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Downton is never completely quiet. Not even in the blue hour before the dawn. The clocks tick, wooden floorboards creak, a tap releases constant drops in the sink. Elsie's footsteps sounded like a sheet of paper slid across a desk: barely a noise, but noticed in the silence. She wandered through the house, the rooms vacant, the family weekending in Scotland for grouse shooting, the servants taking their opportunity: early bed and late rise. She couldn't sleep though. A creature of habit: she missed her glass of wine and little gossip with Mr Carson.

Whenever he went away for the season it took her almost a week to get used to his absence. He was in the house now, no doubt he slept the sleep of the tired in his room. Elsie opened the door to the dining room. She had told the maids to air it, to give it a good once over. The dining table shone in the pale moonlight, it smelled of furniture polish. She slid the tips of her fingers over the sideboard and rubbed them over her thumb. Perfectly clean. She did the same with the mantle.

The stairs creaked with the solid weight of a person and Elsie looked around. Charles. He was looking straight into her eyes and then his gaze hovered over her form, her legs, back upwards, lingered at her chest. Elsie's felt her heart speed up, her breathing became more laboured as he came towards her and took her in his arms.

She wasn't afraid. He kissed her, hungrily and she leaned into him answering his kiss with an equal hunger, a desperate need. Charles broke away, his eyes questioning and she nodded, barely noticeable. His lips were on hers again almost forcefully and she pressed herself against him. She pulled her lips from his and kissed his cheek, his jaw, the soft skin when his neck met his shoulder. A rumble escaped his throat as she ran her hand down his chest, over his navel and landed on him.

Elsie fell on her knees, yanking his pyjama bottoms and shorts down slightly, freeing his erection and taking a firm hold of it and tasting it. Swirling her tongue around the tip, trying to fit as much of him in her mouth as she could, caressing his bare bottom with one hand as she rubbed the length that wouldn't fit. She heard his laboured breathing, his hand was in her hair, but didn't coax her to do more than she did.

She could feel the muscles in his bottom and upper legs spasm and he removed himself from her mouth, pulling her up by her hands and leading her to the table, hoisting her up and pushing her down, so her back and head laid on the perfectly polished table. The wood felt cold against her and as Charles lifted the hem of her nightgown, she closed her eyes and concentrated of his breath on her ankle, her shin, the inside of her knee.

His hand reached under her robe and nightgown, she felt the tips of his fingers on her thigh, the edge of her knickers and then he undid the ribbon, lifted her up and took them off. He hovered over her and kissed her softly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sat upright as he touched her. A warm, throbbing sensation spread through her parts, a knot started to tighten in her lower abdomen. She placed her hands behind her, leant back and bit her lip as he moved his fingers to her folds, deftly stroking the bundle of nerves in her center. She gasped loudly and threw back her head.

He positioned himself just so and he looked at Elsie and she nodded again. She couldn't wait much longer and she tugged at his pyjama shirt, pulling him towards her and kissed him hard. He took a step closer to her and she felt him so near her, she couldn't stand it. She lifted her legs and grabbed his bottom, effectively taking him.

He moaned as he took her and she let out a quiet cry, remembering they were not alone in the house. She bit his shoulder as he struck up a pace. A rhythm between them that seemed familiar made her pant and gasp. He held her thigh in his hand, she laid back down and cherished the feeling of him sliding in and out of her. She arched her back. Her breathing was out of control and she could hear her noises mixed with his echo in the room.

Charles started to shock slightly and he put his thumb on her, making a circular motion as he thrust in and out of her and Elsie couldn't hold back. Waves of pleasure overtook her and she felt Charles twitch as he spilled himself inside her. As she resurfaced, they stayed completely still for a few moments. She sat up again and put her head against his chest. His heart was racing and she smiled. His arm was around her shoulders, his lips on the top of her head.

When he let her go, he pulled up his shorts and pajama bottoms and she picked up her knickers from the floor, stepped into and tightened them around her waist. The both pulled their robes around them. He looked at her and she looked back. They both broke into a smile. With a final squeeze of her hand, he left the room and she watched him leave, his back straight, his head held high and she nodded to herself, tightening her lips.

When she arrived at breakfast the following morning, everything followed its usual routine.

"Goodmorning Mrs Hughes." He stirred his tea but didn't avoid her eyes.

"Goodmorning, Mr Carson." She answered, her look steady, her whole demeanor calm.

"Did you have a good night?" He asked.

"Oh yes, Mr Carson. A very good night."

He smirked. Elsie sat down and picked up the teapot. As she poured herself a cup, she felt his hand on her thigh and she turned her head to him. His eyes questioned her and she smiled at him.

She was sure there would be more good nights to come.

Which greatly pleased her.