Baseball Can Be Sexy

Most of the day was full of screeching tires, foul-mouthed screaming and the smell of gun powder. Sure, she was the cause of the foul-mouthed screaming, but that's what tends to happen when suspects decide to run. And run they do. The spectacle this afternoon had Jane running faster than a fucking 100-meter qualifier at the Olympics. Some days she wished she could wear her Nike's on the job. It would be so much more practical than the boots and the dress pants.

"Maur, I'm assuming you want me to open this second bottle of wine?" the detective asked from the kitchen. Maura was settled in on the couch, feigning interest in the baseball game on the TV.

"Of course. Why don't you just bring the bottle in here? I know you have to be tired. I hate you having to get up every other inning to refill our drinks. You need to rest," the medical examiner said over her shoulder, taking in the form of the tall, lanky women with her eyes.

"Works for me," Jane answered as she made her way back into the living room with the bottle of Pinot.

The opening of the second bottle of wine always meant that no one was driving home. It was an unwritten rule they had with each other. Careers could be ruined with a DWI charge, so they never took a chance once the second bottle was touched. It didn't happen often, especially at Jane's apartment due to the lack of a guest bed, but it looked like Maura would be spending the night.

Jane carefully filled the two glasses on the coffee table with the appropriate amount of wine. Had Maura not been there, she would have filled the glass up to the brim. She hated the proper method of filling the damned glass up only ¼ of the way so the wine could 'breathe'. Why were there so many rules when it came to wine? Special glasses for white versus red; stems versus no stems. Don't even get her started on the whole decanter business. She carefully placed the bottle back on the coffee table and collapsed back into the soft couch. She internally chuckled a little at the Red Sox coasters that were under the fine stemware. Yes, Maura had changed her…but not that much. Some things were sacred.

The detective settled on the couch next to a jean-clad Dr. Isles. She was a little shocked when she greeted Maura at the door and saw her dressed in the faded, distressed jeans and comfortable flats that she kicked off at the door. The color on the doctor's newly painted toes and manicured nails matched perfectly with the dark blue Red Sox t-shirt that she was wearing. Jane insisted the doctor buy the shirt the last time they were at Fenway.

Jane looked over the short distance between the women on the couch and noticed Maura's eyelids start to inch closer together.

"If I'm the one that's supposed to be tired, then why are you the one falling asleep on the couch?" Jane teased the doctor as she reached across the back of the couch with her left hand and bumped the doctor's shoulder.

"Oh, sorry. You know I find baseball hard to watch on TV," Maura chuckled at the other women as she sat up a little straighter and reached for her glass of wine. Maura rarely lasted past the 7th inning before she started dozing on the couch. It was inevitable.

"You find it hard to watch anytime. Remember that game I took you to last month at Fenway? You were falling asleep before the seventh inning stretch in your seat," Jane shook her head at the doctor. "You know, that's why I could never date you. I can't sleep with someone who doesn't enjoy baseball."

"Oh, really? That's your criteria for a mate?" Maura chuckled and looked at her friend, slightly aghast.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop saying the word 'mate'?" Jane reprimanded the smaller women. "You're never going to get laid if you don't stop using that terminology."

"Well, apparently I won't get laid by you if I keep falling asleep during baseball games and talking in the correct vernacular." Maura smiled at Jane and took another sip of wine.

Jane loved these quiet evenings at home with her best friend. It was nice to have someone to spend her free time with. A couple of years ago, she would have sat on this couch and consumed an entire 6-pack during the game, alone. At least now she had company.

The women watched the game in silence for a few moments, Maura breaking the quiet as soon as the coach came out for a pitching change.

"Why do you like baseball so much? It's the least sexy sport on the planet." Maura furrowed her brow and scrunched up her nose as the rather overweight manager made his way onto the field. "Look at him…that uniform does nothing for his figure."

Jane turned her head slowly so she could look at the doctor. She could put up with a lot of things from the smaller woman including correcting her grammar, pointing out her poor fashion choices and her less than healthy dietary habits. But she'd be damned if she was going to let Maura sit here on her couch and tear down the national past-time.

"How can you say baseball isn't sexy?" Jane said, staring at the other woman. She pointed to the screen. "Look at the batter on deck stroking his bat with that towel. How is that not sexy?"

Maura peered at the television and appeared to be analyzing the batter. "No. Sorry, Jane. Not sexy. Maybe if I had a penis, I would find that sexy." Maura shook her head, determined that Jane was incorrect.

