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Falling in Love?

"You're really creepy you know. You're laughing in your sleep. And you are drooling, disgusting."

"W-w-w-w-WHO ARE YOU!" Furuichi exclaimed in astonishment. "L-l-l-lala?"

"Lala? Who the hell is Lala?"

"You know, Lala of To Love-ru!"

"You are really an idiot, you know. I'm La—" the pink-haired girl paused for a while. She looked at herself, from the bottom up to her chest. Her breasts are well- endowed, her hair is longer and she is now taller. She was so surprised. She rushed to the mirror.

'I didn't expect this to happen! Am I really like this now? I look like a teenager!'

"Can you tell me who you are now?" Furuichi asked the girl, grabbing her by the shoulder.

"Don't pull on me!" the girl struggled to escape from his grasped. Because of her struggling, she tripped herself, making them fell on the floor.

"Brother, you're late for sch—" Honoka entered Furuichi's room and saw the whole scene. Her brother was on top of a beautiful girl.

"Pervert!" Honoka screamed and kicked her brother. Furuichi was dead unconscious on the floor.

"Furuichi!" the pink- haired girl cried in worry.

Honoka left, slamming the door closed.

"Damn it, Honoka never gets old. Her kicks really hurts!" Furuichi complained, holding his reddened face.

"Are you okay?"

"Well yeah… now can you tell me who you are?"

The girl was silenced.

'What should I do?' the girl was so nervous, her heartbeat was pumping twice. Sweats flow like rivulets down her face. She gasped for breath.

'Am I dreaming? A beautiful girl in my room! Plus she has a big boobs! My dreams are coming true!' Furuichi thought of another dirty scene.



"My name is Lala! Nice to meet you!" and with that Lala flashed a big happy smile.

"Oh yeah. Nice to meet you too, Lala. By the way, have you seen Lamia?"

"Lamia? I haven't seen her."

"You know her?"

"Well, yeah… because I'm her cousin!"

"Cousin? So where is she? Back to the demon world?" Furuichi asked her consequently.

"L-l-lamia… um… she…"'What should I do? She's searching for me! What should I say? I'm so nervous!'

Furuichi stared at her waiting for an answer.

"Lamia went back to the Demon World for a test!" Lala blurted out of panic.

"A test?"

"For nurses… ahahahaha…"

"Eh? That's why she wants to spend the entire afternoon playing, and she didn't even mention it to us. Well I wish her luck then. Hope she pass it!" Furuichi said, without knowing that the girl she wishes luck was in front of him. Lala blushed.

"Furuichi was late, the jerk. I wanted to ask him a question," Oga complained about Furuichi's stupidity for being late.

"I'll never give up on you, no matter what…"

'What does she meant by that?' Oga thought as Aoi's words echoed in his head. 'Does she wants a fight?'

"Good morning," a voice greeted him. It was Aoi.

"Ah… good morning," Oga answered. Aoi sat at her seat.

"Where is Hilda?"

"She's at home, resting."

"Ah… I see… hope she'll get well soon."


"Good morning everyone!" Furuichi greeted everyone in a happy mood.

"Oh, Furuichi, why are you on a cloud nine today?"


"What are you saying, I'm completely normal! Now let these classes started for me to go home early!" Furuichi laughed heartily.



"EH? GIRLFRIEND?" Oga shouted with a 'are you kidding me' face.

"Well, it's not like it's official but it all leads to that!" Furuichi proudly said, reassuring Oga that she has a girlfriend.

"Creep… so, who's this girl?"


"Ah! Welcome home, Furuichi!" Lala flashed a big happy smile as Furuichi returned.

"Yeah, I'm home, Lala-chan!"

Oga was mesmerized. Who's this girl, he thought, his mouth open. Oga stared at her from head to toe. Lala looked at him anxiously.

'Is my cover blown now? What should I do? Even Beelze-sama is staring at me!'

"Don't tell me…"

"…" Lala gulped.

"…You are…"

"..." Lala was all nervous now.

"Lamia's sister?"


