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Past all of the pain, the pain of the words and the fists, there was something. Something, he couldn't figure out, but he loved it.

Luigi hated how mean Waluigi was. He hated how the man would publicly humiliate him, hated how he scared him with serious sounding death threats, and hated how he spat on his back every time he tripped over his stick-leg...

Yet, at the same time, Luigi was madly in love with him. Maybe it was some sort of disease, maybe he was slowly going insane, he didn't know. But Luigi had to admit it - he loved Waluigi and wished he could be loved back the same way.

He didn't know how he fell in love, maybe it was because of that one time he stopped to admire the characteristics. In truth, Waluigi's dark charm that he gave off appealed to Luigi - especially after the adventure he returned from that required saving all sorts of dimensions from destruction. That was when Waluigi's empty eyes and evil smirk became less of a scary thing and more of an alluring trait.

Also, behind everyone's backs, Waluigi wasn't as obnoxious or cruel as he usually was - instead he was silent, actually taking his time to smell flowers with the calmest look on his face that made Luigi forget that this was the same man that bullied him often. He was also gentle with butterflies, letting them land on his shoulder and resting for the longest time. He even had some piranha plants that he would sing to in a heavenly voice that couldn't possibly belong to him. (Luigi only knew this because he and Daisy snuck to his house one day in an attempt to find a way to get back at him for a water prank he pulled.)

Something about his sharp and lean body also appealed to Luigi. It only added that evil-man charm while at the same time adding some... sex appeal, Luigi would admit that with a large dusting of red on his face. It also let him move with his own grace, unless it was running after Luigi to claw his eyes out. Otherwise, he was like a swan - a thin, lanky swan that was raised by geese.

If that wasn't enough, his bad boy attitude surely was. Luigi admired how Waluigi could care less if he broke the rules, actually had the guts to spit in the faces of police while his curses flew a mile a minute. Luigi could only dream about being that bold.

But he was selfish, mean, and greedy - as well as going overboard on the cologne almost every day. Yet, Luigi had the mind to ignore those things that people saw about Waluigi and look deeper into what could possibly make him tolerable.

And it made his heart ache; knowing that the gentle man he knew Waluigi really was would never kiss him.

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