Jane huffed and sat up a little straighter on the couch. She wasn't going to give up that easily.

"Okay, look at that relief pitcher. Look at his hands." Jane watched Maura study the lefty on the mound for few moments.

"I don't get it." Maura said as she squinted at the screen.

Jane scooted closer to Maura so their hips were touching on the couch. She took Maura's wine glass out of her fingers and set it back on the coaster.

"Give me your hands." Jane instructed. The doctor obliged without question.

Jane took Maura's first two fingers and placed them side-by-side and curved them slightly. She made a fist out of her own right hand and used her left hand to guide Maura's fingers to her own knuckles.

"Okay, work with me here," Jane started. "Pretend my fist is the baseball and my knuckles are the seams. You're the pitcher. You use your fingers to form different types of pitches."

Jane slowly and methodically moved Maura's fingers over her own knuckles, showing Maura the different types of pitches.

"With the curve ball, you keep your two fingers tight and rotate along the seams," she said with her deep raspy voice as she pressed the doctor's delicate fingers to her own tanned flesh and rolled Maura's hand over her own and repeated the motions.

"You feel that? You need to curl your fingers around the ball, and then let it just roll off the tips on the way out. I mean…as it leaves your hand." Jane corrected herself. A slight blush made its way up her chest. Maura nodded her head, waiting for further instruction.

"You scissor out your fingers into a Y formation for the split finger fastball." Jane used her left hand to spread Maura's fingers out before placing them back over her fist.

"Don't rotate your wrist this time, just a smooth motion along the seams as you let the ball slide through your fingers." Jane watched as Maura repeated the motion on her own as Jane let her hand slide away from Maura's wrist.

"There are some other specialty pitches that not many throw anymore. The spit-ball is an old favorite. The pitcher would use some type of lubrication to get a little more movement off his fingers." Maura looked up from her hand and made eye contact with Jane for the first time since the pitching lesson began. Jane could see that Maura's eyelids were getting heavy again, but this time it wasn't from being tired. Jane smirked a little to herself at the apparent arousal Maura was experiencing. Nobody tells Jane Rizzoli baseball isn't sexy.

"The pitcher might use some petroleum jelly, or possibly just lick his fingers and use the saliva." Jane grinned at the doctor when she noticed the sharp intake of breath Maura took.

"I don't suppose you need me to show you how that works?" Jane teased the unusually quiet doctor.

"No, I think I understand how that works." Maura took a deep breath as her eyes fell back to stare at Jane's hands once again.

Jane lowered her voice to a seductive whisper. "Just imagine what that pitcher could do with those skilled hands, Maura. Tell me that's not sexy."

The doctor's eyes fluttered closed for a moment as she contemplated the possibilities. "I think I'm starting to see why you like baseball," Maura huffed out as she opened her eyes and smiled at Jane.

"Oh, that's not even the best part," Jane said as she rolled off the couch and situated herself in front of Maura. She placed her hands on the doctor's knees, spreading her legs apart. Jane positioned herself on her knees in front of the doctor, her hands still firmly placed on the doctor's upper thighs. She was glad Maura decided to wear jeans to her apartment tonight. This would have been impossible if she had been wearing a skirt.

"Do you see that catcher, Maur?" Jane motioned over her shoulder with her head to the screen behind her. "Do you see all that heavy, hot protective equipment he has to wear?" Jane's hands moved to the back of Maura's calves and caressed her way tenderly down to her ankles.

"On a hot night like this, the straps from that gear dig into the skin. A long inning like this one is torturous. That catcher has to have tremendous stamina." Jane noted Maura's heaving chest as she alternated from looking at the television and back to Jane's hands rubbing her calves through the stonewashed jeans. Every once in a while Jane would tease up under the boot cut jeans and the skin to skin contact would send a jolt of electricity through the doctor's body. Maura was finding it increasingly difficult to take full breaths.

Jane grabbed around Maura's knees and scooted her closer, bringing the doctor to the edge of the couch. The brunette ran her left fingers tenderly down the back of Maura's Red Sox t-shirt from her shoulder blades to the top of her jeans.

"Sweat is just pouring down his back tonight from the physical exertion of catching all those pitches," the detective whispered as she mimicked the trail on Maura's back. Jane noted the way Maura's back arched under her fingertips, ever so slightly. It was taking all the self control Maura had not to propel herself into Jane's body.

Jane reached both her hands to either side of Maura's temple and lightly tangled her fingers into the honey-blond hair there. From her perch on the couch, Maura was slightly taller than Jane, but there was no doubt who had the power position at the moment, as Jane's dark brown eyes bore into the doctor's transfixed gaze.