"My… I really have a keen eyesight. I can tell just by looking," Oga proudly stated. The two stared at him.

"No, no Oga-kun. She is Lamia's cousin, Lala-chan."

"Oh, is that so? You look really alike."

"Dah…" Baby Beel sighed while staring at Lala, his eyes are focused on her.

'Beelze-sama is totally staring at me! He definitely know! He definitely know!'

"…buh…" the green-haired kid sighed out of boredom.

'Thank goodness…'

"So where is Lamia?" Oga asked Furuichi.

"Lamia is taking an exam for nurses in the demon world."

"So, are you like, Lamia's replacement in taking care of Hilda?"

"Um… looks like it…ahahahahaha!" ' So far so good! This idiots don't recognize me! They are really idiots to the core!' " I'll check Hilda nee-sama later."

"Nee-sama?" the two glanced at Lala.

"Eh? Did I say that? I said Hilda-sama. I'll check Hilda-sama later!"

"Oh… thanks for your help."

"Shhhhh!" Lala covered Hilda's mouth with her hand. "Please be quiet about this, Hilda nee-sama! They must not found out!" Lala plead for Hilda's cooperation.

"That's a problem Lamia, after all your existence right now is just temporary," Hilda agreed to give her cooperation but she gave Lala a warning.

"I know, but Dr. Forcas said that it may take a long time for him to make the medicine that can reverse the maturation process," Lala answered with dismay.

"I get it, I won't tell them, especially Furuichi," Hilda said with a smirked on her lips.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well it's just my opinion, but I think Furuichi likes you a lot."

"Likes me?"

"Yeah, I can see in his eyes."

"Hilda nee-sama…"

"What? You like Lala?"

"Well…it's different from my likeness towards other girls, I think I lo—"

"Shut up already, you're annoying…"

"You're the one to talk! It's you who has been different towards Hilda! What about her that made you change, huh?" Furuichi said out of annoyance because of Oga not letting him finished.

"…" Oga gulped.

"None of your business, lamebrain."

"So you do admit that Hilda chan—"

"It's just because, she wasn't appreciated at all," Oga said it in a serious way. Furuichi was amazed at how Oga said it, angry yet calm, pissed yet protective and caring.


"Long story…" Oga sighed. He remembered what that flaky character had told him.

"We're done," Lala uttered as she make her way to the living room

"Oh, I didn't notice you two are here," Furuichi said, noticing the two.

"So, how is it going?"

"Hilda-sama is doing great, just help her out, Oga-dono."

"Ah… thanks for your help."

"Saa tte, we're leaving. Let's go, Lala-chan," Furuichi invited her to go home.

"Ah, yeah, Hilda-sama, Oga-dono, Beelze-sama," Lala waved her hand as a sign of goodbye, and they went home.

On their way home, they were so quiet. They were doing weird hand habits, they wanted to talk to each other but they were too shy.

"L-l-l-lala-chan…" Furuichi started the conversation.

"Y-y-y-yes!" Lala answered nervously.

"How is Lamia?"

"L-l-l-lamia? Um… well I heard that she's doing fine. The test thing."

"Oh, I see," silence fell between them.

"Furuichi…" Lala called for his attention. "What do you think about Lamia?"

"Lamia? Well, to tell you the truth, even though she hates me, I still like her," Furuichi smirked. Lala paused and blushed. "But you know, as a friend. I also treat her as my little sister!"

"Nothing more?"

"Oi, don't degrade me. I'm not interested in a bed-wetter like her," Furuichi said, without noticing the black aura emitting out of Lala.

"Bed-wetter you say… are you making fun of me or what?" Lala said in a pissed tone. She wanted to kill Furuichi that time but she ran instead. Furuichi was left alone.

'Furuichi you idiot! How dare you say that to me? I'm not interested in you too! Dammit! Why am I so pissed? I hate you Furuichi, I hate you!' Lala didn't even mind where she is now. She take a look at where she is now, and she was in the park. She sat on one of the swings and started swinging it. Her face is sad, her tears are on the verge of falling.

