Grabbing the dazed physicist's free hand, she pulled him along as Tony began to lead the way towards his car. It would be a tight fit with all three of them, but it was doable.

"Don't fight her on it Bruce," Tony advised his fellow scientist, or rather, science bro, with a smirk.

"You put her up to this, didn't you." It was a statement, not a question.

"Actually, that was all your doing. Remember, the Hulk saved my life twice. She sees him and you as one and the same, just two sides of the same coin." Tony shrugged his shoulders, still not quite understanding her explanation of the existence of two physical personalities to one person, though he was curious that she'd seen the phenomenon before.

"She is still present and doesn't like it when she is talked about as if she weren't here." Both men looked down to the girl as she faced forward. "Come on you two, there's still work to be done!"

Hoping to redirect her attention from the construction that was being done on his tower, Tony quickly spoke up. "What got you so excited when talking with... Romanoff and Barton?"

"Oh, I asked if we could push the first lesson to a later date. Natasha and Clint were very understanding, so they accepted." The last bit of her reply came out more or less as a happy chirp.

Tony let out a breath in relief. Good. Means those two won't be hanging around. He still hadn't forgiven Romanoff's deception and infiltration of Stark Industries, and the idea of his daughter dressed up in a suit similar to that woman's… or alone at the archery rage with Barton... Corrupters of innocents, he was sure of it.

"Well, that's... considerate of them. I guess." Bruce was unsure of where to stand on the topic, but thought it better to jump in before Tony did. The man looked ready to blow with how he kept twitching.

"Isn't it!" Kagome threw them both a smile before running the last bit of distance to the car, allowing the men to quickly converse between themselves.

Bruce chuckled as he eyed the man next to him. "Aren't you the father of the year."

"I should be getting some sort of award for allowing her to take lessons from them." He dug for his keys as he grumbled under his breath, "What kind of father lets their daughter learn hand to hand combat and how to wield weapons from a couple of assassins?"

"A superhero who doesn't want his kid at risk." Bruce playfully threw at Tony, brow raised and a smirk in place.

"Ooo, you're pushing it, big guy. Did I tell you there was no smoking weed in the tower, as well as no jazz or bongo drums?" He pulled the door open and smoothly took the drivers seat, watching Bruce wait for Kagome to make a bit more room.

Chuckling, Bruce turned to Tony, enjoying himself for the first time in a long time. "Good to know, I'll be sure to pass that on to the others when they return."

"Buckle up, Banner." He continued to grumble under his breath as he twisted the key sharply in the ignition. His sour mood calmed some when Kagome leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Love you, dad."

Wishing the moment could last, he shifted into gear and took off. It was a comfortable silence before he switched the stereo on, rock blasting through the speakers.

"You going to love me even after I lay down some house rules? Such as boys! There will always be a chaperone present. From now on there will be a curfew, so no more no staying out late. Especially with a boy." Tony wore a smug look on his face, feeling he was once again back in the groove with how Bruce was chuckling and Kagome sputtering.

Kagome whimpered as her father continued listing 'house rules', making her wonder if she was going to survive this. But remembering that she almost lost him, twice, she smiled. She was going to let him have his moment, but she was going to negotiate as soon as they got home. Some of the rules he was coming up with were rather outrageous.

She would have to look up what a 'chastity belt' actually was, but she was sure she wouldn't like it at all.

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