Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Melissa P.O.V.- I woke up and walked back to my house and saw Trent in the living room. Chase was the only one not in the living room.

"Hey guys where's Chase?" I asked

"I think the kitchen I don't really know." Leo said I walked to the kitchen and Chase was there but I wasn't sure if it was him or Spike so I stayed quiet. I walked up to him of course terrified. I tapped his shoulder and he looked up at me and then looked back down at his feet.

"What?" Chase asked he sounded mad and upset

"You weren't in the living room when I came inside, I just wanted to know if your okay, and sorry about you and Jay." I said

"I'm fine and its okay. It was my fault I kissed you knowing I was dating her." Chase said making fists

"Well it was my fault too so don't argue about it... are you just gonna stay in here?" I said rubbing my hand up and down Chase' back

"Okay and yeah." Chase said

"I'm not gonna leave you in here. You are coming out there with me rather you like it not." I said

"I am not going out there and nothing is gonna make me go out there." Chase said.

I stood in front of Chase and put my hand under his chin and lifted his head so he was looking at me. I kissed him then pulled away a couple seconds later. I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the living room and sat on the couch smiling as Chase sat next to me.

"Jerk." Trent said

"I am not a Jerk." Chase stated

"You are the one who cheated so yeah you are a Jerk." Trent said

"Leave me alone." Chase said crossing his arms and looking away.

"No." Trent said