For the first time in a long time, Kagome was slouching in her seat and enjoying a fast food meal. It wasn't anything she was used to, but it sure hit the spot after she had once again saved the world.

Putting her drink back on the table, Kagome stared ahead of her in a daze, her mind on something she really wanted. More than food. "...I want to go to a hot spring. Killing the monster of the week always means going to a hot spring afterwards."

The others stopped in their own eating and turned to her.

"A... hot spring?"

"Monster of the week?"

"Mmm. Sango and I used to soak in them for about an hour after every battle. It was pure bliss." Kagome sighed, then leaned forward on a propped hand and took another sip of her drink.

Her mind was elsewhere, that was obvious to the others. She absently plucked at the fries before her, nibbling them one at a time.

Tony raised an eyebrow, "And Sango was..."

"My best friend, teacher, sister of my heart and one of the strongest warriors I've ever met." she finished nibbling on another fry before continuing. "By the gods, I miss them."

Tony seeing this as a time to get to learn more about his daughter and her past, continued to question and prod. "Them?"

"We were a group. I met Inuyasha first, then Shippo, Miroku and lastly, Sango and her friend Kirara. Together we fought Naraku and rid the world of him and the Shikon no Tama. Would that be arachnidcide? He wasn't exactly an insect though..." her brows furrowed slightly as she trailed off.

Blinking, Tony could only watch his daughter as she continued in her exhausted daze. As her words finally filtered through to his brain. Rid the world of... someone? Didn't that usually entail... killing them? But how could it take six people to kill a spider?

"Must have been a big spider. When did this happen?" He asked as nonchalantly as he could.

"Oh? Yeah, he was big. Had a void inside him. You've never seen nasty till you're having to walk on organs that release poisonous gas… but outside, he was easily over three stories high..." she lazily turned to face her father. "And when? Hmm, about... 500 years ago. Give or take a few decades."

The others choked on whatever was in their mouth at her words. Eyes wide, they could only blink at how nonchalant she was while telling them this. As for Tony, he was worrying she'd been hit with some sort of alien drug. Otherwise she'd be suggesting time travel, and that had been thoroughly disproved.

"500 years ago." Tony was growing more worried, and started to wonder if he should be rushing her to the hospital.

"Give or take a few decades, but yeah." Kagome continued to pick at the food before her.

"And you got rid of... Narahku?" Tony furrowed his brows as he tried to repeat the name.

Kagome snorted on her drink, coughing as she tried to swallow the rest of it without choking on it. "No. Na-ra-ku. It means 'Hell Devil', and he lived up to the name… actually his human name fit him better, since Onigumo literally means 'Hell Spider'." She shuddered. "Can't stand spiders any more."

"I'm not following. How can a guy live up to being a hell spider literally, and what's with the human distinguishment?" Clint spoke up, the first one besides Tony to ask anything relating to Kagome or her past.

Kagome waved a hand as she shook her head. "He was a sort of kumo hanyou, half spider demon and half human… except he wasn't born that way. Dark magic's nasty stuff."

Natasha raised a brow. If the girl had said anything about half demons and dark magic the day before, she would have questioned about her sanity. But after what she just went through not an hour ago, she was willing to say she was far more open minded about such possibilities.

"Kagome, did you get hit with any alien drugs or goo?" Tony asked, typing her symptoms into JARVIS.

"I was thrown inside a flying whale, so yes to the goo. That's what's got me thinking about Naraku again." She slid narrowed eyes up to her father. "You don't believe me! You just almost died crossing numerous universes thanks to a cube, and you don't believe that I had a jewel that let me travel five hundred years into the past!"

Tony huffed before jumping right back in on this questionable conversation. "Well, it's not like you ever told me anything like that! Time travel was disproved years ago-"

"Dad, there's more to life than physics. Magic trumps natural law just about every time." With that, Kagome begun to spin a tale of a world long since past. Of days traveling across country, battling beings that were once upon a time the creatures of nightmares, of lords and princess, spells and curses. Fighting armies that even had Natasha and the others- who were no stranger to war- cringing at the mere idea.

Tony was thankful, when the others were momentarily distracted by her description of hell's gates being opened and having to take out thousands of zombies, she leaned over and promised to tell him her adventures in more detail once they were home. When their attention returned to her tales, Barton asked to hear more about about her friends.

"Meeting Miroku was..." her brows furrowed as her lips pursed. It was the suddenness of her actions and her quickly shaking her head that had Tony furrowing his own brows. "Well, it was unique to say the least. After almost sucking me into a black hole, he apologized by asking me to bear his child."

It took those at the table a few moments, but Thor's emotions had a thunderstorm rumbling outside in no time. "How can a priest take such advantage of a priestess?!"

Seeing her father's emotions starting to go down the same road Thor's had, Kagome was quick to reassure him that she'd turned the offer down… then she suddenly stilled. The others simply watched as she seemed to freeze in place, blank eyes staring out into the street.

Just as they were about to question if she was alright, the door opened and a loud, brash voice broke through the silence.

"Oi wench!"

All turned to the front entrance, Tony blinking when he recognized two familiar faces, but quickly furrowed his brows at the two he didn't recognize. One looked similar to Nishikawa, only younger, while the other had a shock of orange hair with vivid green eyes that sparked with mischief.

Tony instantly saw the youngest of these group of males as a potential threat.

Kagome stood slowly, a look of pure shock on her face as she continued to flounder about for words. "Inu... Inu... Inu?"

"Guess you didn't do to bad, if the city is still standing." the one that looked like a younger version of Nishikawa commented as he scratched at his cheek with a sniff. "Knowing your clumsy self, you could destroy it. I mean there was that castle, that mountain, that-!"

Everyone reared back when his head snapped back, most likely from the sudden hit of Thor's tenth drink. The man himself stumbled back, sputtering and coughing as he quickly began to wipe away the the drink from his face.

