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Chapter 16

Leo paced back and forth as Donny sat typing wildly at his computer, his eyes glued to the screen, as if the task at hand required his absolute concentration. Raph still wasn't back. And every tick of passing time was like a signal for the older turtle's heart to beat faster.

"Leo, relax." Donny said, not looking up from the screen. "I'm sure Raph's fine."

Mikey had not moved from his original location and was seated on the couch, nervously observing his oldest brother, hugging a pillow close to his chest. Leo noticed his baby brother's anxiously flitting eyes and made himself relax. "It's ok, Mikey." He reassured the orange banded turtle.

"I just don't see where he could be going at this hour." Donny muttered, fingers flying over the keyboard. "I mean, I called Hannah and she said he had stopped by for a time and then just took off again." Leo's head snapped to attention at this.

"How is she?" Leo inquired.

"Hannah's fine, Leo. Don't worry about her." Don replied comfortingly. "I'm sure she's fine."

"Let him go." She said, fighting to keep her voice calm and steady.

"Gladly," Shredder replied. "But, only if you uphold your side of the bargain."

Raph's headache had not lessened. One of the damn Foot had gifted him with a blow to his head after he had successfully kneed the other in the groin when they had unchained him. But, that did nothing to interfere with his hearing as he listened to his brother's girlfriend and his family's arch enemy converse. How the hell did Hannah know about the Shredder? He and his brothers had avoided the topic when she was around and what the hell was all this about a 'bargain'? Raph cut in, making sure to make eye contact with Hannah. "Hannah, what the hell is he talkin' about?!"

"Raph—" Before she could answer, a hand collided with the side of his face with so much force exerted by the executioner, he was thrown back. Idly, he noted the copper taste in his mouth as he gently moved his jaw experimentally.

"Leave him alone!" Hannah stepped forward, but three more ninjas dispersed from the shadows and halted her, leveling their swords with her chest.

Raph pushed himself up and offered her his cocky, I'm-gonna-be-a-smartass half smile as a reassurance. "It's ok, Hannah. I'm fine." He forced an arrogant smirk as he looked up at the Shredder. "You're gonna have ta try harder thn that, asshole." It wasn't a mere act of bravado, but rather, a temporary distraction. Raph didn't care if it meant getting his arms broken, as long as Shredder's attention was on him and not Hannah. He had no idea what Saki meant by keeping her side of the bargain, but he had obviously forced something on to her and Raph would be damned if he just sat by and let Saki do as he pleased.

His statement earned him another blow to his face, to which he could not bite back a yelp of pain. "Be silent, mutant!" Shredder bellowed, pressing the lethally sharp blades of his glove against his victim's throat.

Hannah's heart rate increased dramatically at the sight of the blades at Raph's neck. "Wait! Stop!" She cried, one of the Foot grasping her arms and keeping her back. Shredder eased back on his blades and retracted them from Raph's neck.

"Best keep your little pet quiet, Ms. Wolff, if you want what's best for him." Shredder said, snidely. Rage built up inside of her as he referred to Raph as her 'pet', but she held back on returning with a smartass comment of her own. "Now, you can either devote your allegiance to me or watch your freak die. What will it be?"

Hannah's head was spinning. She needed more time. To become a part of the Foot would completely shatter her friendship with the guys and Master Splinter. Her relationship with Leo would crumble completely. She would be putting Matt, Ronnie and all the family she had left in danger and she would most likely have to bring harm, or worse death, to innocent people. And she would not put it past April and Casey to show her resentment…but how could she be so selfish when Raph's life was on the line? She shot the amber eyed turtle a look of apology. Her gaze lifted to Saki and she forced herself to say it. "Fine. I'll join you, just let him go."

Saki felt his lips pull up in a satisfied smirk. "Excellent." His contentment increased as he witnessed a horrified, disconcerted expression take hold of the freak. Nodding to the guards restraining the girl, a Foot ninja clamped a piece of fabric over her mouth and nose, using his opposing arm to restrict her attempts to fight him.

Raph attempted to shout in protest, but a simple hand gesture from their master signaled them to silence their prisoner. A piece of rough cloth was shoved into Raph's mouth, muffling his cries of outrage as Hannah's eyes slowly closed and her body sagged lifelessly in the Foot ninja's arms, like a little girl's rag doll.

Shredder observed Raph's reaction with amusement, as the Foot soldier positioned her in his arms so he could carry her easier. Raph growled deep in his throat as he watched. An instinctive, over protective brotherly side of him was shown as he struggled against his captors' grip on him, but to no avail.

Saki approached the turtle, his eyes shining with satisfactory triumph. "I recognize your care for this girl, so I will assure you now that she won't be harmed as long as you and your freakish family keep your distance. Keep that in mind." Before Raph could think of glaring back, a sharp pain spiked through his skull as his last conscious thought went through his mind. No.

"Shit!" Donatello cussed in indignation under his breath, but it did not go unnoticed by his father or his brothers. But, Donny didn't notice. Either that or he was too upset to care.

Leo approached his younger brother cautiously. He had never seen Donny this way. "Don, what's wrong? Did you find him?"

"No." The purple cladded turtle sighed in frustration. "The tracker on his cell is not responding."

"Meaning?" Mikey asked timidly.

"I think Raph could be in trouble."

Leo forced himself to appear calm and collected because he felt like his heart had just jumped into his throat. He bit the inside of his mouth to keep it from leaping out of his mouth. He let this happen. He had let his brother wonder off into danger.

Just then a faint beep came from Donny's computer. Donny raised his head to the screen curiously to find a small red dot blipping lazily on the virtual map of New York City. Donny blinked and rubbed his sore, drowsy eyes, as if he was witnessing an illusion. "What is it, Donatello?" Master Splinter spoke up from the kitchen table.

"Is it Raph?" Leo inquired anxiously.

"No…" Donny blinked once more in bewilderment. "It's Hannah's phone. But…"

"But what?" Leo felt his heart begin to race faster. "Where is she?"

Everyone crowded around Donny's work space now, all four pairs of eyes staring at the computer's screen. "It doesn't make any sense…" The purple banded turtle trailed off in thought, his mind scanning over multiple explanations. "I called her not that long ago. What would she be doing at the docks?"

Leo felt his heart clutch with a new found panic, but it did nothing to waver the trademark determination in is voice. "I'm going." As he turned to leave, his sensei's furry hand caught hold of his arm.

"My son, if Raphael is in danger, I suspect the Foot may be behind it. Take care not to blind yourself with your worry. You and your brothers must remain alert to any attacks that could be staged for your arrival."

Donny and Mikey lifted their heads from their current positions in front of the screen. "But Sensei," Donny protested. "What about Raph? What if he comes back and we're not here?"

Splinter nodded. "I will remain here in case Raphael returns. In the meantime, all of you will go out together. This will give you a greater advantage in returning home safely and assisting Hannah."

Mikey's eyes possessed a worried glimmer. "You think she's in trouble, Sensei?"

The rat nodded once more. "I do. I am not certain, but I do worry why Shredder has not recently staged any sort of enormous attack. He has only sent some of his Foot out to spy or intimidate. This is not his style in the least. It is something new, alien, and it worries me for your safety as well as Ms. Wolff's." His beady eyes coated over with hatred. "Go now, but remain aware of your surroundings as you near Hannah's destination."

"Yes, Sensei." They all resounded in unison and Leo shot out the lair door into the sewer with a cold determination in his eyes.

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