This is for my best friend for whom I named the main character after. :) This is just where you get to know the main character and a bit about her. Next chapter she will be meeting the tmnt, so don't stop here, please. :)

Chapter 1

It is not our appearance or skills; rather our decisions that determine who we are. In every life there are paths that we must choose to take. Sometimes people choose the wrong path and end up lost in a forest of regret and confusion, wondering where they went wrong. But, it's never too late to take the right path and correct your past mistakes. At times, others may make it seem like the wrong path is the right one and it may seem like the easier path to take. It may seem that they were the ones that lured you into a hateful world you had no intention of entering, but you were the one that chose to follow them, instead of thinking for yourself. By the time some realize this, it seems as if it is too late to go down the right path, but that is never the case. The path remains open to all that wish go down it, though the sinful people that chose the opposing path do not notice or do not deem themselves worthy to do so. They drown themselves in their own loathing and self-pity and ignore the open solution that simply stands right in front of them. Soon they come to the end of the road and pass on, believing the golden angel of an opportunity had never dared present itself, when really, they had just been blind and had never the heart to notice it staring them right in the face, ushering them into the side of good, purity, innocence, happiness…

The littered streets of New York City bustled with much activity below her as she sat atop her brother's apartment, legs swung gracefully over the red brick side, dirty blond locks swishing, tickling her neck and back in the cool late summer breeze, her nose in a thick philosophic book. Car horns, about a few stories down, screamed at the usual, irritant city traffic. People of all origins and races shouted for taxis or were weaving through the maze of cars, trucks, buses and, she thought with satisfaction at her sharpened hearing senses, the occasional affirming, steady humming, and idling motorcycle.

After about another ten minutes of the chaos occurring down below, she sighed in defeat and snapped her book shut and rested her hands on her head. There was nothing like this where she used to live, out in the quiet, peaceful country side of Connecticut. Out there, only the whistle of the wind harmonizing with the trees and crickets' cheerful song could be heard and the air was always fresh and a bit sweet in the spring, but here, ugly loud noises engulfed one's senses and the air smelled intoxicated with the fossil fuel fumes emitting from the constant coming and going vehicles.

Picking up her novel, she slid down the fire escape and crawled through her bedroom window. She and her older brother had shared his one person apartment for only a few months now, since she had graduated from high school. She had graduated as the class valedictorian with a GPA of 7.0 (with honors classes of course) and had earned herself an art and writing scholarship.

She walked over to her bed and collapsed onto the ocean blue and forest green pillows that adorned the sheets and mattress. A picture on her bedside table caught her eye. Sitting up, she recognized her and her best friends all dressed up in their royal blue graduation gowns and caps and golden sashes that lay across their shoulders, all of them thrusting their diplomas in the air, their free arms wrapped around each other's shoulders, smiling. It had been right after her valedictorian speech and they were headed to her 'surprise' graduation party. She smiled at the memory, still fresh in her mind as if it were only yesterday.

A voice interrupted her thoughts. "Hannah?" It called out.

"Yeah. I'm here." She called back, getting up and entering the kitchen/living room, where her older brother stood, unpacking groceries. The apartment was too small for her liking at first, but she had adjusted fairly quickly, as she was out working most of the time. "So how was work?" She asked, placing a loaf of bread into the pantry.

"Fine." He answered neutrally.

His seventeen year old sister sighed. "No. Really, how was it?"

"Terrible." He grunted.

"Nice." She responded, half smiling. "I won't even ask why."

"Cool…hey, what time is it?"

Hannah glanced at her watch. "8:45. Why?"

"I left my watch at April's, I think." He sighed and started for the door.

"I'll go." She stopped him. "You need to study anyway."

"Gee thanks, Mom."

Hannah just smirked at him on her way out. "Hey, without me, you'd be living on the street. In case you forgot, I pay to live here, too."

"Whatever." He said, turning his back, refusing to satisfy his little sister with his amused smile, as he heard the door close behind him.

. . . . . . . . .

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