Morning of the sleepover.

Scene School

Melissa P.O.V.- "I cant wait tell tonight it will awesome!"I said to Jaycee and Bree.

"I know but did you really have to invite my brothers it will just be chaotic." Bree said

"Come on it is Friday the thirteenth we can scare them with stories and dare them do go in the woods behind my house."I said

"But not Chase" Jaycee said

"Why afraid your boyfriend will get scared?"I teased

"Come on just don't." Jay said

"Got it Only Leo and Adam if they can handle it." I said as Leo walked up and heard his name.

"What cant I handle?" Leo asked

"Melissa backyard/woods." Bree said

"I helped stop a high speed train and you say I cant handle a backyard.*laughs*" Leo said

"So your not afraid of spiders,snakes,bears and creepy noises" I said

"You have creepy noises?" Adam asked

"It doesn't bother me anymore but to most guests they get scared and leave but this party no one leaves tell tomorrow."I said

"That would bother Chase." Leo said

"I have ear plugs if he wouldn't be able to sleep."I said before anyone could say anything the bell rang for first period.

Scene Cafeteria

Chase P.O.V.- I am not sure if I want to be at the sleepover. Leo told me there was creepy noises and bears and that I wouldn't be able to sleep.

"Oh Hey Chase you coming tonight?"Melissa asked

"Hey um I am not sure. I am kinda busy and-" I said tell Melissa cut me off.

"The noises right?" She asked

"I will be the only one awake at night."

"I have ear plugs to block out the noise and I never met a guy who is afraid of noise."

"I am not it just gets annoying."

"Okay I believe you." she sounded sarcastic. I am wondering if she likes me. She could've asked anyone else at the moment but didn't why is that.

"Seriously." Melissa said holding her tray and looking at me like she read my mind or something.


"I asked for Jaycee dude you are just a friend to me." Then she walked away. I never knew she could read minds. Wait that's creepy what if I was thinking about something she probably wouldn't want to see. It would be funny to see how she would react. *I started laughing* Then a couple people looked at me strange,So I took at seat by Jay and Melissa.