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A soft breeze messes with my perfectly straight hair. I have it dyed blond for this special occasion- the Quarter Quell announcement! I am the lucky president who gets to read off the twist this year! I want to jump up and down from the excitement, but I keep a straight face and act calm and normal as if this is a usual day.

"President Gratzious it is time! We'll be live in five minutes," Merista Nobale tells me. I only nod at her and step out onto my balcony overlooking the Capitol. Masses of my citizens have gathered underneath me to watch. I wave at them, but do not smile. Smiling is for the weak. Powerful figures do not smile at their people. They must look tough and strong so as not to have a rebellion on our hand as we did years ago. The Capitol almost fell into the hands of the greedy good-for-nothing Districts.

"Your live in three… two… one!" Merista Nobale tells me in my earpiece.

"Hello everyone!" I start, "as we know the first Quarter Quell is among us!" The crowd cheers and looks up in anticipation. I reach into a little box and pull out a tab labeled 25. It reads, " 'To show the Districts that even their friends and family do not offer help and they are easily betrayed Districts will vote on who to send to the Games.' " I pretend that this would be such an honor, but I know how hard this will be for the lower Districts. The upper ones will probably put posters everywhere campaigning for votes.

This year will be… interesting.

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