"Why am I crying over such matter? I must not. But it kinda pisses me off," Lala cried, without noticing that someone is moving towards her direction.

"Yo, miss, you alone?" it was Kanzaki and Himekawa.

"Kanzaki and Himekawa…" Lala muttered.

"You know us?"

"Well yeah… I'm Lamia's cousin, Lala," she answered them.

"Oh is that so? Then Lamia?" Kanzaki interrogated her.

"Um… Lamia… you see, taking an exam…"

"Mmm… de, why are you alone?"

"I left Furuichi, I ran here."

"Furuichi? Are you and that bastard are dating?" Himekawa asked with an 'unbelievable' face.

"D-d-d-d-date! No! I hate that bastard!" Lala protested.

"Hmm… lover's quarrel huh? Why are guys fighting anyways?"

"It's a long story… it's just because he pisses me off."

"That Furuichi bastard mat piss you, but, we'll say this once. He is the type who you can trust, who'll do anything for the sake of his friends, even though he is weak, right, Kanzaki?" Himekawa explained to Lala, who is kind of surprised at what he said.

"Yeah, but you have been too cruel to him when you kidnapped Oga's wifey."

"Furuichi… is a good person…" Lala mumbled.

"Now it's already too late, better go home," Kanzaki informed her.

"Um… thanks for comforting me, I'll go home," Lala smirked, and then the two went home. Lala was left alone.

"Finally I found you!" Furuichi gasped after she found Lala.


"Dammit, don't go worrying me like that, what would I do if you get hurt?"

"Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself."

"Yes, yes, now let's go?"

"I-i-i-i-I can walk on my own…" Lala tried to hide her true feelings, but deep inside, she was happy when Furuichi said that she found her.

"What a cute scene we have here… a couple," a bunch of hoodlums appear out of nowhere. Furuichi gritted his teeth.

'This is bad! What am I going to do? Lala-chan is here!' Furuichi thought, imagining things that may happen.

"What do you want from us?"

"Keh, nothing from you, but from the cute girl standing there," they concluded.

"I won't give you my girl," Furuichi said bravely.


"What did you say? You want to do it with us?" the hoodlums shouted at them.

"I know you're seriously weak! Don't try to fight them," Lala whispered at Furuichi, giving him a warning.

"Don't worry Lala-chan," Furuichi was determined to beat the shits out of this bad guys.

'Lala-chan is right, Furuichi! You're seriously weak! You can't fight them! You're going to die!' and he started to panic.

While not in his self, he was suddenly moved backwards after being hit by one of the delinquents. Furuichi spit out blood.


"Keh… interesting!" and he continued to fight the bad guys… but he was all beaten up, but still standing.

'Come on Furuichi! Just one punch! One punch!' while on the gist of thinking, his enemies stared falling to their knees. It was Lala. Using her blowgun.

"I caught you now!" Furuichi punched the head honcho with all of his might to cloud the truth that Lala is the one who beaten them up.

"You shouldn't fight the likes of me, now go home!" and he laughed heartily.

"Stop making a scene! It's like you're the one who beaten them up! Look at you, you're all beaten now!"

"Eh? This is nothing compared to Honoka's kicks," Furuichi said with a smile on his lips. Lala grabbed his hands.

"Idiot!" and he dragged Furuichi home.

"We need to cure you're wounds immediately," and then she started to clean his wounds.

"Oh sorry for this."

"You don't need to say that, I'm the one at fault here."

"No, don't say that, even though I'm that weak, I just can't stand watching my friends being beaten up. I won't deserve to be called a man if that happens!" Furuichi proudly stated. Lala nailed her eyes on the white-haired man. She then move to his back and from there she gave Furuichi a hug.

"Thanks… you're really a sweet guy," Lala whispered while blushing, "Even though it's temporary…"

Furuichi was like stunned. This is the first time he thought, that a girl hugged her so tight. Lala let go of him and they both blushed.



"Furuichi-dono! Who is this girl?"

"ALAINDELON!" the two jinxed.

Alaindelon stared at the girl. "I think I know you…"

Lala was shocked.

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