"Under that mask, he is soaking wet, Maura. Perspiration is just dripping off his face." Jane's fingers trailed a faint line from Maura's temples along her hair line, tickling the skin ever so slightly down in front of her ear and along her jaw line before meeting at the doctor's chin. Jane thought she heard a slight moan escape from Maura's lips.

"Salty drops of perspiration meld with dirt under that mask. You don't mind a little dirt, do you Maur?" Jane teased the crumbling medical examiner. Maura could only answer with a slow shake of her head. The doctor didn't trust the words that might come out of her mouth.

Jane moved her hands back to the doctor's legs and rubbed along the outside of her thighs as her thumbs caressed the tops of her legs in a slow, steady rhythm from her knees to her hips.

"The catcher's thighs are the most powerful thing on the field." Jane could feel the doctor's legs tighten around her own body as Maura squeezed her knees into the detective's torso.

"They say 'Chicks dig the long ball', but I think the sexiest play in baseball is when the catcher uses those thighs to launch himself up out of that squat to throw a rocket down to second base." Maura swallowed what little moisture was left in her throat as she hung onto Jane's every word.

"But do you want to know the sexiest thing about the catcher?" Jane didn't wait for an answer since the doctor didn't appear to be able to form a coherent thought at the moment.

"He controls the game. Every aspect of it. He calls the pitches, he arranges the defensive players, and his body language sets the tone for the game. He's the most powerful player on the field. It is so… fucking…sexy." Jane growled out through slightly clenched teeth, her grip still firm on the doctor's thighs.

Jane closed her eyes for a moment as she let that sink in for the doctor. Maura was usually argumentative, but Jane was confident that she made her case clear since the doctor didn't offer any rebuttal or point out any holes in Jane's logic. Satisfied that she had proven her point, Jane released Maura's legs and sat back on her heels, placing her hands on her own thighs for a change.

"So don't tell me baseball isn't sexy, Maura." Jane said smugly as she looked at the doctor, who appeared to still be slightly in shock, unable to tear her eyes off of Jane.

Jane snorted at Maura, "I rest my case." She made a move to push herself up off the floor, but a firm hand flew out from the doctor's outstretched arm and landed squarely in the center of Jane's chest, pushing her back down.

Maura moved down off the couch and mirrored Jane's position on her knees, never taking her hand away from the detective's chest. Maura's eyes fluttered shut as she searched for words. Clearly her body had reacted before her mind could catch up to the emotional turmoil that was brewing under her skin.

Maura's eyes flicked to the screen behind Jane's head.

"I'm going to bed." Maura husked, as she heard the organ music begin to play through the television's speakers

Jane looked back to the screen and saw that the seventh inning stretch had just started. The cameras were panning around the crowd as the fans sang the lyrics to Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

Jane rolled her eyes at Maura and slightly shook her head. "Oh my god, baseball still makes you sleepy? You've got to be kidding me. There is just no satisfying you, woman." Jane rubbed at her temples in frustration.

"I'm not planning on sleeping," Maura husked as she looked at the befuddled women on the floor in front of her.

In one swift move, Maura wound one hand around Jane's neck while her other hand's fingers threaded through the thick, curly hair behind Jane's ear. She pulled Jane to within an inch of her lips, locking Jane in place so she had nowhere to run. She watched as a myriad of emotions played over Jane's face-shock, fear, arousal and more fear.

The doctor stopped short of kissing the detective, as their breaths mingled in front of their faces. Maura waited for Jane's breathing to slow down slightly. It took Jane a second to get over the initial shock before her own hands found their way tentatively to the doctor's waist.

Maura gazed into deep brown chocolate eyes, attempting to calm her detective with an encouraging smile that spread from her lips to her hazel eyes.

"Don't be afraid," she whispered.

That little reassurance was all Jane needed as she closed the distance between the women, her lips meeting the doctor's in a deep, passionate kiss. Maura angled to return the kiss with as much fervor as the detective, as lips and tongues battled for control.

Maura broke the kiss first and rose from the floor. She looked down to the brunette and grinned.

Extending a hand, she commanded, "You're coming with me."

Author's Note-

I thought I'd go ahead and put this under the "M" rating in case I write a second chapter. I kind of felt bad about making Jane so clueless in my other story, so I thought I'd post this for those readers that think that one is moving too slowly. Hope you enjoy. Reviews are always appreciated!