Chapter 1: Hero no More

Drakken and Shego found that as heroes, they couldn't lose. They couldn't figure out for the life of them why that is, whether it is because they no longer fought Kim or if being a hero made them that much stronger. Whatever it was, they couldn't lose and actually began to enjoy it. After helping Kim and Ron and hearing about their wedding in a few months, the two of them decided to settle down as well. Drakken is clueless but Shego found the attraction when the two of them got wrapped up in Drakken's plant vine. Drakken thought, actually he didn't think so yeah, he is clueless. That just made Shego wonder why she he likes him.

Kim and Ron graduated, the Possible house rebuilt, and Kim and Ron are to be married in just a few months. Kim and Ron fight side by side now as partners. However as new villains came into the picture it was only getting harder to beat them. They never lost a fight but that didn't mean it was easy for them. They couldn't help but admit that they are happy to have Shego and Drakken helping, ok so it was mostly Shego but hey, Drakken came up with plans, sort of.

Kim limped into the newly built home with Ron by her side and her parents waiting for them. "Kim, Ron, what happened to you?" Kim's parents asked though they knew for the most part.

"It was Tyson, Mr. Explosive himself." Kim winced holding onto her arm as she walked over to the couch and sat down. "He of course tried to blow me up again but got a little to close. I sprained my ankle fighting him and jumping away from his explosives at as high of speed as I did." Kim said.

"And you're arm?" Kim's mother asked looking at her daughter sternly.

"That was due to Gidon who we fought as we fought Tyson. Gidon got my arm with his Katana. Seriously, who uses a sword anymore?" Kim winced as her father started to clean up Kim's cuts. Blood soaked into the cloth Mr. Possible used. "Villains seem to get harder and harder." Kim saw her mother turn around and rub the back of her head. "Mom, what's up?" Kim questioned.

Ann took in a deep breath and then turned toward Kim. "No more Kim, no more fighting villains, no more heroics, no more fighting, period."

Kim's eyes widened in shock. "Mom, that's not fair. I've been doing this for many years now, people need me. Besides you can't tell me not to now mom, I'm getting married in a few months." Kim said clearly upset and shocked.

"Kimberly Ann Possible, you've come home at least three times a week with cuts and bruises since graduation a year ago. No more fighting, I can't take the pain anymore. I can't stand seeing you beaten up so often, my heart can't take anymore." Ann Possible said tears sliding down her cheeks.

"Come on mom, it's not that often." Kim said trying to stand but her father wouldn't let her.

"Not that often huh?" Ann turned around, left, and then came back with a piece of paper. "I have marked every time you've come home beaten and cut up. Now tell me this isn't often." Ann Possible said tears rolling down her cheeks

Kim took the paper from her mother and looked at the paper in shock. Over one hundred and fifty days had been marked, that was easy to tell but how many days exactly? Kim looked at the bottom of the page and saw the total number and it scared her a little. One hundred and seventy-five days total. "Mom, I admit that I have come home like this way to often. I'm sorry that I've done this to you mom. I never meant for it to be like this you know that. I love you and I feel bad that you have seen me go so worried about me. I don't want your heart to ache but, I can't stop what I do. If I do then hundreds of people could be hurt horribly if not die. You've got to understand that mom; I have people counting on me. I can't turn my back on innocent people." Kim said seeing more tears flow from her mother's eyes.

"Fine Kim, go and be a hero, but don't you dare come back into this home." Ann Possible then ran off and upstairs.

"Mom!" Kim yelled reaching out toward her mother. Kim winced feeling the sting from the rubbing alcohol. James Possible also had tears running down his cheeks and then shortly followed his wife up the stairs after finishing up taking care of Kim. "Mom." Kim said again and then sighed. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Kim, I'm not saying to go against your mother but ask yourself what the right thing is here, if it's fighting crime then do it but if it's going along with your mother's wishes then do that. Whatever you decide to do, I'm with you one hundred percent. Do what your heart tells you." Ron said and then bent over and gave Kim a quick kiss.

Kim smiled and looked up at Ron. "When did you become so smart?" Kim asked

Ron smiled and chuckled a bit. "Think about what's right Kim, it's not that hard to figure out. I'll see you later Kim, I had better get home." Ron walked over to the door and then turned his head toward Kim and smiled.

Kim went up to her room and sat down on her bed. "Maybe mom is right; all I am doing is hurting myself and my family. My grades are slipping; I just got fired from my job. I'm a possible though, nothings impossible, right?" Kim questioned as she looked at her latest grades disappointed with herself. "B, C, C, D, and an F. "On top of that I have had to come home to get myself fixed up which means that I get to school even later. Crime fighting is actually ruining my life. To add to everything, I fall asleep in my classes because I get home late and so I lose sleep." Kim made her decision and stood up and walked over to her parent's room. She knocked on the door and was then invited in. Kim opened up the door.

"What is it Kimmy cub." James Possible asked hugging his wife who is crying.

"Mom, you're right. As of today, I'm finished fighting unless absolutely necessary such as protecting my friends and family." Kim said.

Ann got up off her bed and ran over to Kim and hugged her. "Thank you Kim, after all that's the least you can do right. I can't ask you not to protect the ones you love." Soon James got in on the hug.

"Night mom, night dad. I'm off to take a shower, love you." Kim then left the room and went back to her room and grabbed some clothes for herself. Kim went into the bathroom and then undressed and took a good look at herself for the first time since graduation. From her shoulder down to her elbow is a long scar. She flipped her ear forward to see behind it and noticed a scar and remember the time that she had almost lost her ear. She put her finger on her right shoulder and ran her finger along the scar that runs from her shoulder down to right beneath her arm. Kim turned around and noticed the scar running from her lower right back to her left shoulder and remembered that the hit had almost paralyzed her. She looked herself up and down and found far too many scars. "I need to become stronger just in case I need to fight at some point. I can't afford for my body to get so beaten." Kim turned on the hot water and then stepped into the shower.

The next day Kim had slept in until ten, the best sleep she has had in a year. Kim went downstairs and found her mom and dad watching T.V. and smiled as she walked toward them. "There is our girl. You sleep well sweetie?" Ann asked.

"Best sleep since graduation mom. So what was for breakfast?" Kim asked heading toward the Kitchen.

"Pancakes Kim but you may want to warm them up." James said with a big grin.

"Thanks guys, I love you both. I have something to do today so you may want to turn on the news." James and Ann didn't question it and just continued to watch T.V. happy to have Kim alive, well, and done with the crime fighting.

Two hours later and Kim appeared on TV's all around the world. "Today with us is Kim Possible the world famous hero with her partner Ron Stoppable and they have some big news that they haven't even let us at the news station in on yet. So Kim, Ron, what is this big news?"

"I have been your hero for years but that is coming to an end. I will no longer be fighting crime; from here on in I only work on my school work. I need to focus and get my life in order; crime fighting is no longer my problem. I protect myself and my loved ones but other then that, I'm done. You'll all have to find someone else to protect you. I'm truly sorry everyone but I can no longer fight. If I must further explain things, I've almost been paralyzed, almost died a few times, I have more scars then any one person should. My body can't take much more. This is it; Kim Possible the hero is dead. Thank you and goodbye." With that Kim and Ron left.

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