. Like you ever had a brain…" she teased.


"What?! Are you going to start another argument or would you just kiss me already?"

"I really like it when you tease me…" and he drew his face closer until the distance between their lips is gone.


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