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Could you beammeup,
Give me a minute, I don't know what I'd say in it
Probably just stare, happy just to be there holding your face
Let me be lighter, tired of being a
I think, a minutes enough,

Jag Arden's POV

The fog stuff has finally worn off. Mackenzie and Chuck were in the sky last night. Now only seven of us remain. Four from the upper districts and three from the lower Districts. Riley, Breeze and I collapse on a heap of leaves, exhausted. We decide to keep our gasmasks on, just in case of emergency. Riley smiles, stretching before curling into a ball and falling asleep. Breeze lays down, but rolls over to face the sky, she stays awake.


I sit up, suddenly not tired. Riley stays asleep, but Breeze and I exchange a look of fright.

"Hello?" I whisper quietly.

Breeze smacks my arms and says quietly in my ear, "Shh! Have you learned anything from horror movies?" I smile, but then see she's dead serious.


"Riley?" Breeze shakes him awake quickly before grabbing a few supplies and tossing us each a weapon. Breeze has her mace clutched in her hand.

"Boo!" A voice that sounds like sweet syrup calls behind a tree. We all jump. Riley falls back into the pile of leaves, then jumps up and wipes his hands off.

Riley walks over to the tree, raising his weapon above his head. The moment he steps behind it we hear him scream.


"R-riley?" Breeze cries. He's dead. I watch his muscular body collapse and see a flash of brown hair behind the tree. Brooke.

Delia Reminton's POV

I feel good now Chuck is dead! I accomplished something, now my daddy will be proud of me. That's when I hear a THUD and tumble to the ground with a boy on top of me.

"Oh! It's 'L'!" I smile at Logan. Confusion crosses his face for a moment, so I explain,

"A is for Avery, a puppet for Snow; B is for Brooke who can make quite a blow; C: is for Chuck who deserved what he got!; D is for Delia, who has a lesson to be taught! That's me!" I grin, seeing the realization sink into Logan's pretty face. "E is for-"

"- I hope you know this is your fault Delia! I wouldn't be killing you if you didn't kill Chuck. I'm sorry," Logan looks sad as he raises a spear and jabs it into my stomach, painting my shirt in crimson.

Before I know what's happening, Logan looks up, sad and plunges the blade into himself.



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