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Unfinished Business

A small island hideout, somewhere in the Pacific

She stares at the computer monitor in disbelief; in fact, she's been staring at the damn thing for the past four hours. The message on the screen has been staring back at her for just as long. The message is incredible, unbelievable, and pure fantasy, laced around genetic techno-babble and pages of math that use way more consonants than numbers. The last line is what has grabbed her attention for the past four hours: A cure is possible.

Bullshit! It can't be done! She had come to terms with herself long ago and her powers were what gave her the edge when she needed it. Governments knew her by reputation and deed, and many have her on an 'arrest on sight' warrant. She had made quite a lot of money gaining that reputation and could live comfortably for many years if she'd so desired. But there was always the next challenge, the next thrill. She couldn't get away from it, and never tried to anyway. But this! This was different, unexpected.

She knew the Corporation's reputation, built on pharmaceutical research and certain breakthroughs in genetic engineering and viral testing. But, being who she is, she knows the Corporation's shadowy dealings and quasi-ethical underpinnings. Nothing concrete of course, but alleged this, and cover-up that, and the star witness died of a sudden heart attack later, she knew just how efficient they were. She could respect that. Their security was top-notch, almost military in their paranoia. This little-known branch of the Corporation would guard only their highest priority research sites and projects; of course it was sheer coincidence that those sites and projects were of the quasi-legal kind. She has an eye and nose for these things. She feels a surge of pride that she has caught the attention of such an august group.

She stretches her arm over the keyboard, dangling her fingers over the keys to loosen up the tiredness that has developed over this one message. Her hand moves over to the wireless mouse and she moves the cursor to the attachments and clicks on it. Satellite photos pop up on the screen, teasing her with a glimpse of hope.

Every journey starts with a single step and she so enjoys a challenge! She commits the GPS data to memory as she cycles through the photos. It would still be laughably simple and not much of a true challenge, unless…

A smile appears on her lips. Yes. That would make things much more interesting! Her fingers start typing feverishly at the keyboard. It's a simple matter to hack the account and she sends everything she has to it along with a small teaser. With a small chuckle of glee, she clicks "SEND". It's done; the first step has been taken.

That should pique her interest, she thinks, now take the bait. She thinks back over the last fight they had over four months ago. The battle was intense and hard on her, she had to admit. But it had taken them both to a whole new level; the subtext and innuendo were there as usual. The smiles from the thrill of facing a worthy opponent was present, but the innuendo at some point changed into outright flirting on her part and to her shock and secret delight, her advances weren't outright spurned but received! Then the truly unexpected happened, an underhanded, and dirty, below the belt sneak attack from hell! Of course it was because of that sneak attack and the shock of it, combined with her jumbled emotions that led to her swift defeat…again…for like the millionth time. Four months. Damn, this is gonna be fun!

She clicks back over to the message and stares at it again. She'll have to pack and get everything ready. She clicks on the "DELETE" button and waits as the message disappears. The last thing that disappears is the Corporation's logo: a stylized Umbrella in red and white. She enjoys a challenge, but revels in the game, and what a game it's going to be!

Middleton, Kim's house, early morning

She knew that her e-mail account had been hacked and a quick message to Wade confirmed it. Breakfast was just being put on the table and already there was drama. Fortunately it didn't last long; Wade called right after she was done eating.

"Wade? What's the sitch?"

"Kim, you're not going to believe who hacked your e-mail!"

"Who was it?"


"Shego? Wha-why?"

"I don't know. She inserted a message for you and a bunch of attachments. I've scanned everything and it's all clean."

"Why would she e-mail me?"

"I combed through the message and…wow!"

"What is it?"

"Kim," he says in an incredulous voice, "they found a way to reverse Shego's powers and make her normal again."

"No way! Who?"

"I'm not exactly sure yet, but it looks legit. I'll have to spend some serious nights on this stuff to figure it out. Here, I'm sending you the message back and all the attachments with it. Read pages one and two, the next twenty or so pages are a bit difficult to read, even for me."

The Kimmunicator beeps as he sends her the message. "Check it out when you get a chance; I'll get back to you when I figure some of this stuff out. Later."

"Thanks Wade, talk to you later."

She opens the Kimmunicator and opens the message and her eyes go wide at the highlighted words: A cure is possible. She skims over the technical details and the theories involved and then she scrolls past them to the end of the message. There is the dangling carrot that tugs at her insides and makes her heart skip a beat and then swell in excitement.

"You know where I'm going. I'm gonna rob them blind until I get what I want. You think you have what it takes to stop me? Then come get me. Just try. We have unfinished business, princess! You got the drop on me last time, it won't happen again!"

Her heart pounds in her chest. The last time they fought was just over four months ago, and it started like all the rest. She had stolen a high-tech gizmo but she had the drop on her. The fight was tough, no quarter was asked as none was ever given and she had to push herself to the limits to stay a half step ahead of her. They both reveled in the thrill of single combat, but this fight was different, more…intense. They tested and probed each other to the fullest, even going out of their way to extend the fight when opportunities arose for either of them to finish the other off. It was more than a game, more than a fight; it was total and complete, body, mind and spirit working as one against the other, each a reflection of the other.

Then the tactics changed and the flirting began. The balance shifted to her favor and it looked like she would come out victorious. What really sent her off-balance was the fact that she wasn't absolutely disgusted with the idea and that scared her at first. The smallest feeling of the brush of those dark lips charged her emotions in a way that she never thought possible. She had found herself pinned down on the metal floor at the mercy of her. She still remembers the smell of her, the shocking sensation of her hair as it tickles across her cheeks. But what gave her pause was what those dark eyes said; all of the things never spoken were screaming their intent from those bottomless orbs. Her face came closer with a wicked grin of triumph and something ever so much more. She had nowhere to go, no place to run, she was held fast by her. She did the only thing she could think of, given the circumstances.

She kissed her.

It was powerful, like a punch to the face. She remembers the rush of blood and her heart threatening to burst at the contact. Reality and the world were ripped asunder at that climactic moment. Emotion poured forth and an answer was given to all that was unspoken. She now had the power over her. It was as if her body refused to cooperate, paralyzed from the sudden attack. She was able to capitalize on this and turn the tables on her foe. Victory was pried from the jaws of defeat by a kiss.

It felt so right! It was right! And it was all she could think of for the past four months. She knew that she'd escape from prison quickly and true enough she wasn't in there a week. But then nothing, not a word, or even a hint of one. And now this!

Kim opened the attachments and looked at the various satellite photos and the areas marked with red dots. She smiles as she calls Wade back.

"What's up Kim?"

"I need transportation," she says resolutely.

"So you're gonna go then?"

"Yes, Shego and I have some… unfinished business…"

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