Chapter 3

Maura sat up, straddling Jane. She looked down seductively at the detective as she rubbed her hands on her own thighs slowly, mimicking Jane's movements from earlier in the night. Jane peered up at a topless Maura, her jeans flaring open below her navel, revealing the top of her mound.

"She might be hot," Maura said, "but she's very bossy. "

The doctor looked down at the fully clothed detective. She snaked her hand under Jane's t-shirt, revealing a set of toned abs as she pushed the shirt up the lanky woman's torso. "You need to get out of that uniform. Doctor's orders."

Jane smirked at the doctor as she put her hand over the doctor's fingers that had traveled up the length of her torso, resting just below her bra.

"It's standard procedure to let the closer cool down, you know." Jane said, grinning up at the medical examiner.

Maura halted her hand under the detective's touch. "You're right. Stay right here, don't move a muscle. I'll be right back." Jane watched as the doctor strutted out of the room, unable to peel her eyes off her perfect ass in her jeans as she left the bedroom.

Maura walked back into the room, a glass of ice in one hand. Jane made a movement to sit up, only to be met with the doctor's out stretched hand landing firmly in her chest pushing her back down onto the bed. Maura resumed her position, straddling Jane on the bed.

"What kind of doctor would I be if I didn't ice you after the game?" Maura said with a raised eyebrow. She placed a small chip of ice in front of Jane's lips, which she gladly captured with her teeth, her lips kissing the doctor's outstretched finger and thumb before she could pull her hand away. Jane swallowed the melted trickle of water as the chip quickly evaporated in her mouth.

Maura set the glass by the bedside table and moved both of her hands to the detective's stomach, pushing the soft cotton t-shirt up over her bra. Maura quickly undid the front clasp on Jane's bra and peeled back the cups of the soft material to reveal the detective's pert breasts. Jane raised her shoulders up off the bed as the doctor quickly disposed of both items of clothing and tossed them into the pile of accumulating clothes on the floor.

Maura placed a soft kiss on Jane's lips before she moved down her neck and to the area between her breasts. One hand cupped her right breast as her tongue gently teased the nipple to a tight peak. The other hand massage its way around Jane's side, tucking lower so that her fingers scrapped the skin found under the waistband of the detective's jeans. Maura's mouth continued to lave attention on one breast while her hand moved down to the front of Jane's jeans, popping the button and snaking the zipper all the way down.

The doctor's erect nipples running down the length of the detective's torso made it difficult for her to focus on anything else happening in the room. She had lost control of what was going on, but for once in her life…she was totally fine with it. And she was pretty sure she could learn to get used to it.

Sitting back up, Maura looked possessively down at Jane. "I told you to get out of that uniform." Maura grabbed at the top of Jane's jeans and pulled them off of the woman's long legs, leaving just a pair of cotton panties. Maura positioned herself between Jane's legs on her knees and bent down to place a few kisses on her taut stomach muscles. Jane's hands found their way into Maura's hair and she weaved her fingers in the light brown tendrils as she squirmed under Maura's touch. The doctor's hands rubbed down the outside of Jane's thighs and along the side of her slender hips before she hooked her fingers inside of the panties. Maura removed them in one long, slow motion.

The doctor sat back on her heels as she rubbed the detective's knees gently at her side. Jane raised her knees so that her feet were firmly planted next to the doctor's feet, her toes curling into the sheets below her feet. From this perspective, Maura had a perfect view of Jane's glistening need between her legs. It was taking all of Maura's self control not to give into Jane's need right then and there.

The doctor moved her hands down Jane's naked shins, lightly caressing the skin at her ankles. "You know, before you can play anymore, the team doctor needs to make sure you are peak physical condition." Maura tilted her head and smiled at the dark woman below her. "I wouldn't' want you to pull a muscle or anything."

Maura moved her hands to the detective's thighs as she slowly trailed her fingers down the side of Jane's legs to the apex of her need, gently teasing the outer lips with an almost nonexistent touch.

"What are you doing, Maur?" Jane asked in a strangled voice as her hips twitched higher to gain some contact with the doctor's hands.

"Settle down, detective," Maura smirked. "You might think you're the most powerful player on the field, but you'll never get in the game without the sign-off from the team physician."

Maura reached over to the glass of ice and smiled as she leaned forward, placing her jean covered thigh between the detective's legs as she moved up Jane's torso to capture her nipple in between her lips, tenderly raking the sensitive skin with the back of her teeth. She inched her body up to capture Jane's lips in a searing kiss as her hands continued t wander over the detective's body, leaving a trail of melted moisture on Jane's skin. Maura's jean clad thigh rubbing through Jane's center caused the detective to squeeze her legs tight around the doctor, trying to increase the friction.

"Fuck, Maur, " she said as she peered down to watch the doctor gently circling her nipple with the ice cube, her back arching up into the cold touch. "I think they usually just ice the player's shoulders and elbows."

Maura just smiled at the writhing detective. "But this is so much better, wouldn't you say?" She moved to the other nipple, roaming the ice cube over its' tip until it strained to full attention.

"I can think of something that would feel better." Jane husked out as she gently pushed on Maura's shoulders, trying desperately to get her where she needed her the most.

The doctor lowered herself between Jane's legs, lifting one of her legs on top of Maura's shoulders, she smiled up at the other women. "It's a good thing closers don't have to go very long." She wrapped her hands across Jane's abdomen, securing her in place as her tongue dipped into the detective's throbbing heat.

Jane grasped at anything she could find…hair…sheets…Maura's shoulder…anything that could give her leverage to grind her hips up into the doctor's exploring mouth.

"Holy fuck, Maur." She gasped between shortened breaths. "I'm so close. So close." She begged, hoping the other woman would take the hint and keep up the frantic pace Jane needed.

Maura dove into Jane's core with her tongue once again, flattening her tongue along the swollen bundle of nerves on her way out before she closed her lips around Jane's clit, causing the detective to moan her name, begging for more. Relishing the twitching muscles of Jane's abs under her touch, she reluctantly she moved one hand away to plunge two fingers deep inside Jane, eliciting more sounds of pleasure from the other women as she curled them with each stroke. She grinned at the string of profanities as they left Jane's lips. She'd never be able to listen to Jane utter the word fuck again without thinking back to this moment.

"Fuck, Maur…oh fuck!" Jane yelled as her body seized and clenched around Maura's fingers as the orgasm crashed into her wave after wave. Maura slowed her movements as she coaxed the final spasms out from Jane's body.

Jane finally relaxed the grip she had in Maura's hair, removing her fingers from the doctor's now messy locks.

"Wow. I'm pretty sure I should apologize for what I just did to your hair, but fuck…that was too good." Jane chuckled as she pulled Maura up to her side and enveloped her into a one armed hug. Her other arm traced tiny circles at the doctor's ribs above her jeans. "I can't imagine how good it will be if you actually ever get to take your pants off."

Maura nuzzled her nose into Jane's neck and smiled. "I guess we learned a lot tonight watching baseball."

"You know what?" the doctor said as she raised her head to look up into Jane's eyes. "I can't wait to watch the Olympics with you."

Author's Note:

I know I marked this complete after the second chapter, but some of you asked for another chapter, you go! Hope you enjoy and now feel more 'balanced'. LOL.