Nishikawa took this time to step away, quickly followed by the others. They already knew what to expect upon this reunion.

Power sparking around her and flames in her eyes, she glared at the jerk who had just pressed the wrong button. "I saved your sorry ass from that collapsing castle you jerk! And you're the one that brought down the mountain, just because you had to prove who had the bigger sword against Bankotsu!" Kagome pointed an accusing finger in the male's direction from her spot at the table.

The male, hunched over in an attempt to keep as dry as possible, blinked wide shocked eyes as he stared Kagome down. It took a few moments, but he drew himself up, his own brows quick to furrow… and he fell right back into their old routine.

"If I remember correctly, you were the one that got pinned by your own arrow in that castle. And I didn't have anything to prove anything against that ass wipe! Plus, I even saved that good for nothing wolf too!" he waved a hand in the direction of Yamazaki.

Said male shook his head and sighed. "He'll never drop that. The prick."

"I heard that you mangy wolf!" the man snarled briefly at Yamazaki before turning his attention back on Kagome.

The others, not really aware of Kagome's anger issues turned to Tony for answers. When he finally did turn away from the arguing pair, unsure of when Kagome had moved to get in the man's face, he could only shrug his shoulders.

"Don't look at me, I have no idea who he is." he quickly grabbed his drink and took a sip of it.

"That fool would be my younger half brother. Inuyasha." Nishikawa closed his eyes, as if blocking the world out. Well, the arguing pair really.

Tony turned in his seat to eye the man. "I didn't know you had any relations."

"Sometimes I wish that were so." Sesshoumaru commented with a raised brow.

"I knew we should have kept him back in Tokyo, the city doesn't need any more problems and that's just what he is when he gets like this." Kouga huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the bar top behind him.

"Inu-ya-sha!" the forcing of the name through clenched teeth caused all to turn back to the arguing pair.

Said male froze before beginning to panic somewhat. "Oh no… no you don't!"

"Uh, what's-!" Steve quieted quickly when the red-haired male of the odd group shushed him.

"Quiet! This is the best part!" The man whispered, nodding at the pair.

Inuyasha was trying to scramble over to where Kagome stood to cover her mouth, but she was absolutely furious he'd brought up the same stuff he'd been complaining about five centuries ago. She clenched her hands, as her body went stiff and she glared defiantly at the idiot who was just begging for it. "OSUWARI!"

Everyone at the table felt their eyes widen when Inuyasha crashed face first into the floor, without any discernable cause. At this point, Kouga and the red-head were laughing harder and harder with each iteration she used.

Finally, the red-head left Kouga's side and went to Kagome, trying to get her to ease up. "He may not look it, but he's an old man. We always thought his mouth would get him killed, but not by you. Don't make me lose my bet!"

"...why does he call him an old man?" Tony questioned Kagome as he eyed the twitching limbs, wondering what he'd just witnessed.

"Inuyasha is over-" she snapped her head to Sesshoumaru. "Wait, did you really say he's your brother?"

"Half, and begrudgingly." Sesshoumaru bowed his head the barest amount and fixed his tie.

Kagome blinked as the weight of his words settled into her brain and she smiled slowly. Her short moment of delight was broken, though, when the unnamed man grabbed her hands like Miroku had all those centuries ago.

"Didn't forget about me, did ya?" He was all smiles as he leaned over to be at eye level with her.

Blinking confusedly, Kagome took the male in. She bypassed the sharp looking suit for the ginger hair and vivid green eyes. Her own eyes widened when she quickly realized who it was standing before her.

"Shippo!" she cried out, launching herself into the kitsune's arms.

He gleefully returned the hug, swinging her around while he was at it. "I knew you wouldn't forget me."

"I think it's impossible for anyone to forget you, Shippo." she smiled up at him.

"And who is this Shippo to you?"

Kagome spun about to face her father, happy smile still in place. It wilted a little, though, as she wasn't sure how to actually introduce Shippo to her father. Sensing her dilemma, Shippo moved towards Tony, hand out, ready to introduce himself.

Shippo gave Kagome a wink as he clasped Tony's hand in his own. "I got this, mom. Shippo Ohara. Nice to finally meet you, Gramps!"

Kagome groaned and covered her face at the silence that followed Shippo's introduction. As for Tony, his mind was recalling a certain incident that happened when he took Kagome with him to California. A conversation about her wedding between herself and Nishikawa, and now there was a full grown male calling Kagome mother and himself grandfather...

Mind going far to fast in almost every direction, Tony grew lightheaded and actually fell out of his seat. Kagome was a flurry of movements as she rushed to his side. The others were also out of their chairs and at his side in concern. As for the four that had mysterious ties to Kagome, they watched on with amusement.

"Gramps? Really Shippo?" Inuyasha asked as he soothed the minor pains from the sitting he just took after 500 hundred years of peace.

Said kitsune shoved his hands into his slacks pockets. "I'm a kitsune, what did you expect? Besides, he is rather enjoying this moment."

All turned towards Sesshoumaru, his lips were quirked up in the slightest hint of an amused smirk. One most had not seen for centuries. They winced and looked on in pity towards the man as he was helped back into his chair while demanding answers from a exasperated Kagome.

"These coming years are going to be hard on him... I almost feel sorry for the poor bastard," Inuyasha said while shaking his head. He recalled all the shit Stark had pulled, which in turn had pissed off Sesshoumaru. The daiyoukai was going to enjoy every moment of discomfort the man was going to go through.

Author's Notes

There we are, we've reached the end. Story and journey complete, as sad as it is to say. It was one heck of a ride, and I wouldn't change one bit of it if I had the chance. I'm actually sad that this is the end, I just want to get right back on and go for another wild round.

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